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In Spanish radio ad, Newt Gingrich hits Mitt Romney for Castro gaffe, 'anti-immigrant' stance

MIttFidelMitt Romney's 2007 gaffe, where he quoted Fidel Castro and mis-attributed the line to Hugo Chavez, was the subject of mockery in the former Massachusetts governor's hometown tabloid and is now the grist of fellow Republican Newt Gingrich's latest radio ad that, as we reported earlier, is playing on Spanish-language radio in South Florida.

The ad doesn't stop with Castro. It bashes Romney's hardline immigration stance as well. We had a portion of it earlier, now here's the actual sound of it, which is guaranteed to get blood boiling even if you don't speak Spanish because it leads off with Castro: Download MITTAD

Here's the text in English:

Fatherland or Death, we will prevail... (sound byte by Castro)

Surprising enough this statement was also made by Mitt Romney (made on 3/9/07 at Miami Dade Lincoln Day)

Mitt Romney is a government liberal, from the state of and similar to Kennedy

He is the most anti-immigrant candidate.

Mitt Romney may have the fame, but he does not have the substance to be our President.

In Contrast, Newt Gingrich is a candidate that has committed himself to the Hispanic community. A Republican similar to Ronald Reagan, with experience.

Unlike Romney, who uses statements from Castro, Newt Gingrich has fought against the regime with Lincoln and Ileana to approve Helms-Burton; he supported the formation of Radio and TV Marti; and is in favor of holding the Castro brothers accountable for the shooting down of the Brothers to the Rescue airplanes.  

Newt Gingrich has given his word to the Cuban American community in writing and will not let us down. This January 31st vote for Newt Gingrich by punching number 12 in your ballot.

Our erstwhile colleague, Beth Reinhard, first reported the Romney error thusly in The Herald:

People chuckled when presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a Mormon raised in Michigan and elected in Massachusetts, bungled the names of Cuban-American politicians during a recent speech in Miami.

But when he mistakenly associated Fidel Castro’s trademark speech-ending slogan — Patria o muerte, venceremos! — with a free Cuba, listeners didn’t laugh. They winced.

Castro has closed his speeches with the phrase — in English, ”Fatherland or death, we shall overcome” — for decades.

"Clearly, that’s something he was ill-advised on or didn’t do his homework on,” said Hialeah City Council President Esteban Bovo. “When you get cute with slogans, you get yourself into a trap.”

“Hugo Chavez has tried to steal an inspiring phrase – Patria o muerte, venceremos,” Romney said. “It does not belong to him. It belongs to a free Cuba.”


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Romney governed to the Left for abortion, the Radical Homosexual Agenda including Pride Days and being the Father of Homosexual Marriage in America, all the while running for the 2008 GOP nomination sounding like a Conservative. Romney ran to the Left of Ted Kennedy and called himself a Progress, all the while repudiating the Reagan Revolution, which Newt Gingrich helped to REINSTATE. causing even Leftist Bill Clinton to govern to the RIGHT on Welfare Reform and balanced budgets. Newt worked with both Reagan and Clinton to get over 20 million new jobs created through an atmosphere of pro-business policies. This is what Bill Clinton was sent out to do: defeat Gingrich who can beat Obama, for Romney, who CANNOT WIN, since true Conservatives won’t vote for a fraud that will continue this country down the road to Sodom and Gomorrah that Barack Hussein Obama, the Democrats and RINOS have put this country on. Go Newt! 777denny


OMG! A giant 200 page PDF book aimed at exposing Mitt Romney during the 2008 Presidential race, possibly made by the 2008 John McCain for President staff, has surfaced on the internet.

arale norimaki

other vs. Cubans: Is There A Double Standard On Illegal Aliens?

Seems like a double standard. If you come from Cuba you are granted automatic residency, but if you come from other countries you need to have the proper documentation


Newt Gingrich is right about Mitt Romney. I'm an Independent and I see Mitt Romney as a Massachusetts flip flopper liberal who will say anything to get elected. Romney changes his positions like the wind, he has no real convictions that's why I don't trust anything he says. Newt Gingrich on the otherhand is steady, tested, and experienced with a conservative record. I believe that Newt Gingrich would make a great president and that Republicans should vote to support Newt Gingrich as their nominee and I hope that Marco Rubio would join Newt on the ticket for vice president.


mrbobl: Well, if YOU think it's Ron Paul only then you can thank yourself for four more years of Obozo and the USA being a Marxist oucntry very soon.And let me be the first to say thank you in advance for your childish, immature, and ignorant part in making that happen.

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