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Iowa casualty Michele Bachmann gets out. Rick Perry looks like he stays

Z8ujrWhen asked if she would drop out of the Republican presidential race, Michele Bachmann said before last night's Iowa vote that she had her plane ticket for South Carolina ready. Rick Perry was going to South Carolina, too.

Then the Iowa vote happened.

Perry came in fifth, with 10 percent of the caucus vote. Bachmann did even worse: 5 percent. So she finally quit.

"Last night the people of Iowa have spoke so I have decided to stand aside," said Bachmann, who had won the Ames straw poll this summer.

And what of Perry? Last night, he said he was heading back to Texas, where he's governor.

"With the voters' decision tonight in Iowa, I decided to return to Texas, assess the results of tonight's caucus, determine whether there is a path forward for myself in this race," Perry said last night. His staff wasn't sure if he'd stick it out.

This morning, Perry looked as if he were back and ready to fight.

"And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State...Here we come South Carolina!!!" Perry said via Twitter that featured a picture of him, fresh from a job, holding a thumbs up.

Perry still has money. Word is Perry's campaign bought $2 million of TV time in South Carolina and he's up on air. Today's Fort Worth Star Telegram headline, "Perry poised to drop out of presidential race" doesn't help.

If indeed this is a race between Mitt Romney and Not Mitt Romney, then the withdrawal of Bachmann and Perry (if it happens) would be good news for Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum. Jon Huntsman has yet to have any sort of momentum, but is doing best in New Hampshire where he has exclusively campaigned.


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kevin wade

bachmann should have been gone and never got in the race in the first place. america does not want a witch in the white house. She never had a chance of even being taken seriously. The only woman who would have had a chance was hilliary clinton back in 2008. siince she did not get the nod because she graciiously backed down and let President Obama have his time, there is no other woman to even consider for the job of president. give me a break. bachmann never was seriously taken by minorities, hispanics, or the down trodded real people of america.
Who's gonna be the next to fall, Perry goes, then ole man paul, newt, santorium. They all will eventually fall. There really is not one on the republican ticket who can beat President Obama. Many don't want to admit that, but it is true. The hold card. None of the candidates have even reached out to minorities at all. So there are telling minorities their votes are not needed. Okay, minorities will show them when election time rolls around again. President Obama may win by more than he did last time! The candidates currently running have shun their noses at minorities. It't gonna cost them dearly come November


Iowa population is over 3 million. Total voters in caucus for GOP is 100 thousand. This is victory, this is Democratic?

joesph poe

I agree. This republican field is so weak even ultra-conservative columnist George Will has dismissed there presidential chances for 2012, telling his legions to focus on Congressional races instead.

Minorities are a growing force in this country. That is a recipe for diversification. Moderate republicans have no problem with this, Extreme and fringe republicans do (tea party, segregationist, neo-cons). Problem is, they all like to vote.


Actually, Newt has been the most reasonable person, defending citizenship for people who have been here many years, paid taxes and posed no criminal problems.

As a Latino I would vote for Newt in a second over Obama the failed prophet.

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