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Lament of the FL grassroots: Rick Santorum's national campaign is 'incompetent'

Where's Rick?

The question isn't just for the news media. It's being echoed by Rick Santorum grassroots supporters in Florida who feel the national campaign has let them down. As a result, it has fueled rumors for days that Santorum isn't going to stay in Florida through the Jan. 31 primary.

Is he or isn't he? Where will he be?

"I'm not sure anyone but the senator knows that," said one supporter. "The national campaign has really been incompetent. They don't reach out to people who know Florida, they schedule things and then cancel them."

Said another: "You really have to question the strategy. A planned trip to Tallahassee, but almost no real time in major media markets like Tampa, Orlando, Miami? Two trips to Stuart? An appearance in Pensacola? What are they thinking?"

If we ever got timely returned calls, emails or schedules, we might be able to find out.


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Rick's low on funds because he can't sell his theocratic message. He will never be President of these United States. The fundamentalists will have to find a new country. You don't evangelize by taking control of government and forcing your dangerous and silly religious beliefs on educated, thinking citizens.

Elizabeth Morowati

Rick might be the only man standing after the mud-slinging between Gingrich and Romney. At the moment, he does not have the funds to compaign vigorously. That might change if both the front runners implode and Rick is the only man standing.


Rick Santorum will never become President of the United States. He is as incompetent as are his national handlers. Fundamentalism makes great headlines because it represents an extreme borne from psychological disorders. It never will represent the mainstream of American citizens. Separation of Church and State should be well understood and a pillar of our society that should remain steadfast, particularly after the sacrifices our men and women in uniform made as a result of the sectarian violence in the Muslim world where people of supposedly the same Islamic faith killed in the name of a Supreme Being without regard because of their zealotry. Fundamentalism of any religious persuasion, be it Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other has no place, and never did, in any society.


Gingrich seems like a space cadet who gets more excited about traveling to the moon than about solving real problems like the people starving even in our own country. We have enough problems here on Earth before trying to create more on the moon.

Paul wants to legalize marijuana and prostitution. His foreign policy is very naive and we would be sitting ducks.

I am very much against being ordered to pay for health care I cannot afford. Let me get this straight: these families who are having a difficult time in this economy will be forced to pay for healthcare they can’t afford, and then forced to pay fines if they don’t? If they don’t have the money for the healthcare, where will they get the money for the fines? WHY is an ASPIRIN at a hospital in this country $100?? I would be happy to go to Walmart or wherever to buy a $3 BOTTLE of aspirin for these hospitals since obviously the people in charge of healthcare’s rising costs cannot figure out how much even an aspirin should cost!
Romney and Gingrich both want to FORCE Americans in this economy (without jobs) to have healthcare when they truly cannot afford it. Santorum has stated he is very much against forcing any American to do so.

Rick Santorum is by far THE BEST CHOICE of a President we have seen in a long time, and I hope people will gather together to support him to ensure that Obama is voted out. He will destroy Obama in any debate, and Santorum is a true leader with passion and moral values.


L. A. Mott

Dear Sir: I hope you can hold on. I was impressed by your words in the Jacksonville, FL debate. I guess my vote will go either to Gingrich or to Romney. But I would prefer to vote for you.

I am sorry you seem to be slipping for lack of money. I have no money, but if you could by some means hang in there and get the nomination I would send what little I could toward your election.

Isn't this always the way of it? The preferred candidate seems always not to be on the ballot. L. A. Mott

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