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Lawmaker: Legalize pit bulls in Miami-Dade

Rep. Carlos Trujillo, a Miami Republican, says he grew up in Miami-Dade never understanding why the county outlaws pit bulls. Now Trujillo has filed a bill that would amend state law to allow the breed in Miami-Dade, the only county that prohibits pit bulls.

Mark Buehrle, the newly signed Miami Marlins pitcher, found that out the hard way:

The Miami Marlins really wanted left-handed pitcher Mark Buehrle.

But a member of his family isn’t welcome in Miami-Dade County.

Eighteen-month-old Slater Buehrle is an American Staffordshire Terrier — a type of pit bull — and keeping one is illegal in Miami-Dade.

So Mark Buehrle, who signed a four-year, $58 million contract in December, is settling his family elsewhere.

Dedicated animal advocates, Mark and Jamie also have three Vizslas: Diesel, Drake and Duke, and human children Braden, 4, and Brooklyn, 2.

Miami-Dade’s pit bull ban, enacted in 1989, declared American Staffordshires, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers dangerous and outlawed them, along with mixes that display certain of the breeds’ characteristics.

Controversial from start, the ban is under attack by groups fighting breed-specific legislation in Miami-Dade and dozens of other jurisdictions around the country.

One Miami lawmaker is proposing a bill this legislative session that would result in reversing Miami-Dade’s ban on pit bulls.

“It really is breed discrimination,” state Rep. Carlos Trujillo said of current law, “and it ends up with people lying, or people just killing these dogs.”

Full story by Elinor J. Brecher here.


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Thank you Rep Trujillo!! Finally all responsible pet owners in Miami will have the same rights as all other Floridians.
And Thank- you Mr Buehrle for helping make a statement about this insanity- and welcome to Miami- too bad they wont let your family live here!

Ledy VanKavage

Thank you for your humanitarian efforts Rep. Trujillo! The ban is a waste of lives and tax dollars. Responsible pet owners like Mark and Jamie Buehrle should be able to care for whatever type dog they choose, reckless owners should be prevented from owning any dog.

The simple truth is breed is not a factor in bites.

Fran C.

Way to go Rep. Trujillo! Good on ya!


Crazy law - I know people I wouldn't trust - it's the upbringing - not the breed/nationality.


Finally...how rare... a politician who is not afraid to speak his mind and correct a wrong doing that is way over due. With this Rep. Trujillo...you have the full support of the MCABSL. We have been fighting this in the forefront publicly for years. As it stands...education and awareness needs to replace this hideous and inhumane law!Thank you for filing this bill.


Amazing courage by Representative Trujilo! Thanks for standing up for law-abiding families with good dogs who have been at the mercy of local government for too long. He is finally doing what should have been done a long time ago. This is America. Responsible people should be able to own whatever dog they choose, irrespective of breed, as long as that dog is a canine good citizen. Looking forward to a BSL-free Miami - FINALLY!


Thanks Mr Trujillo, Finally a politician that can see the true discrimination and the killing of innocent dogs and has the integrity not to be afraid. I'm a dog trainer/handler of 30 years of experience and all three breeds that are ban are great family companions If bred and socialize correctly, again the problem is PEOPLE, the breeder and owners, not the breed. Every dog that is tied and train to kill will do that. A small dog may not be big enough to kill anyone but a mean small dog will still bite your ankles or face but since they are small no one ends up in the ER with stitches and less bites are reporter by other small breeds.
I hope that other politician can follow the courage and integrity of Mr Trujillo and finally get the courage to do right.
Also thanks to Mr & Mrs Buehrle for choosing not to reside in Miami so they can keep their beloved Pet.
Legislation Chairman; Greater Miami Dog Club, South Dade Kennel Club, North Florida Chow Chow club, Miami rep for Florida Kennel club Association, AKC and NAIA

Shane Madrid

WAY TO GO Rep. Carlos Trujillo!!!! THANK YOU !!! Pit Bull Terriers get such a bad rap but it's because of the owners some act the way they do. I give my baby girl PLENTY of love and she's just a love puppy. Well an 8 year old love puppy but still a love puppy !!!

Veronica T

Way to go Rep Trujillo! We have been waiting for you a long time.. Let's get this silly ban removed once and for all and start educating the people properly! I can't wait to let me dogs run free!!


Because these are dangerous animals, a breed created expressly for fighting and tearing apart bulls and bears.

A state rep doesn't understand, oh. A hamster doesn't understand shoelaces either, what else is new. Why not work on a real problem like insurance or condo fraud.

How many times have you read "He is such a sweet dog, would never hurt anybody" after one kills/maims a child or old person?

FWIW you can get a pit-bull from Animal Control any day; the law is applied, if ever, only to pure bred animals registered with their breed club, about a dozen in the county. And they are not forbidden, you just need a $1M insurance policy; perhaps the pitcher can't afford it.

Lastly, news flash: All dogs are supposed to be on a leash, not running free.


Thank you thank you thank you! Rep. Trujillo


Thank You Trujilo!!! I have resuced and rehomed many animals in the past. The pit bull lives to please its owner... period! If the owner of the dog teaches it that fighting and killing is what pleases the owner, well then, that's what the pit bull is going to do. Proper upbringing and socialization is the key. My cousin has a pit bull that consistently attacks everyone in the neighborhood.. WITH KISSES!!!!! :) She just runs up to you and licks licks licks wagging her tail for every bit of attention you can spare.. This one dog has changed the mind set of every it comes into contact with who's mind has been consumed by negative media propoganda. The Pit bull is the #1 abused animal in the country and this must stop. Hold the owners responsible, not the dog.


Thank You Rep Trujillo for being the one individual unafraid to come forward and represent all responsible pitbull owners. Please do your damndest to put a stop to the unsensible euthanization of these beautiful, loving and loyal dogs. It should not be a crime to own a pitbull! It should however remain a crime to abuse and neglet, to fight these dogs And it should definitely be a illegal to kill one of these dogs just because of its breed! I support you and your efforts to overturn this unethical law of Miami-Dade, and hopefully other counties of Florida and other states will follow in our lead. Thank you!

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