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Lawmakers get snarky on Twitter

Gov. Rick Scott’s State of the State speech Tuesday prompted some snarky tweets from lawmakers.
“The Florida State of the State address should have been titled ‘Time to make the donuts!’” wrote Rep. Alan Williams (@Alan4Florida), a Tallahassee Democrat, referring to the five minutes or so Scott spent reminiscing about his stint as a donut store owner. 

“Only bipartisan applause from today,” Williams chirped, minutes later.

Reached by phone, Williams said the tweets were justified because it's important for the governor to get feedback from both parties.
“I think some members liked everything (Scott) said,” Williams said. “But if you disagree, like I did, it’s good for him to hear that, too.”
Rep. Dwight Bullard (@DwightBullard), a Democrat from Town of Cutler Bay, also tweeted a few zingers.

When Scott discussed boosting the education budget, Bullard tweeted, “Gov. Scott’s teleprompter must edit out the word ‘charter.’ He made it sound as if he cares about ALL schools.”
The tweet referred to a Miami Herald investigation that found government-subsidized charter schools could rake in big money for CEOs and top administrators.
Bullard also wrote that Scott should win the award for “the most awkward use of the teleprompter.”
Later, he said he sees Twitter as an “electronic thought bubble meant to frame whatever’s going on in your mind at the moment.”
“I wanted my tweets, in some way, to reflect the holes in what (Scott) was saying,” he said.
Tallahassee public relations practitioner Ron Sachs, a self-proclaimed Democrat, shot back—on his Facebook page--- that lawmakers should display “a higher level of maturity.”
“I find it reprehensible to see any members of the Florida Legislature—particularly some Democrat members not really known for brilliance, achievement or individuality—cackling in their seats while tweeting out cheap shots,” he wrote.
Lawmakers weren’t the only tweet targets during the governor’s speech.
At least two Tallahassee insiders took jabs at the 50 or so Occupy Tallahassee protesters who marched and chanted during the address. 
Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Shalimar (@mattgaetz) wrote, “with all the lovely flowers in the House chamber, I can barely smell the Occupy people outside.”