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Marco Rubio lands a spot on GQ's DC power list

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., landed the No. 43 spot on GQ magazine's "50 Most Powerful People in Washington" list. 

Rubio is listed immediately following restaurateur José Andrés and party planners Svetlana Legetic, Jayne Sandman and Barbara Martin, and right before Jeremy Bernard, the White House Social Secretary

Here's what GQ says about Rubio: "Cuban-American. Handsome. Married to former Dolphins cheerleader. 2012, VP. 2016, The World."


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No Me Gusta Marco

Ah how wonderful for Marco.
I'm sure he looks great with some selective airbrushing to that mug of his.
It's hard to believe it was only months ago that we learned Marco Rubio had been spinning lies about his Cuban heritage and how his family came to this country in order to amass votes for elected office.
That surely grants him a place in GQs most Powerful People in DC list?????
If Republicans think that having Rubio on the ticket will help in other States with Latino populations they better consider the resentment Rubio brings with him as Cubans receive preferential treatment in immigration compared to the vast majority of other Latino immigrants.


Go rent the DVD "Bob Roberts" starring Tim Robbins, a docudrama about a charismatic conservative right winger running for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania and there you will see a caricature of who Marco Rubio is - the politician...I hope that Rubio gets on the GOP ticket, so he gets the electoral shellacking from the Hispanic/Immigrant American community he deserves for his anti-immigrant and biased positions. The GOP will not get the majority of the Hispanic vote.

And yes, let the country and all who want immigration reform of our warped immigration laws and visa policies bring into the discussion and debate the need to end the Cuban Adjustment Act or have its rules and benefits similarly apply to all immigrants.

A Facebook User

Dont give him a credit card


Marco for President! Democrats are so diverse they have only 1 hispanic senators & no hispanic governors. Republicans have 1 hispanic senator & 2 Hispanic Governors. This angers angry white liberals to now end. They can't comprehend they are wrong on the issues & that those who break the immigration law of the USA do not deserve to be praised via the dream act. God Bless Marco Rubio.

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