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Miami Chamber says yes on casinos (with provisos)

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce broke with its statewide counterpart and voted to endorse casinos.There some asterisks though: the business group is insisting on parity for racetracks and jai-alai venues, local revenue sharing and a countywide referendum.

The story is here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/01/04/2573298/miami-chamber-of-commerce-endorses.html


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There are pros and cons of casinos..one of the pros is that it would attract tourists and an extra revenue for the state but the cons is there are some crimes may happened.

Rich Frannzen

Finally a business organization with some guts and integrity. They know this will create jobs and they dont have to answer to Disney or the North Florida job snobs

Howard Pederson

Thank you Miami Chamber. Can you get the sellouts in Tallahassee to grow a set?

Susan Spector

Miami is not unlike the whole country. The initiatve to build the resort complex will help our city and state emerge from the abyss of financial catastrophy. Of course the chamber has endorsed it. Do not listen to the naysayers who are greedy and will make up any lie they can to try to keep there revenue unfettered (can you say Seminoles?).

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