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Mitt Romney: I'd love to convince people I'm Latino, 'particularly in a Florida primary'

Mitt Romney fielded questions from Univision anchor Jorge Ramos at the Spanish-language network's "Meet The Candidates" forum at Miami-Dade College. Later he took a handful of questions from the audience. Total time was about 22 minutes:
Q: "You only paid 13 percent of taxes while most Americans paid much more than that. Is that fair?"

Romney said the average is almost 15 percent. "Also on top of that, I gave another 15 percent to charity. When you add it together....I think it reaches almost 40 percent I gave back to the community....I have a proposal for those in middle income. Anyone earning under $200,000 a year, I would propose paying no tax whatsoever on their savings. I think the people have been most hurt in the Obama economy should be able to save money tax-free."

Q: "How much money do you have?"

Romney: "I think the estimate is a pretty wide range. It's been widely reported. My net worth is within that number. It is between $150 and about $200 some odd million dollars. I didn't inherit that. I inherited no money. What my wife and I have, we earned. And we earned it by helping start businesses and being successful in the businesses that we ran."

Q: "Newt Gingrich called you anti-immigrant. This morning he told me that you have shown no humanity for the people that are here (illegal). He called your self-deportation plan a fantasy. Now, how are you going to convince millions of illegal immigrants to go back to poverty and violence?"

Romney: "Very sad for a candidate to resort to that kind of epithet. We don’t attack each other with those kinds of terrible terms. I am not anti-immigrant. I am pro-immigrant. I like immigration. Immigration has been an extraordinary source of strength in this country. Romney said that Gingrich has said previously that he was in favor of self-deportation.

"I recognize that it is very tempting to come into an audience like this and to pander to the audience and to say what you will hope people will want to hear. But, frankly, I think that's unbecoming of a presidential candidate, and I think that was a mistake on his part.

Q: How is that going to work?

Romney:  "You have identification for those people who come here legally, which allows them to work in the United States. Then you have in place an effective E-verify system that allows employes to check that documentation immediately. And you severely santion employers who hire people who do not have legal documentation and who do not have authorization to work here.

"I'm not in favor of going around the country trying to round people up, put them in buses and take them across the border."

Romney: "I look at really three groups that I care really deeply about. One of those is the families that have come here illegally. Their children, in particular, no fault by having been brought here. That's one group I'm concerned about. There's another group which are people who come here through coyotes or others and are abused. And there's another group, the 4 to 5 million people who are in line legally to come here. Our responsibility i blieve as a nation is first and foremost to those who want to come here legally. My compassion extends to all three. I really want to protect legal immigration. I think it's important for people to realize that illegal immigration has to stop or there will be an effort to stop legal immigration, or to slow it down or hold it down, which is a mistake. I want more, not less, legal immigration."

Q: "Your father was born in Mexico. Are you a Mexican-American? Could you be the first Hispanic president?

Romney:   "I would love to be able to convince people of that, particularly in a Florida primary" (laughing). But I think that might be disingenuous on my part.....He [George Romney] was born of U.S. citizens who were living in Mexico at the time. He never spoke Spanish, nor did his parents. So I can't claim that honor.... I don't think people would think I was being honest with them if I said I was Mexican-American.

Q: "Would you consider Newt Gingrich as your running mate?"

Romney: "At this stage, if he were the V.P. and I were the president, why that's something I would consider. But I have to be honest with you. I haven't made any considerations as to who would be my V.P. at this point. I think it would be presumptuous. I've got to become the nominee first. And then I have to defeat President Obama. And then I get the privilege of having a vice president. So I've got a ways to go before I get to that point."

Q: Do you think Puerto Rico should become the 51st state?

Romney: "Should be left up to the people of Puerto Rico."

---- Clark Spencer


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"between $150 and about $200 some odd million dollars."

Romney doesn't know his net worth within $50 million dollars? I certainly cannot relate to him and doubt he can relate to me.

CT Echo

Read this and see if you think King of Bain is a conspiracy..
I'm a firm believer in the American free enterprise system ,but this is wrong and amounts to being a corporate raider.



Listen puppets.

Obama is a salesman. We hired him on promises, not his resume.

Gingrich is a politician. SCarolina hired him because he controlled the stage and attacked the media. Those evangelicals would never have voted for a guy who cheated on two sick wives unless Romney wasn't Mormon. Bigots and puppets of their church leaders is what I call it.

Santorum is a politician. He won Iowa because the evangelicals couldn't allow a Mormon to win IA, NH, SC, and FL, so they had to stop the "inevitable" leader and recount the votes. If they really wanted to know who won they wouldn't have included the 8 districts that didn't make the "new" deadline.

Paul is a teacher. He has no chance and he just wants a seat at the GOP convention to change republican policies.

Romney has been painted as dishonest, yet he pays 10% to his God, served his church for free as a bishop, served MA for $1, fixed the Olympics for $1, never cheated on his wife even when she was sick with MS.

Now pick a president based on resume, not media hype, religious bigotry, or emotion, or you are a puppet who tells others how to think for you.


...correction... "they WOULD have included the 8 districts"


It is really amazing that people don't get the tax issue. Mitt was taxed at about 35% of his income and then taxed 15% on the capital gain acquired after he invested the money. Invest money and if you make a gain you get taxed GET IT!!
And as far as getting no tax on savings accounts if the economy would pick up so would the saving interest. I can remember when I made some pretty good interest on my savings. There was a time when people lived on the interest they made.
As far as Bain that is the way businesses are run. They bring in outside people to help/make suggestions on how their business can become more profitable. My husband was a product of this downsizing and lost his job. But we didn't cry we picked up the pieces and found another way to make an income.
It is time to get a business man in the White House and get rid of a guy like Newt who has been a politicain for over 30 years. I think he says whatever the audiance wants to hear. He is a great debater but that isn't going to work against Obamas dirt that he WILL find.


CT Echo: Uhh, moron, remember how Romney was saving the olympics in 2000? He had nothing to do with KB Toys. Try again.

Allisio Rex

Of course Mitt can not claim to be a Latino. The fact is that those people calling themselves Latinos ( Latins) are not Latinos at all. The Italians are the Latins. In fact the Latin,Language and Culture, comes from Italy and not from Spain. Latin America is not a race and it doesn't mean Latino either.
But Mitt Romney like to pander to these Ibero-Indians (http://www.mexica-movement.org) and apparently wants more and more of them despite of the fact that this multi-racial/cultural mixing is not working for the benefits of all peaceful people.


Newt gave very small 2.6% to any charity (church or otherwise) including $5000 for his wife to sing in a church choir (according to his 2010 tax returns). I have never been paid to sing in my church choir. Romney charitable well above his 10% tithing ($20,000 for homes for veterans). Newt is cheap, but we can not afford him. Newt in his 2010 tax returns had $6.6 million in exemptions for his 527 political group America Solutions. About $100,000 of that used for charter jet to 4 cities in Iowa last year to promote his book. About $80,000 exempted illegally for trip to Indiana to promote his wife's book. The fact of the matter is Newt's political action group raised $54 million the past 4 years with $7 million coming from his casino buddy Adelson. With another $10 million from Adelsin this week one has to wonder who will own the Newt White House??? The world Newt spins in is nothing I relate to.


Since when it is a sin to be rich in the Democratic, Capitalist Republic of the USA? Since when it is a sin to protect the USA from illegal immigration? Stupid people or liars like Jorge Ramos deny successful people the right to pay less (15%) on capital gains and vilify them for that. Ramos, Salinas, etc. hypocrite Mexican henchmen. Why doesn't Ramos disclose his income tax? Why doesn't Ramos attack the Mexican politicians for not doing anything to improve the social and economic status of the Mexicans? Why doesn't Ramos attach the Mexican government for not allowing illegal immigration in Mexico? Ramos, Salinas, La Raza, Mexican politicians, Mexican upper classes YOU MAKE ME VOMIT.


Best candidate by miles! Newt has spent his entire life living off our tax dollars.


why are the pro Romniates so offensive calling people stupid , ignorant etc? Well, I guess they are S arrogant azs he is.


Waiting to be called stupid... for my typos....... Oh BTW, you can come back from a troubled marriage, but you cant come back from Swiss and Cayman accounts........ If Romnay gets the nomination... Obama will have a ball. And on an other npte: why would Nancy Pelosi warn the republican party that she has something on NG? Is she helping the reps as in : no, dont nominate that guy cuz I have something on him... please. I think Nancy is afraid NG will get the nomination and shes just putting that out because Nancy has always thought reps are stupid and they way the Romnimites are acting, well, I think this time , shes right.


-Gingrich's plan would have Romney paying 0% tax. He's obviously an elitist or an economic idiot parading around as a self-declared genius.

-Paul's plan would take us back to the 1930s. It is completely impractical, but I do like it.

-Santorum doesn't really have a plan or the money to get people to help him construct one. He "loves earmarks," which is a form of corruption but overall he seems honest (for a politician).

-Romney has a plan to get 11M jobs back in three years; it is detailed and has been vetted throughout the debates. He hires the right people on his economics and foreign policy decisions so that he isn't attacked on those issues. They do call his plan not daring enough, but we have reached our country's credit card limit and keep spending too much, it is time for fiscal sanity, not BIG-CRAZY revolutionary ideas that haven't been tested.

-Obama has given us the first downgrade in history and spent more in three years than Bush has in eight. Unemployment is high, people are out of work, and he is a failure. We better get the election right this time.

Allisio Rex

Romney cannot say that he is a Latino because to be a Latino one has to be Italian. The Latin comes from Italy and not from Spain and Latin America doesn't mean Latino and it's not a race either. http://www.mexica-movement.org


Tithing paid to the LDS church is used, among other things, to provide church buildings and schools for impoverished Hispanics/Latinos in Mexico and South America. Yes, Mitt *was* donating to the community, including the Hispanic/Latino community. The Church buildings and schools are used to teach people how to lead honest, moral, hard-working, and productive lives.

Did any of the other Repub candidates do as much that could benefit this community ?

Allisio Rex

mexica-movement dot org here is where to find the answer why he cannot call himself Latino.


Thanks for the language lesson on Latin/Hispanic origins. Not sure why that's in here but to each his own I guess.

As for the comment above about Gingrich coming back from a "troubled" marriage. He won't come back from that when it gets to the general election. Obama's media is going to kill Gingrich on that.

Can you imagine, the first lady being a known adulterer? She knowingly cheated with Newt when he was still married to his 2nd wife. The wife that said Newt wanted an "open" marriage and that Callista (mistress) didn't care if Newt had more than one partner. That shows us that the first lady would be okay with Newt sleeping around in the white house. Newts white house scandals could even surpass his ethics scandals in the House of Representatives!

Bring on the reality TV show politics! Even Sarah Palin is back in the scene endorsing Gingrich. Whatever happened to her reality show anyway?


Ironic, Newt's 15% flat tax seems to be the magic number. Who proved it...his opponent. Toooo funny!

Silverbear Heart

I don't understand why the Cuban community isn't up in arms over Romney's Russian connections his family is not fessing up to.
The Real Mitt Romney the Weather-Vane Candidate

lou troll

Why do lower- and middle-class whites insist on voting against their own self interest, i.e. Republican? I mean, besides the fact that Obama is black.


For the idiots stating fallacies about the 15% capital gains tax here are the facts:

First, the 15% rate was set during Reagan's term. Before that the rate was the same as regular income. So NO, it wasn't set during Obama's term.

Second, Romney is not being double taxed. If he earns regular income of $1,000,000 that is taxed at 35% he is left with $650,000. If he invests that $650,000 and his investment earns $350,000 he now has $1,000,000. But, only the $350,000 in capital gains is taxed at 15%. The original $650,000 is NOT taxed. Got it?

Third, Congress attempted to raise the 15% rate back up to the regular income rate during the 2000's. Guess who was a major lobbyist against this. You guessed it, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney.

That's your lesson for the day though I doubt any of you who are voting for Romney will get it... you probably voted for Bush jr.... twice... God help us!


The Evil is the Greed which lives in the inter GOP heart.


Some of the tithing paid to the LDS church goes toward building churches and schools in poor Hispanic/Latino communities in the U.S., Mexico, and South America. So it's a pretty safe bet that Mitt has potentially benefitted the Hispanic/Latino community more than any other presidential candidate through his donations to charity.

carlos naya

Jorge Ramos is the lowest form of alledge journalism walking the planet. Having him interview any person other than a liberal, is like having Caset Anthony baby sit a baby.

James Lazo

People don't you want someone smart like Romney to get this country out of debt.
Why blame him because he is successful and has money.

Romney has proved that he is honest.

He has helped people, dedicated to his Christian Faith.

Don't you think if the other candidates cheat on their wife's they won't cheat on their country?

He didn't make the tax rules, he paid what is required. He paid what the law demand of anyone.

It is not Romney's fault the other candidates didn't make as much money as he did.

Wake up America stop blaming someone that has the desire to fix america. He has the dedication to anything that he has done in his life so let him be what he is meant to be A LEADER!


Let's Go MITT!!!!!!!!

Denny Wood

Again, no Cayman Islands Romney banking off shore revelations. Our first presidential candidate who banks and parks millions in offshore accounts.

Thanks to the Florida press.

Denny Wood

Silverbear Heart

Romney corruption below


Romney is the wrong man for our nation.

Silverbear Heart

The only evil is in Romney's heart. Romney is an evil, hateful hater.


Mitt Romney is truly out of touch and cannot connect to average American people. He thinks the income inequality is envy... The problem majority of American are focusing is the opporunity inequality created by the income inequality. He just express that is just "Envy".. Really bad. I hope he will NOT become an president. He will never understand what average Middle class going through now.

RosaMaria Bejarano Hurst

Soy peruana de nacimiento pero ciudadana Americana. Amo a este pais con todo mi corazon y apoyo la imigracion legal. Mis padres vivien en este pais y esperon hasta que sus papeles fueron aprobados que les tomo dos anos. Ellos pidierona mi hermana menor y le toco esperar por seis anos. Mis padres vinieron con mas de 70 anos de vida y se esforzaron, encontraron trabajo y se pudieron mantener solos sin pedir ayuda al estado Americano. Nos han ensenado la virtud y el honor de ser honestos. Yo apoyo la imigracion legal. Hay una fila de buenas personas, honorables y bien preparados que estan dispuestas a venir aqui y a ganarse el pan con el sudor de su frente. El Senor Mitt Romney apoya la imigracion legal. Amigos hispanoamericanos, no se dejen embaucar por las palabras mentirosas del Senor Gingrich. Como saben el es un mujeriego, que no solo ha dejado a su primera esposa, con dos hijas y no las ha mantenido sino que tambien ha tenido otra amante y se ha casado con la tercera. Ahora se apoya en nuestra religion para decir que es catolico y que se ha arrepentido, que afrenta mas grande a la Iglesia y a los principios que los catolicos defienden con su vida. Este Senor no es honesto en su obras, ha vivido del estado americano, ha convivido con los democratas y esta arruinando este gran pais, el pais que muchos de nosotros amamos pues nos ha ayudado a lograr nuestras metas. Que El Dios Todopoderoso y que todos los santos nos ayuden.

RosaMaria Bejarano Hurst

I am Peruvian by birth but I am an American Citizen by the law. I love this country with all my heart and I support legal immigration. My parents came to this country legally they had to wait two years to obtain their residency. Then they asked for my younger sister and she had to wait for six years before she can also came legally. My parents were already 70 years old, however, both found work and showed us with their example that we don't have to depend on anyone. I say again I support legal immigration. In my country and in all Hispanoamerica there are hundreds of people who are willing to come here legally, they are well prepared, they are honest individuals, and they are willing to work hard to sustain themselves. Mr. Romney support legal immigration. Please Latino friends, don't believe the lies that Mr. Gingrich is spelling. He is a womanizer. He left his first wife who was sick and had his two daughters. For years he did not pay child support, then the woman with whom he cheated the first one, was also left to go to the third one, Callista. Now he is telling us that he has become Catholic and that he has repented, what a lie, he is trashing the virtuous of the Catholic church. This man is not honest, for more than 20 years he has using the system for his own benefit. He will just ruin the wonderful country of ours if he is the president. May God bless us.

Johnny Abnerscransky

Clint - Initial Comment

Taxes 101

The initial Money Mitt made was taxed at the US Federal Corporate Tax Rate of 15% to 35%

The money Mitt made the last several years was taxed at 15%
The US Capital Gains Tax Rate

This initial money had already been taxed at the Federal Rate. The money then was risked by Mitt, being re-invested in companies that made happened to make a profit. The profit made is called a "Capital Gain", which is taxed at 15%

So... Add the initially taxed money, (taxed @ 15% to 35%); to the money that was taxed, as capital gains profit @ 15%

= 40% percent that Mitt Romney -- "gave back to the community"

Gingrich, unlike Romney, wants to completely eliminate taxes on capital gains. The result: Romney’s tax bill would drop from an estimated $6.4 million in 2013 to just $75,000. http://goo.gl/ikJss

Clint, I appreciate the fact that you are an "average person"!
This is why you are not running for office, and he is.

- Johnny


This should give everyone a big clue that Mitt Romney is trying to convince everyone he is something he is not. He is NOT Latino or Hispanic and he is NOT a conservative. All you have to do is look at his history as a democrat and his record as a moderate (RINO) in Mass. He is also a liar. Gingrich did NOT resign from the Senate in disgrace. After the ethics hearing (all the charges were levied by the democrats because he was effective) was concluded he was re-elected as speaker and served two more years. That is not a man who resigned in disgrace. DO NOT TRUST MITT ROMNEY.


I used to be a Mormon, and I can assure you that a lot of the money I tithed to the church went to US and International aid. I'm a little ashamed now because it was so much that I kinda resented it.

If you ask the president or leader of any country or community that has had any disaster, they will tell you, "The difference between the Mormon church and all the other churches and charities that came over here and asked us what we need, is that the Mormon church delivered it."


I don't know why people think he's lying. I think he would be a great president, to be honest. He is very hard-working and very successful - shouldn't we want that in a U.S. president?! We want someone who can make this country more prosperous!!! And please, I wouldn't vote for Gingrich - typical dirty politician.


Also, his average tax is 15% because of CAPITAL GAINS, because of his INVESTMENTS, not because he's cheating the system. The government taxes investors in smaller percentage because their investments CREATE JOBS! So in order to stimulate jobs, their taxes are reduced. Also, take into account that CORPORATIONS HAVE A 45% tax rate, which is the highest. This is also one the reason why capital gains have reduced taxes.



There is a reason by Mel Martinez is backing Romney. Rubio is all but formally backing him as well (doing his best to stay neutral).

Newt is now pandering for Hispanic vote by saying illegals should be able to stay and work and be put in line ahead of LEGAL immigrants.

Newt is a phony.


Only person that makes sense is Ron Paul, America can not afford another Bush to completely bury us

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