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Mitt Romney: Obama belongs in "Fantasyland"

Mitt Romney hopped onto a conference call this morning with two of his Florida allies, U.S. Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart and John Mica.

On Obama's visit to Disney, Romney said: "Interestingly, he has chosen fantasyland as the place for his address ... I'm afraid he's been speaking from fantasyland for some time now. He continues to speak about his 'solid' economic record and as you know, that's out of touch with reality. ... "

Romney pivoted to his surging South Carolina rival, Newt Gingrich, who often talks about his work with Reagan. "Actually, he'd only been in congress two years when Ronald Reagan came to office. I don't think he was the author of Reaganomics, or of the success of the Reagan years. Him taking credit for that qualifies as a fantasyland experience as well, I'm afraid."

Posted by Alex Leary


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Tally Folly

While Romney and Republicans seeks to take America back to Frontierland, Obama strives to move this country forward to Tomorrowland.

Cosmic Ray

All these references to Disney are just plain goofy.

Sarah Beths

Speaking of "fantasyland", what about Mormons who spend tens of millions of dollars fighting same-sex marriage and allow the abuse of tens of thousands of innocent women and children in polygamous sects. Mormons do nothing to stop polygamists who expel their young sons ("lost boys") so old men can take "child brides", but by gosh, those damn queers must be stopped! Anyone who wants to know just how bad the polygamy problem is in Mormonland should pick up a copy of NYTimes bestseller "Escape" by Carolyn Jessop and watch the doc film "Banking On Heaven". Most libraries carry both.


The GOP is Proud to Present this seasons Political Panderers Peddling their Puffery and Prjudice with Perfidious Piety. We have Mitt Romney the vulture/crony capitalist espousing the virtues of his brand of capitalism to crowds seeking government protecton from people like him. We have Our family values candidate who the minute he found out each of his previous wives was ill ran out on them so fast you would have thought his hair was on fire. Then we have Ron Paul the virtuous libertarian who gets his support from the selfish who chear wildly when he supports policies that will not show mercy on the needy who cannot afford insuance or pay fire department subscrption fees. To those people he says. Life is about choices. Sorry that your kid died from lack of medical treatment or your house burned down as the firemen looked on, but those are your problems not mine. Santorum is the least dangerous He just wants a constitutional amendment banning gays from everthing and making breast feeding of males mandatory until they are 48 years old or married.


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