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Mitt Romney's DREAM Act team member

Republican Mitt Romney said he'd veto the pro-immigrant DREAM Act, which is backed by some of his top Miami supporters. And he later suggested it was a type of "handout." But for his lobbyist adviser, it was a paycheck.

From Salon: 

An informal adviser to the Mitt Romney campaign recently lobbied Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act, stances that are at odds with Romney’s increasingly hard-line position on the immigration in general and opposition to the DREAM Act in particular.

Longtime Republican operative Charlie Black, who was a top aide to the John McCain campaign in 2008, has joined Romney’s “circle of informal advisers,” the New York Times reported this week. After McCain lost, Black rejoined as chairman the high-powered bipartisan lobbying firm he founded in the 1980s, which is now called Prime Policy Group.