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Mitt Romney's "self-deportation" comment got Twitter hoppin'

The topic of immigration, mainly what to do about illegal immigration, got plenty of reaction from the Republican candidates on Monday night -- and on Twitter.
Perhaps the most interesting -- and the one most tweeted about -- was Romney's "self-deportation" idea for helping curb the number of illegal immigrants.'
Here's what Romney said on Monday night in Tampa:

"The answer is self-deportation, which is people decide they can do better by going home because they can't find work here because they don't have legal documentation to allow them to work here," Romney said.

Twitter went crazy. The joke theme: Self-deporation? So I speed through a school zone. What to do? Pull over and write myself a ticket.

Joking aside, the debate over illegal immigration, the DREAM Act (allowing children brought to the United States illegally by their parents to become legalized U.S. residents) was more nuanced. 

Here's the exchange, including National Journal correspondnt Beth Reinhard's question about the sensitive DREAM Act issue:

REINHARD: Speaker Gingrich, I want to move on to a slightly different topic, the Dream Act, which, as you know, would provide a pathway to citizenship for children who have been brought to the U.S. illegally if they attend college or enroll in the military.

Now, Governor Romney and Senator Santorum have both said they would veto this legislation. Would you do the same?

GINGRICH: No. I would work to get a signable version which would be the military component. I think any young person living in the United States who happened to have been brought here by their parents when they were young should have the same opportunity to join the American military and earn citizenship which they would have had from back home.

We have a clear provision that if you live in a foreign country, and you are prepared to join the American military, you can, in fact, earn the right to citizenship by serving the United States and taking real risk on behalf of the United States. That part of the Dream Act I would support. I would not support the part that simply says everybody who goes to college is automatically waived for having broken the law.

WILLIAMS: The questioning continues.

ROMNEY: ... that`s the same position that I have, and that is that I would not sign the Dream Act as it currently exists, but I would sign theDream Act if it were focused on military service.

To be continued ....



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Libs seriously are either truly this stupid or just pretending to be stupid... Take your car analogy. But instead of speeding, think the gas tank. What he's saying is if you stop people from hiring illegals, no money = no food, housing, etc... Illegals would return home because they can't pay the bills. Furthermore, he said if people hire illegals they get fined. You turn off the magnets, people will go home on their own.

Seriously, take five seconds to get off dangling around Obama's finger and think about it... It's really not that complicated


I dont think liberals care at all actually. This is a republican debate amongst your own kind.

claire g

If we want to end birthright citizenship—clarifying the 14th Amendment to make sure ONLY children of LEGAL immigrants get citizenship—then we all need to look at our own ancestry and see if we ourselves were the beneficiaries of an anchor baby ancestor!



Protest Against Illegals Having Driver's Licenses http://bit.ly/edNfJL New Mexico State Capitol in Santa Fe @ 10 AM TODAY #NM #ABQ


HELP DRAW OUR LINE: http://bit.ly/AlAEwJ


Romney's right. If you set up the system so that all employers have to verify legal status before hiring, the illegal immigrants will leave because they won't find jobs. This should have been the solution implemented a long time ago.


which is why i find it crazy that congress wont pass the e-verify job act


Everify doesn't work. I live in az and employers use it. Every few months the sheriff is busting illegals who have stolen the identity of a US citizen. The citizen finds out and then has a nightmare list of problems to deal with regarding the IRS and income that they supposedly earned but never reported. The answer to illegal immigration is ending all perks the get. You turn them away at hospitals, schools, the welfare office, etc, don't hire them and they will all leave. The problem is the bleeding hearts and congress who like to buy votes by letting the freeloaders stay.

Keith Henson

Self deportation would work well IF our "government" would enforce existing law. 1986 immigration law prescribes 5 years in prison (per count) for hiring an ILLEGAL alien. Enforce that law, lock up a few CEOs, building contractors and landscapers and presto! Our only problem is traffic congestion headed southwest!

Frank Zappa

illegals aren't the only people that can't find jobs...the Elites are going to starve us all to death.

Wiliam Wesley Choate

What to about enforcing immigration laws? Put them on the shelf with the
Clean Air Act, The National Church Arson Task Force, FOIA, Open Records Act, Freedoms of speech, press, and peaceable assembly, Grand Jury investigations,
and the criminal codes as they apply to the wealthy and government officials.


1. Why do people igmmirate to the US illegally? Is it that bad in Mexico?Yes. Corruption and disastrous economic policy prevents individual success. What is available here is the chance to succeed and prosper. Yet, that is changing due to the current political/ideology top dogs. Soon, if they remain, Americans will be wanting to leave.2. How do they get here illegally? Does every one of them stow away in a semi truck trailer?They either take their chances on their own, or fork over what may be a life's savings to pay professionals to bring them in. Some do not want to stay. They are actually earning money to bring in people or illegal drugs. 3. Why is illegal immigration a problem? Are current Americans afraid of Native American descendants taking back land?Taking back? America PURCHASED that land. It was a legal transaction between agreeable traders. What this country is and will hopefully continue to be, is a prosperous land that values freedoms which cannot be found in ANY other country. If the U.S. had NOT acquired the S.W., the illegals (those BREAKING LAWS) would not need to cross a river to get in. We would be more easily victimized by the crimes that are inherent with such.4. Does anybody believe President Obama is doing anything about illegal immigration in the United States?Yes, he is. He is making it easier. Illegally entering the country does not make a legal voter later. It's all Obama cares about. He has an agenda, and that is fundamental change. If he is able to create a nation of dependents, then he is guaranteed to succeed in his selfish plans. His ideals are UN-AMERICAN. Those who depend on him are nothing more than automatons, bending to his will, void of conscience and self-respect. That is also UN-AMERICAN.

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