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Ron Paul's Florida flier, 6-page newsletter blasts GOP "counterfeits," Obama

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PaulcoverRon Paul looks like the only other Republican candidate who's joining Mitt Romney in going after Florida's early voters. So far, about 410,000 absentee ballots have been mailed to Florida Republicans. Romney has hit some of them up twice. But it looks like he's not hitting everyone. This Paul mailer was received by a pattern Republican primary voter from Miami who has so far received mail from no one else.

Some question the financial wisdom of so-called chase mail to move voters who cast absentee ballots. Do these flyers move voters to mail their ballots in quickly based on the last mail piece they see? Are they more likely to vote based on television ads or debates? 

It's not clear if it's worth the electoral bang for the buck. But if you have the buck, take a chance on a bang. It probably doesn't hurt. And in Romney's case, he's taking few chances. He and his SuperPac are also bombarding the state airwaves.

Paul's mailer is an apt reflection of the candidate. Like the candidate who's prone to give long answers to questions, the mailer includes six single-spaced pages of detailed explanation that hammer his opponents and play up his strengths. But, in the eyes of his critics, anything that recalls the race-baiting and gay-bashing Ron Paul Political Report newsletters of the 1990s is fair game.  Ron Paul disavows the bigoted language.

In the poll mailer, President Obama is criticized for his big spending, Romney for passing a template of ObamaCare and Gingrich for once supporting it (the health mandate, that is). Paul spares Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum any mention in the letter. The glossy flier that accompanies the newsletter depicts "counterfeits" Romney, Gingrich and Perry but leaves out Huntsman and Santorum. It's a sign that polling indicates Huntsman and Santorum probably can't win Florida right now, though that could (could) change.

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Yamz Foland

Ron Paul 2012!!! Our only chance!!


Ron Paul to the White House!

go tigers

Ron paul! The only Real change candidate. If u vote for the others it will be business as usual.


Ron Paul or none at all. I will be writing him in if necessary.


President: Ron Paul

Vice: Dennis Kucinich

Secretary of State: Alex Jones


You want change? Vote Ron Paul

People Liking People

Marc, there's one thing in your post that doesn't quite make sense. You say if you have a buck, take a chance on a bang. So mailing these flyers out is taking the chance, and hoping it pays off.

You then say Romney is taking few chances. So I'm to believe he's sending out less maillings then? Evidently not because you then contradict it by saying him and his superpack are also bombarding the airways (when you say "also", I take it to mean they're sending mailings and using radio ads)

If I am to understand your "taking a chance with a bang" correctly, it sounds to me like Romney is taking plenty of chances. Not few chances.


I received a copy and read the whole thing and was very impressed I was going to vote for Romney but this mailer gave me the information to make a informed vote for Ron Paul. Wow 1 trillion in the first year and not touch social security he has my vote.

Silverbear Heart

The Real Mitt Romney the Weather-vane candidate

There are links to Romney in a Detroit Corruption probe. Read more about Romney corruption at the link above.


This will most likely be the last election
the American people will have to hear
the truth about our Gov't run amuck.
I say we look past the man and seriously take heed his message (warning) before it's too late.


Folks, please visit and pass along: kookyronpaul dot com. This not-for-profit site has some great videos, articles and info which is beneficial to all, regardless of political affiliation. Peace and Ron Paul in 2012!


from Orlando ..i will reelect Ron Paul..Liberty..peace and prosperity..President Paul goooo

Gloria Carroll

I vote for Dr Ron Paul only. He is the only man who fights for my liberty and freedom by obeying the Constitution which he truthfully defend through trading with people and non intervention, sound monetary policy, free market.

Trusty Shellback


Dr. Ron Paul is the SOLUTION!!!


DR RON 2012 !

Ladislav Vostrovsky

I am a dumb guy when it comes to politics, but being owner of small business for 30 years I am interested in money flying around politics.
I went to opensecrets.org and looked up Romney and Dr. Paul top contributors and I’ve got this:
ROMNEY: Goldman Sachs $367,200, Credit Suisse $203,750 Morgan Stanley $199,800 HIG Capital $186,500 Barclays $157,750
DR PAUL: USArmy $24,503, USAir Force $23,335, USNavy $17,432, MasonCapital Mngmt $14,000 Microsoft $13,398 Boeing $10,620, Google $10,390
Why in the heck is Romney supported by bankers if he wants to end bailouts and Dr. Paul by military complex if he wants to end the wars is beyond my comprehension. Somebody can help me?


Wow I just realized this may be the LAST election Americans will ever make because I'm sure Americas sovereignty will be dismantled by 2016.

Please vote for Ron Paul! He has ALL the right answers about a non-interventionalist foreign policy, a prosperous America thanks to a free market and LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL!


I've been out doing public outreach talking to people in front of supermarkets and Home Depot. The vast majority of Republicans I talk to either support Paul or are considering it with mostly good things to say about him.... I just hope I see this reflected in our primary results too. Can't imagine how it won't be! Ron Paul 2012!

Buzz Fisher

Ron Paul 2012 or BUST!

Join the Ron Paul music bomb on Facebook and invite all your friends too! Together we can get Dr. Paul's name to the top of the charts AND raise a lot of money for his campaign too!


Twocie Truth

Ron Paul has my vote. He alone can rally Americans across the spectrum, Republicans, Dems and Independents with his sound pro-Constitution positions and demands for responsible government.

Others candidates represent the 'establishment' solutions that are destroying us. Other candidates are attacking the Constitution behind closed doors.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who opposed the National Defense Authorization Act that now permits our government to "imprison indefiniely, without charge or trial, any U.S. citizen suspected of 'terrorism'".

How will government define terrorism? Is the Tea Party or the Occupy movement terrorist? What if the international banker bailouts continue as people go hungry and lose their homes. What if people rebel against our pro-special interest government? Could we be labeled 'terrorist' and locked up .... indefinitely without charge or trial? With the passage of NDAA we now could.

This should terrify every American as it undermines the very core of our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Ron Paul 2012... to restore America.



Ron Paul takes it to Newt calling him a chicken-hawk

Twocie Truth

One of Ron Paul's most powerful positions is his drive for responsible government.

In 2011 more that 20% of all our tax revenue was used to pay interest on our debt (nearly $460 Billion debt service cost out of $2.1 Trillion in collected in tax revenue). We are on track to add another $10 Trillion in deficit spending to the National Debt by 2020. How much of our tax revenue will be siphoned off to service the debt in 2020 and beyond?

The Debt is unsustainable. It continues to grow and will increasingly suck money out of other important programs. We must stop adding to the Debt. Only Ron Paul will make the right choices to fund Americas priorities so that we do not destroy our future.

Save America. Ron Paul 2012.


@ Ladislav Vostrovsky

He is supported by military families because they don't want to be in these wars that aren't in our best interest and can't be won


Hit 'em with that Reagan photo! Go, Doc, Go!!


Breaking News:Ron Paul is the only candidate that is right again. And they still want to crucify him…
Panetta: Iran Has Not Yet Decided to Make a Nuclear Bomb
Published January 08, 2012
| Associated Press

FILE - In this Nov. 10, 2011, file photo Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey take part in a news conference at the Pentagon in Washington.
WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says Iran is laying the groundwork for making nuclear weapons someday, but is not yet building a bomb and called for continued diplomatic and economic pressure to persuade Tehran not to take that step.
As he has previously, Panetta cautioned against a unilateral strike by Israel against Iran's nuclear facilities, saying the action could trigger Iranian retaliation against U.S. forces in the region.
"We have common cause here" with Israel, he said. "And the better approach is for us to work together."
Panetta's remarks on CBS' Face the Nation, which were taped Friday and aired Sunday, reflect the long-held view of the Obama administration that Iran is not yet committed to building a nuclear arsenal, only to creating the industrial and scientific capacity to allow one if its leaders to decide to take that final step.

John Adams

To Ladislav Vostrovsky that made the comment above. I will truthfully honest this to you. That bit of information about Romney and Pauls biggest contributors was great but lets understand this. I was in the Army but I was not part of the military industrial complex. I contribute to Ron Paul. Ron Paul gets more donations for our service members from all four branches of our military than all the other candidates combined. Why? Because most that serve our military do so because we love this country and what it stands for. We know our history and where we came from and we want a Commander in Chief that feels the same way about our country as we do... We in the military will be honored to serve under Ron Paul and not some bureaucrat big money corporate big guy that is currupt like all the other candidates. Look at Romney's top contributors. They are all the people that caused the world economic crisis.. Please, I wish Dr. Paul will spread this news..So, we have a candidate in New Hampshire that is supported by all the guys that created this depression we are in, and he is #1 in the polls. That tells you where the people have there heads. All these people out of work and the dollar not worth a dime and they are supporting the candidate that is friend and laying in bed with the people that caused this mess. Wow. explain that .
ROMNEY: Goldman Sachs $367,200, Credit Suisse $203,750 Morgan Stanley $199,800 HIG Capital $186,500 Barclays $157,750


How anyone can vote for LIARS, yeah, that's right, LIARS like Willard, Newt and Santorum is beyond me. Apparently some people prefer status quo to real change.


Oh yeah, Ron Paul 2012

John Adams

DR PAUL: USArmy $24,503, USAir Force $23,335, USNavy $17,432, ............This is service members that donated, not military industrial complex. Dont let ignorance cost him a vote. Ron Paul 2012



Former head of CIA Bin Laden dept. Endorses Dr. Paul.

Spread the word, the media won't.

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan perot carter

Big Pine Key
USN for Dr Ron


Ron Paul 2012! I will not be voting for anyone else if Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination... What's the point???


WOW the comments here confirm what i suspect. Paul has more support than the media will EVER give him credit for. EVERYONE KEEP SPREADING THE MESSAGE. DR PAUL IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS A CHANCE AGAINST OBAMA.

John Adams

Like the guy said, If Ron Paul doesnt get the nomination, what is the point in voting for anybody else. Ron Paul is the only one..... This is the last time to vote in a free America unless we get Ron Paul in the White house.. The fall of America is at hand people. Vote Ron Paul or die...........

Patrick O'Callaghan

Comment from Ladislav Vostrovsky: "ROMNEY:
Goldman Sachs $367,200 -
Credit Suisse $203,750 -
Morgan Stanley $199,800 -
HIG Capital $186,500 -
Barclays $157,750

USArmy $24,503,
USAir Force $23,335,
USNavy $17,432,
MasonCapital Mngmt $14,000
Microsoft $13,398
Boeing $10,620,
Google $10,390

Why in the heck is Romney supported by bankers if he wants to end bailouts and Dr. Paul by military complex if he wants to end the wars is beyond my comprehension. Somebody can help me?"

Yes, I can help. Firstly, you'll agree that the difference in magnitude of the donations is quite large with Romney pulling in hundreds of thousands from the big banks, and Paul's in the tens of thousands. More importantly, the military is not an organisation which is permitted to or provided funds to endorse any candidate. The donations come from individual servicemen and women spending their own salaries on behalf of themselves. The big banks fund Romney because they know he will vote their way, and the military personnel fund Paul because they believe he would never put them in harm's way for political reasons. Remember please that these are active military personnel, hardly cowards looking to stay at home, but rather greatly war-weary and suspicious of the motives of those in power who might use them as pawns to further their own political agendas. And finally, you must take into account the fact that Goldman Sachs funds both Romney and Obama - how's that for hedging your bets?

Lovely Lily

Ron Paul will beat Obama in November !


Keep spreading the good word of Dr. Paul. He needs every vote he can get to overcome fraud at the polls. He already had Iowa stolen from him.


A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Peace.

A vote for any other, including Obama, is a vote for endless war, assassinations, life in detention without charge, crushing debt and enough deficit spending to enslave Americans for generations.

RP fan 11

Great post, go RON PAUL!

A Facebook User

Excellent comments! For those in doubt, please listen toll-free 1-888-322-1414 for 3-4 minutes. Texas straight talk by Hon Dr Ron Paul new every Monday. Thanks

Ron paulguy

It is up to the people to spread truth, because the press is all corporate owned, and will not.....Santorum's comments are ironic, laughable and ridiculous....Santorum and the other the warmongers are the  dangerous and irresponsible ones!!! Ron Paul truly is a candidate for all the people, not just the elite. It is actually  a quite commonly held belief amongst our country's intelligence agencies that "blowback" is always a potential threat from aggressive American military operations, especially the type of military actions taken in Iraq and Afghanistan. That makes us much less safe than seeking fair trade and cooperation around the planet. We are by far the dominant global power, and there is no country that could even come close to challenging our military (even if we did massive military cuts....which we really need to do). His fiscal policies will remove the barriers to jobs and even the playing field for everyone...not just the cronies, banks and mega-corporations. He also wants to give us our civil liberty back, like a free republic should be.
I'm very excited about the prospect of what Ron Paul can do for us all!!! END THE FED and end  our imprisonment!!!!


As John Adams pointed out Dr. Paul's donations are small and from ordinary individuals that do extraordinary things but in order to compete with the Wall Street money many more individuals need to donate either time or dollars. I've read the POTUS has or will raise $1B for this election cycle.

Ron paulguy

If there is any justice in this world, Ron Paul will be elected. He will need an army to protect him when he is. Every past president (Jackson, Lincoln and Kennedy) that has challenged the banking maffia have been taken out (or attempted in Jackson's case)


@Ladislav Vostrovsky

its not the actual army or navy, its the individuals in those military operations. The military gives more money to Ron Paul's campaign then any other (including Obama) because they see and understand the horrors these wars have caused. They also understand their is a difference between defense spending and creating an empire.
Ron Paul wants to protect America by ending these useless wars.

Brian Duda

I stopped dumping my money into the Ron Paul campaign through straight donations. Now I purchase massive amounts of his signs, bumper stickers, magnets etc.. which goes right to his campaign anyway, and I'm posting signs all over the place, trying to get people to pay attention to the man.

When I talked to an old lady on a plane about who she liked she didn't know anything about Paul because the media doesn't cover him. Once hearing what he stands for, she was immediately convinced that he was the candidate to vote for. You have to go looking for him on the internet to see what he stands for. So don't bother with the non-stop internet praise, people of modern age already support Paul. We need to reach out to those who don't use the internet much and show them that he is the most popular candidate. Put signs on every piece of grass where appropriate, banners on every fence, stickers on every bumper (only to people you know please) and wear your baseball caps and pins all the time so everyone in the United States of America knows that Ron Paul is the next president of the United States of America.

Chris S.

Ron Paul 2012! ... America's last hope. Limited Government, Limited Global Presence, Sound Currency, End the FED, End the IRS, Balance the Budget... Ron Paul 2012!

Mr.Stephen Schweter

Happy New Year

12/31/11 Pres Signed the NDAA Bill check it out

The case For Dr.Ron Paul must read. http://Ladyliberty1776.blogspot.com Copy this and past it into your Browser. We can do it

Stephen Schweter Vietnam vet

Bob D

Its good to see Ron Paul attacking Romney & Obama. He's already beaten Santorum and Newt and shouldn't be wasting his money there.

A Facebook User

Is Paul prepared to face the logical consequences of his rhetoric?


Ron Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!

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