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Newt Gingrich: surprised by "absurd" critics of Bain comments, talks of Romney "trap," retools Cuba-flight message

Republican Newt Gingrich admits he's surprised by the blowback over his criticisms of Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital. He says the "Massachusetts moderate" is hiding his record as governor and isn't being forthcoming about his job as a venture capitalist, either.

Gingrich said he was merely questioning Romney's record.

When told of the criticisms, Gingrich said: “This is an absurdity.”

“The over-reaction of people to questioning a presidential candidate’s record as though I was now engaged assault on free enterprise is one of the most absurd things I have ever seen," Gingrich said during a fundraising stop at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.

He said Romney is trying to take credit for creating jobs but he's providing no evidence for it.

“What I would say to these people when they get all excited is: Have they even looked. Do they have any idea what they’re talking about? And the answer is no. Because there’s no public information,” Gingrich said.

“It’s a private company that doesn’t have any public information. So you get caught in this nice trap. He gets to assert it. Nobody gets to ask about it. And we’re supposed to trust him."

Gingrich also defended himself against charges from Capitol Hill Cubans that he was one of the "weakest" candidates on Cuba. Gingrich appeared to back away from comments attributed to him by Yahoo News concerning his failure to condemn Obama's decision to open flights to Cuba.

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The ads have definitely turned me off to Newt.


One day a man looked for a good home builder.
So the man asked “Bob The Builder” to share the whereabouts of his completed homes.
But “Bob The Builder” became furious at the man and said “that is an attack on my honesty!”

The next day the man looked for a good Princess.
So the man asked “Cinderella” to share her foot size.
But “Cinderella” became very furious with the man and said “that is an attack on privacy!”

The next day the man looked for a good Kitchen Chef.
So the man asked “Ratatouille” to share some of his cooking.
But “Ratatouille” became very furious at the man and said “that is an attack on goodwill!”

The next day the man looked for a good Jobs Creator.
So the man asked “Romney” to share where his created Jobs could be located.
But “Romney” became very furious and said “that is an attack on all Capitalism!”
So the story was FRAMED against the man and told again and again by all of “Romney’s” surrogates, day after day after day! We must not attacked Mittens……


Has our Elite Media and GOP decreed Mittens as the winner without the approval of anyone in 48 of the 57 States?
Just good old GOP controlled elite media THUGGERY!
To say Gingrich is attacking capitalism for asking Romney to prove Mittens job creation allegations shows only a weak mind trying to express itself forcefully.
But when Mittens rejected capitalism by snubbing investment savings accounts for young people offered by Newt, you only hear crickets chirping from the GOP and elite media Thugs.
We need a Statesman like Speaker Gingrich, not GOP opportunist.

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