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Newt Gingrich tries to make FL a 2-man race. But is it too late?

Newt Gingrich started to turn Florida’s Republican primary into a two-man contest Friday by hitting opponent Mitt Romney from the right, left and center at Miami’s Versailles Restaurant and during a headquarters opening in Orlando.

Gingrich also spoke at length to hordes of reporters and released a detailed plan on cracking-down on Raul Castro’s regime in Cuba – an issue that Romney didn’t discuss in depth during his Miami stop in November when he avoided talking to local reporters.

But Romney doesn’t need to talk to the press. He’s getting more than a third of the Republican vote, while Gingrich barely cracks 25 percent in polls.

Romney has also blanketed the airwaves and mailboxes with his message as more than 107,000 Republicans have cast mail-in ballots. Early-voting polling-places don’t open in Florida until Jan. 21.

Is it too late for Gingrich, who has yet to send mail or advertise on TV?

“No,” Gingrich said.

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