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Newt Gingrich up with Spanish TV ad, just in time for Miami-Republican fest

The three leading Republican contenders for president are coming to Miami either today or Friday to court the sizable Latino vote. Here's today's story about their Latino-outreach and the Hispanic vote.

Last night, Newt Gingrich began advertising on Spanish-language TV.


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really newt? I thought the spanish language was for the ghetto?!? IDIOT! Even when the Spanish language is for the ghetto? According to Newt, English is for prosperity and Spanish is for the ghetto. http://youtu.be/_rF694NzjPU Although Mexi-Mitt, Rick "in the closet" Santorum and Ron "Mr. Burns" Paul haven't stated this however I'm 99.9% confident that they have the same sentiment. How can Latinos continue to support these racist pig(s)? Oh and Jeb is so trustworthy...NOT!


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