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Newt Gingrich will cough up Freddie Mac contract

National Journal:

Under fierce attack by primary rival Mitt Romney for his work for the mortgage giant Freddie Mac, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich will release his contract with the quasi-governmental organization on Monday night, according to a spokesman for the Gingrich Group.

Media Relations Director Susan Meyers said the document will be made public “this evening,” though she declined to say specifically whether it would be in advance of the NBC/National Journal/Tampa Bay Times debate at 9 p.m. in Tampa, Fla.


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This the infamous contract where Gingrich was paid $1.6 million to act as a "historian" (his characterization). Of course, this is just another example of Gingrich spin on the truth.


 Say US voters keep this in mind. Newt's new friend moral, ethical, and Christian Rick Perry refuses to reimburse Texas citizens $2M + in security expenses during his Presidential campaign. Even though he has many millions left in his fund. 

So remember this if Perry continues to work for Newt. These are the kinds of people Newt works with. 

Texas children have fewer teachers, emergency responder training have been cut, etc. 

While Perry preached all the jobs he created 8,000+ state jobs were cut: teachers, law enforcement, emergency responders, etc. He also lives in a rent house costing us $10,000 a month. 

Oh yea we are thrilled he is back, not!

But wait! He is just like you. I pray not. 


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