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No Florida primary endorsement from Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush will not endorse a candidate before Florida's presidential primary, his spokeswoman tells the Buzztonight.

"He is staying neutral," Jaryn Emhof said.

After Newt Gingrich's win in South Carolina tonight there was a flurry of Twitter speculation that Bush would endorse Romney. CNN's John King said he had sources telling him Romney had it "wrapped up."

Not true, says Emhof.

For the record, Sen. Marco Rubio has also said he will stay on the sidelines until a nominee is picked.



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Johnny Pachivas

Listen up latino's, the only way you are not going to get clumpt in to a group and suffer the D.C. corruption is Ron Paul.

Just look at the last 8 years! aggressive corruption.

Jose Aguirre

Jeb Bush too smart to put his name on any of the current Republican clowns. Why back a loser? Obamanos!

Denny Wood

What a laugh.

Our number one ADA violator Jeb Bush, who evaded the 1990 ADA mandate to create an ADA transition plan. You now have a clue why Jeb Bush never had ADA accessible restrooms on his floors at the capitol. Imagine restrooms on his floors that people in wheelchairs could not use.

Anyone endorsed by Jeb Bush would be instantly tainted by the Jeb Bush ADA violator status, which he will carry to his funeral. The capitol building has 22 floors of restrooms not accessible to people in wheelchairs. Scott, the "lucky governor" now has to deal with a filed ADA lawsuit over toilets at the capitol. Jeb Bush's toilets. Instead of Scott saying thank you Jeb, Jeb became Scott's political advisor on how to be a governor.

The Jeb Bush legacy of no toilets for people in wheelchairs in the capitol building, no ADA transition plan, long lists of people with disabilities on waiting lists for services, the almost total destruction of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation by Jeb Bush "privatization" ,and his "get even" veto's of money for quadriplegics will always be reported with any political move Jeb Bush makes in America.

People with disabilities in Florida will always be there to set the Jeb Bush record straight.

Denny Wood

It would not surprise me if Jeb Bush endorsed Romney, with his history of off shore Cayman Island banking.

If asked, Jeb might also admit that he also does off shore banking. After all, it is legal in America.

joe blow

Jebby's such a wussy! He should try having a little courage sometime.
I'm sure his illigitimate son Marco Rube will follow the path as sugar daddy Jebby!


Uh, the grandson of Nazi Banker Prescott Bush telling candidates not to drag skeletons of others out of hiding. Sure thing, pal, and Heil Hitler to you too. Be sure NOT to google the directors of the Hamburg-America Shipping Company "SS St Louis", "Voyage of the damned" either -- there's a lot of jews living in Florida, and that wasn't exactly a profile in courage for Grampa Prescott and Great-Gramps George Herbert Walker.

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