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A lone robocall urges listeners to vote Tuesday on Miami-Dade County charter questions

No one appears to be campaigning for (or against) the two Miami-Dade County charter amendments on Tuesday's primary ballot. And very few people know (or care) about them.

So on Friday, Jorge Luis Lopez, a lawyer and County Hall lobbyist who was part of the 2008 Charter Reform Task Force that called for changes to the way Miami-Dade government runs, took matters into his own hands: He put out a robocall reminding voters to go to the polls.

Lopez said that he realized after a series of media interviews and a discussion at the Miami Beach Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club, that Democrats and independent voters did not know they could vote for the charter questions on the Republican presidential primary ballot.

"My thought was, let's just make sure everybody knows that there's an election, especially for non-Republicans," Lopez said. 

Lopez paid for some 23,000 calls to absentee voters, regardless of party affiliation, who had listed phone numbers and had not yet returned their ballots.

Here's the text of his call:

Good evening. This is an important message for all Miami-Dade County Voters, regardless of political party. My name is Jorge Luis Lopez, a member of the Citizen's Charter Review Task Force calling to remind you of an historic opportunity to reform our County Government. The two reforms relate to citizen petitions, and the salaries, service, and term limits of county commissioners. Please read the amendments carefully and voice your opinion by voting and mailing in your absentee ballot. This message is approved and paid by me personally.