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North Miami keeps it classy: Mayor apologizes for prostitution remark yelled at councilman

Shouts were exchanged between Councilman Michael Blynn and Mayor Andre Pierre Tuesday night as the North Miami city council prepared to vote on a controversial garbage pickup ordinance.

The ordinance, which came before the council on first reading, had already sparked controversy: The mayor's nephew, Ricardo Brutus, was arrested in March for allegedly accepting a $4,000 from a local businessman to ensure the ordinance was successful .

When Blynn, who opposed the ordinance, brought up the mayor's nephew, Pierre responded with a jab his own:

"What happens if I say your daughter is a prostitute?" Pierre shouted at Blynn.

The mayor's comment drew a sharp rebuke from Blynn's wife, who shouted at him from the podium.

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George Oxar

I would like to think our elected public officials in North Miami, the "City of Progress" would remember that they are public servants who are to serve their constituents with honor and dignity. After all, the mayor is introduced as the "Honorable Mayor of North Miami". As a life-long 52 year resident of the CIty of North Miami and former City part-time employee whose family members have also served the City, I have observed that such partisan and divisive behavior has become more the norm than the exception in City of NM politics. It is clear that moral within City Hall is low, evidenced by this unprofessional exchange between men of stature with our City. It seems to me, all the citizens of North Miami are deserving of a higher standard of conduct during council meetings. Councilmen Blynn's statement is a factual matter of public record that Mayor Pierre must learn to deal with in a professional manner. The mayor placed himself in this untenable position when he hired a relative to work on his staff. I find mayor Pierre's comments are slanderous not only to Councilman Blynn's family, but also, to my daughters' as well, both of whom are successful, valued, active City employees, one aged 17 and the other 23. Such comments by the mayor cheapens and devalues all young women who serve the City of North Miami and creates a climate of sexual harassment. In fact, my oldest daughter and I testified for another long-time City of North Miami employee, whose employment with the City of NM was unceremoniously terminated in recent years by the City Manager and the Personnel Director for a much more minor alleged workplace infraction. Rightfully, this falsely accused employee's termination was overturned by the City of North Miami's Personnel Board, only to be ignored and fired by Mrs. Rabecca Jones, the City of North Miami's Personnel Director, sixth months before Mr. John Phillip's achieved retirement vesting with the CIty of North Miami after nearly 10 years of outstanding service. It seems to me that what is good for the goose is good for the gander and Mayor Pierre should either be recalled or have the personal dignity and discipline to resign as the Mayor of this City that has endeavored to create an environment of progress on numerous levels, including, but not limited to ethnic, racial, religious and gender lines. I find Mayor Pierre's comments repugnant. In my view he should be he accountable and resign his position as Mayor. How can Mayor Pierre address student audiences like he does from time to time at NMSH and ATMHS with any credibility given his derogatory view of young women, whose virtue should be important to him and honored as a public servant. Further, as 26-year veteran of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools, including; teaching experiences at NMSH and ATMHS in North Miami, I, as well as my trusted teaching colleagues must discipline ourselves from responding to insulting comments as professional educators or risk losing our jobs. It seems to me that the Mayor of North Miami should be held to the same or a high standard as an elected public official.

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