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Obama boots Venezuela's Miami consul genl. over cyber-attack charges

The Obama administration on Sunday expelled Venezuela's consul general in Miami after allegations surfaced that she discussed possible cyber-attacks on U.S. soil while she was stationed at her country's embassy in Mexico.

The State Department said it declared the diplomat, Livia Acosta Noguera, persona non grata and had given her until Tuesday to leave the country.

The Venezuelan government was notified of the decision on Friday, giving Acosta 72 hours to depart under standard diplomatic procedure, department spokesman Mark Toner said.

But news of her expulsion had been released hours earlier by Roger Noriega, former assistant secretary of state for the Western Hemisphere, through his Twitter account.

Press reports published in Venezuela indicate that Acosta may have left for her country in late December, but there are no indications whether she later returned to Miami.

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Notice there's no evidence? Now does this sound like more lies from the corporate media?Do you think maybe the billionaire American rulers are put out because Venezuela won't obey their dictates and chooses to be friends with Iran? Interesting timing isn't it? They announce it on the day Ahmadinejad visits Venezuela. Does the corporate media think the American people are children who will believe any pack of lies they care to write? Are the billionaires planning to send our sons and daughters to die fighting in Iran for their disgusting profits?

harry houdini

Settle down Jack. You'll get your chance when Obama wins in November. You should apply for the new position of Secretary of Socialist Affairs and Class Warfare. You would be great at it! No kidding!!!


@Jack: You make an invalid assuption when you say there's no evidence, just because the Herald did not specify what the evidence was. According to the security site Sophos, the discussions were recorded by a Mexican professor who infiltrated the group. There's plenty of evidence that Venezuela's government doesn't like the U.S., so why should this even be surprising?

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