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Pro-Gingrich SuperPac announces $6m FL ad buy tying Mitt Romney to ObamaCare

Flush with $5 million in new cash from the family of gambling czar Sheldon Adelson, the pro-Newt Gingrich SuperPac, Winning Our Future, has announced it's buying $6 million in air time in Florida. Quoting the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, it ties Romney to President Obama's health plan and features a clip of the president smiling as he credits Romney.

Winning Our Future wouldn't disclose where it's running the ads, but $6 million is a significant buy, suggesting that the spot will run on broadcast, cable and radio. In the compressed time-frame leading up to the Jan. 31 election, it's certainly enough to essentially put Gingrich even with the better-funded Romney campaign and the pro-Romney SuperPac.

Said FL Romney spokesman Ryan Williams: "Speaker Gingrich has demonstrated that he can’t tell the truth about his unprecedented ethics reprimand, his resignation in disgrace at the hands of his own party, and his work as a highly paid Washington lobbyist for Freddie Mac. It’s not a surprise that his allies can’t tell the truth either.”


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Looks like Adelson is trying to buy influence if Gingrich gets elected. Since Gingrich is a influence peddler, it makes complete sense.


The true question is what is Adelson getting for all this money? Someone should question Newt on this as all the moneu from 1 family is crazy.


Gingrich is speaking to the choir. Floridians already know flip flop Mitt doesn't have a shred of genuine integrity or character. Every day he wakes up 180 degrees from his last position. He is the consummate politician, conveniently saying anything it takes to get elected. He believes in nothing, can't be trusted, and can't identify with every day people who actually have to work for a living. Gotta love those 15% unearned income tax returns! Want to bet $10,000 that he loses Florida?

Chris London

NEWS ALERT-- Major media outlets to report in a breaking news report that Mitt Romney is still in fact believed to be very much a A DOUCHE. Leading douche's will endorse the king of douchbaggery in the coming days ahead.

John Smith

Romney is a proven leader, Newt is a historian a story teller, Newt tells the story the way people want to listen. Newt is taking credit of Ronald Reagan Policies, that entire credit goes to Ronald Reagan and his administration, same thing applies to Bill Clinton. Newt is a smart guy, he is able to connect with voters. Romney has much more accomplishments, but he is not able to tell a story and hence not able to connect with voters. Conclusion is it does matter how successful you are but it takes a good story teller to connect with the voter.


Some of the floridians are complete idiots.
Yes it may even be an identical blueprint (which is definately is not) - but lets pretend it is.
It still means that this is a STATE decided issue. That is a HUGE leap to what Obama did.
Little things like this you'd think even the most stupid of people would realize. But hey, its more important to win and fail.. then the lose and succeed.

We will lose against Obama if we all we are left with is Newt. The idiot right wingers lost the election last time... they want to do it again!

A Facebook User

We don't need ANY of the republicons in office. Their Trickle Down and deregulation agenda is NOT what we need. Lets not forget that they are all essentially climate change deniers. No thanks!


Romney is competent, intelligent, and organized. The best example is what he did for the Olympics. He has the skill the country needs right now.

Critiques saying he believes in nothing have a hard time proving that. He pays tithing, is faithful to his family, saved the Olympics, used his veto over 800 times in Massachusetts, and made a success of many businesses, including saving a few from bankruptcy.

All protestations to the contrary discredit the protestor.

silver hair

All politicians are crooked and they all have some dirty secret or affair hidden in their closet. There isn't anyone worthwhile I"LL be giving my vote too. Obama has had an awful mess to clean up in his 4 years and it isn't fixed, and the next ones to get in can't get it done in another 4 years. Who are they kidding.


If your goal is to replace Obama there is only one choice on electability, that is Mitt Romney.
Gingrich has hypocrisy written on his forhead.
He is a disgrace to the Country and the World.


I just saw the state of the union address from 1992. President Bush announced a 15% tax for capital gains as a way to promote job creation. Why is this a big deal? People have known this for years. The reason why is that there is alot at stake. At stake is the nomination of a worthy candidate for the Republican Party or that of a fraud. The success or the failure of the Republican Party. Americans are intelligent people. Make your vote count.


Mitt looks very handsome in this ad.

I will now vote for him.


The world, Hollaye? I am not American and Romney looks dodgy too. Does anyone in America really believe that he got no money from his daddy, like he says? If I were the Obama campaign i would search the Estate file at the courthouse and find out how much daddy left him and then put it in an ad!

I get a kick out of how Romney "invented" government healthcare? All normal countries have
government run healthcare.

Thanks for entertainig the world with this Mitt/ Newt show. Choose Jeb instead. He would guarantee an Obama win. Mitt still has about a 1% chance and Newt 0.5%.

Joe Goldstein

you can put lipstick on a pig but you still have Newt Gingrich.


Romney was a leftist governor in Massachusetts. One term Mitt was a disaster.


Under Mitt Romney, the state of Massachusetts ranked 47th in the nation in job creation. The man is no job creator. As governor, he was only interested in revenue for the state. He raised taxes by $309 million. He increased fees by $432 million. He invented 33 new fees and increased 57 others. He expanded the state's payrolls by 3,000 and increased state spending by $5.2 billion over 4 years. He led a state takeover of private healthcare. He made government bigger, bigger, bigger. He was also liberal on social issues advocating same-sex marriage and abortion (Romneycare provides taxpayer funded abortions). Willard Mitt Romney is a liberal's liberal.

William Thomas

Remember... Liberalism is a mental disorder... Vote for Newt Gingrich!


The wife and I retired a couple of years ago. Our home mortgage is under water. Many of my neighbors home mortgages are still underwater too. In fact, the housing market across our state and around Orlando is still in crisis. Freddie and Fannie significantly contributed to it.

Last night my friends and I discussed all of this during a BBQ. As we talked and shared our perspectives, it was clear to us that Gingrich was indeed a paid lobbyist for Freddie and Fannie. Try as Gingrich might to deny it... he was lobbying in support of Freddie/Fannie and the nail in his coffin was the fact he was paid by Freddie/Fannie's chief lobbyist.

So, we have all decided that Gingrich was no longer our guy since he can't be trusted. We are shifting our support over to Romney.

After all - why would any right minded Floridian cast a vote for Gingrich after what has happened to our housing market here?

Romney seems like the best guy to get Florida's vote. He is going to get mine.

S. DeCapite

Sheldon Adelson and his wife should pick up his shekels and move to Israel. This is not mean't to be antisemetic. I say this because of HIS statements that he should have put on the Israeli uniform instead of the American uniform. I believe that he thinks that America is only a place to make money, not a place to love and respect for its wonderful Constitution and Bill of Rights. There is a big price to pay for his philanthropy. Gingrich takes his money. And I thought prostitution was illegal in most states.

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