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Rasmussen Poll: Gingrich 41%, Romney 32% in Florida

From Rasmussen:

Less than two weeks ago,  Mitt Romney had a 22-point lead in Florida, but that’s ancient history in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Following his big win in South Carolina on Saturday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich now is on top in Florida by nine.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Florida Republican Primary Voters, taken Sunday evening, finds Gingrich earning 41% of the vote with Romney in second at 32%. Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum runs third with 11%, while Texas Congressman Ron Paul attracts support from eight percent (8%). Nine percent (9%) remain undecided.(To see survey question wording, click here).

The findings of Rasmussen, who tends to skew conservative/Republican on general-election polls, should help quiet the criticisms of the InsiderAdvantage poll we just published. That survey found Gingrich with an 8-point lead. This shows Gingrich up by 9.

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Raymond Koepsell

Rather than give his detractors the upper hand and placing him on the defensive over a myriad of issues, Mr. Gingrich must diffuse them up front and say simply "I have evolved, and here's why:......." Rather than defend the indefensible, Mr. Gingrich must say simply "I was wrong and here's why:............."

1) Be proactive about being in Nancy Pelosi's camp regarding Climate Change. "At the time, I believe one way regarding climate change based upon the available evidence. Additional evidence has caused me to rethink that position." Simple as that.

2) Be proactive about the Debt Ceiling debate. "Who knew that 60 years of policy could get us to this point. But I can see the forest for the trees and recognize what we're facing, and we must do an about face to bring us back from the brink." Anyone who can't see that is blinded by their own agenda.

3) Be proactive about Freddie and Fannie. "Who could know it was so corrupt?" Anyone who doesn't recognize corruption when they see it is blinded by their own agenda.

4) Our country's evolved. Our party has evolved. Our voters have evolved. In the information age, anyone who's objective is going to have changes of heart, changes of mind. That what makes Mr. Gingrich an authentic conservative. When debating Obama, Mr. Gingrich can say "I have evolved in this information age Mr. President, but you are the same radical you were in college."

If Mr. Gingrich comes clean about these so called skeletons by admitting he's evolved, the entire campaign to discredit him is diffused. I urge you Mr. Gingrich, you have my vote as a fellow Georgia, but to win the undecided voters in Florida, you must be proactive about these past issues rather than let them bring the fight to you. The attack ads in Obama's arsenal are already planned. Diffuse them yourself, and you'll take Florida!


Gingrich is a crook and a liar. Don't elect another Bill Clinton albeit Republican. Vote for Romney. He's the best choice and can defeat Barrack Obama.

stacey m

Romney is like the boss at the corporation you worked for - that laid you off and didn't give a crap about it. He has no fire in his belly when he speaks. There is a real reason he is always an also ran over the past years.

I'll take Newt as there is no one else left that can dump Barry O. At least he needs no teleprompter to read off like Barry O. and he has knowledge of Washington BS system.

It's sad that Republicans can do no better - hell I'd even take Hillary over Barry if it were the last option.

p.s. money is ruining politics and Washington - it has to be changed or we are doomed. Our founders would certainly not approve of it as the system is becoming more and more not about "We The People" but about "We The Lobbyist With Money For Your Reelection".


Newt was a lobbyist and a liar. He is erratic and cannot control his temper, He scares me as well a middle America. He knows how to debate, but I want someone who knows how to fix the economy. Romney is not a politician like Newt, he is the real deal. Republicans think with your heads and not your emotions. "It's the economy stupit." Gingrich negatives are high, he will never become president. I said so with McCain, and I was right. God help us, if Obama wins again. Also we are not hiring a preacher, I have one, or an orator, we have one at the white house right now, and debates do not win elections, Its the economy and Romney is the only outsider that can help. I voted for him already. Hispanic from Fl


I am a born, raised and a current resident of FL for over 31 years. I have given my vote for President a lot of thought and while every candidate has positive qualities- I cast my vote for NEWT GINGRICH. Here's why:

Newt received a 90% American Conservative Union rating for over 20 years, has consistent Conservative beliefs, Newt has national experience working within a divided Congress and getting legislation passed.

Newt has direct experience balancing a national budget and who has brought entitlement reform so that our entitlements are sustained for future use.

Newt had a large hand in welfare reform and ensuring that our tax dollars were not being spent on people who were taking advantage of the system, had a strong economic policy in reducing regulations that cripple our small businesses and health care industry.

Newt has equally strong foreign policy which is based off of substance, military strategy and has been briefed on national security issues for many years which helps shape his current foreign policy.

Newt is determined to maintain our lead in Space and considering that FL has a large space industry and employs a lot of jobs, this should be a + in the eyes of a Floridian. Romney has flat out stated that he would not push space research. :/ Santorum wont beat Obama in a debate and wont appeal to moderates as he is too consider "extreme right wing" and Paul has a weak foreign policy that puts our national security in jeopardy.

To me, the CLEAR choice is Newt Gingrich for President. No dispute, I stand with Newt and I encourage you to do the same! Together, we can and we will rebuild America! Out with the O, in with the Newt! Gingrich 2012!


I cannot believe that Mitt Romney will not release the Bain Capital tax returns....he claims we the American people are too stupid to understand his tax records so we don't need to see them....as a Republican "I WANT TO SEE THEM" I honestly do not think that Mitt Romney is the only smart person in the USA. I have saved my money every week for 27 years. I have to say I DO NOT HAVE ANYWHERE NEAR WHAT Mitt has this is why I want to see them

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