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Redistricting maps could sacrifice incumbents, like Allen West

Florida’s new redistricting standards, coupled with the 10-year shift in population, has forced Republicans to do what is rarely done in politics — sacrifice incumbents – and that is not going over well with some Republicans.

The possible casualties include U.S. Rep. Allen West, whose Broward to Palm Beach-based district would become more Democratic in every map proposed by both the House and Senate.

Broward Republicans have launched a web site — “saveallenwest.com.” – and are mounting a campaign to pressure legislators to revamp the maps to make them more in line with what they believe are the legal requirements of the new Fair Districts amendments. The changes they suggest would also make the district more favorable to the re-election of West, one of two black Republicans in Congress.

“I don’t believe when they drew this they were adequately trying to adhere to the Constitutional requirements,’’ said Richard DeNapoli, chairman of the Broward County Republican Party who wrote an “open letter” to members of the House and Senate redistricting committees urging them to redraw the district. Story here.


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Very interesting...if West jumps ship or keeps looking beatable, I bet a very strong third Democrat will jump in the race.

Fair Districts

Rep Allen West supporters are promoting their gerrymandering campaign in spite of the mandate of Florida voters for Fairdistricting.
They have gone out of their way to draw West's house in his new district but they still want to tweak the map some more so that they can include more Republicans which are scarce these days in South Florida, go figure.
Maybe they should plug the literal HOLES in the middle of the 22nd district map that still exist in the redrawn district.
Anyway you cut it this jerk of a person and Congressman will have a tough time appealing to voters given his 'vile' and partisan behavior in office.

Saint Petersblog

Mary Ellen Klas' ridiculous suggestion



Mary Ellen is one of the most respected reporters in FL

Really Fair Districts

Fair Districts at 1/5/2012, 9:38 AM
The whole basis for the Broward argument is that Fair Districts rules are not being applied to West's District 22. The turn the district takes to West Broward in all these proposals doesn't make legal sense.


Hmmm, a Romney supporter is behind this? Mitt Romney wants an appropriate offering from Allen West. And an appropriate answer should be given.


http://evilbloggerlady.blogspot.com/2012/01/all-mitt-romney-wants-is-simple.html An appropriate answer.

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