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Romney's Hispanic leadership team: Newt, pull down your ad. Gingrich: I will

In the wake of Sen. Marco Rubio's denunciation of Newt Gingrich's ad calling Mitt Romney 'anti-immigrant,' the Romney campaign's Hispanic leadership team -- headlined by former Sen. Mel Martinez -- is demanding that Gingrich pull down the radio spot.

But Gingrich already plans to do it.

"We respect Senator Rubio tremendously and will remove the ad from the rotation. We will replace it with a positive message that will continue to focus on drawing contrast between our clear vision on the issues important to the hispanic community and our oponnents lack thereof," Gingrich's Florida campaign chairman, Jose Mallea, said.

Here's the letter from Romney's team:

Open Letter To Newt Gingrich From Hispanic Leaders
Dear Speaker Gingrich,
Recently, you began airing a Spanish-language radio advertisement in Miami where you attack Governor Romney for being “anti-immigrant.”
This advertisement is untrue, offensive and unbecoming a candidate for the Republican nomination for President.
We are writing to you today to pull down this offensive radio ad.
Immigration is an important issue not just for Hispanic Republicans, but for our country.

President Obama and his liberal allies have worked hard to caricature all Republicans as being “anti-immigrant.” Your radio ad borrows from those talking points, hurts the progress that Republicans have made with Hispanics, and undermines our party’s efforts to win Hispanics over on economic and limited government arguments.
For a Republican candidate for President to reinforce President Obama’s attacks on Republicans is counterproductive, and damaging to the national dialogue on immigration issues. It will also help President Obama get reelected.
Governor Romney has worked aggressively to campaign among all Americans, including Hispanics. His message of economic opportunity and limited government are the same principles that have been espoused by conservatives and rallied Hispanics to our party since Ronald Reagan. Governor Romney understands that America should remain a land of opportunity for anyone willing to come here, work hard, and play by the rules.
While we may have differences of opinion with regard to some of Governor Romney’s policies on immigration, we nonetheless stand firmly behind him because we know he is the most qualified conservative candidate to defeat President Obama and to lift up all Americans, including Hispanics.
Like your attacks on the free market, attacking Mitt Romney as “anti-immigrant” only serves President Obama and his liberal allies.
Mr. Speaker, our party deserves better.
Secretary Carlos Gutierrez
Senator Mel Martinez
Raquel A. Rodriguez
Zoraida Fonalledas
Jorge Arrizurieta
R. Alexander Acosta
Remedios Diaz Oliver
Rudy Fernandez
Jeanette Prenger
Jerry Natividad
Sal Gomez
Allen Gutierrez
Hector Barreto
Jose Fuentes
Bertica Cabrera Morris
Rafael Elias-Linero


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Marili Cancio - Romney Supporter

I agree as well. Our party deserves better.

Sarah Beths

Maybe somebody needs to neuter Newt, but Mitt Romney has no business even running for president. Why? Because Mittens belongs to a religion that molly-coddles abusive polygamists, like Warren Jeffs, and raises tens of millions of dollars to crush gay marriage. O ye hypocrites! Mormon communities are overrun with "lost boys" who are expelled from fundamentalist Mormon sects so older polygamists can marry "child brides". How much time and money have Romney and his millionaire Mormon pals spent to cleanup polygamy in their own backyard? ZERO. Watch the doc film "Banking On Heaven" (available at most libraries) and you'll never vote for a Mormon.


Newt news to just go home.


Dear Hispanic Leaders, please tell your lying candidate, Mitt Romney, to take down his misleading ads claiming Gingrich resigned from congress in disgrace. Otherwise, shut the hell up.


Gingrich is such an embarrassment. Go away you egotistical little man. Ron Paul 2012.


Sarah Beths, written like a true libpuke bigot!


Ron Paul 2012


Sarah, You are an uninformed religious bigot who is easily manipulated by bias. I wish you the best ma'am.


Sarah Beths you are completely ignorant. Mormons despise Warren Jeffs and polygamists. I guess its fun to lie though.


Sarah Beths, sounds like you want a muslim traitor to the American people rather than someone who loves this country just because you are a bigot. Thank God most of you pukes are libpukes anyway!

pat barker

I expect more from Rubio..and Mel Martinez?? always been a RINO...maybe Marco can tell Romney to stop the lies abour Newt in his ad.

just sayin'...

sylvia kunz

newtty is a embarrasement to our party, the white house has so much on him they are just waiting for the kill if he gets in, these men are right ROMNEY is our only key to the white house NEWTTY and his 4 wifes will be defeated!

Big Bear

Take it easy. It's an ad. All ads are lies. Advertising is a license to lie. It is no wonder politicians (liars) are elected based on ad-lies.



In their win-at-any-cost zeal to re-elect Barack Obama, democrats and their lackeys in the press will expose the Mormon "religion" as a bizarre cult. Mitt Romney's religious faith is likely to be mocked, sensationalized, disparaged, and dragged through the media gutters. It could even be uglier than the fanning of racial tensions and demonization of the wealthy, also projects pushed by the Obama machine.

If that were not bad enough, moderate, not-particularly-religious voters in the general election may well be susceptible to the filth. That prospect is looming like the big, fat, completely unacknowledged elephant in the nomination room. Republicans seem to believe that if they don't talk about it, then neither will the Democrats.

That's just more than a little naïve, in my opinion.

Here's a clue for the GOP ostrich-class. When Barack Obama and his surrogates slyly played the race card against the wife of the "First Black President" to jujitsu the Clinton machine, your country-club blinders should have hit the dustbin with sentient ferocity.

And just because the GOP establishment ruled Jeremiah Wright and his un-Christian black liberation theology out of bounds, they may be now thinking Barack Obama's super PACs wouldn't dare -- would not dare -- to use Mitt's Mormonism to attack him.

What an adorable fantasy that is. Almost too cute for words.

And far too naïve for shrewd Republican primary voters to indulge.

The only way to beat off an attack you know is coming is to prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best. I've seen no sign, so far, that Mitt Romney has adequately prepared for any of the easily predictable attacks against him, which is a glaring deficit in his managerial competence credentials.

So, how might the liberal slime machine work to instill fear of the first LDS president among the fence-sitting moderate and not-particularly-religious independent voters?

Well, here's one clue from Slate in 2006. Jacob Weisberg, then chief editor at Slate (a Washington Post company), wasn't the least bit reticent in this piece, titled "A Mormon president? No way." While acknowledging that some might call him a "religious bigot," Weisberg nevertheless came out blasting -- not against Mormonism's "cult" status among mainline Christians, but against "the founding whoppers of Mormonism."

The LDS church holds that Joseph Smith, directed by the angel Moroni, unearthed a book of golden plates buried in a hillside in Western New York in 1827. The plates were inscribed in "reformed" Egyptian hieroglyphics - a nonexistent version of the ancient language that had yet to be decoded. [Snip] Smith was able to dictate his "translation" of the Book of Mormon first by looking through diamond-encrusted decoder glasses and then by burying his face in a hat with a brown rock at the bottom of it. He was an obvious con man. Romney has every right to believe in con men, but I want to know if he does, and if so, I don't want him running the country.

Weisberg's was a withering attack, aimed not at righteousness, but at the non-religious twin jugulars of reason and intelligence.

Christopher Hitchens, outright foe of all religions, saved some of his most virulent intellectual attacks for Islam and the Latter-Day Saints:

If the followers of the prophet Muhammad hoped to put an end to any future "revelations" after the immaculate conception of the Koran, they reckoned without the founder of what is now one of the world's fastest-growing faiths. And they did not foresee (how could they, mammals as they were?) that the prophet of this ridiculous cult would model himself on theirs.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- hereafter known as the Mormons -- was founded by a gifted opportunist who, despite couching his text in openly plagiarized Christian terms, announced that "I shall be to this generation a new Muhammad" and adopted as his fighting slogan the words, which he thought he had learned from Islam, "Either the Al-Koran or the sword." He was too ignorant to know that if you use the word al you do not need another definite article, but then he did resemble Muhammad in being able only to make a borrowing out of other people's bibles.

Hitchens, like Weisberg, questioned not the "cult" label applied to Mormonism among mainline Christians, but rather the intelligence of any reasonable adult who would put his faith in a putatively proven charlatan. Hitchens reminded his readers that shortly before Mormon "prophet" Joseph Smith "discovered" the Book of Mormon on the golden tablets, which only he could translate, he was convicted of "being a disorderly person and an imposter." In an 1826 Bainbridge, New York courtroom, "prophet" Smith had admitted that he had "defrauded" people and that he possessed dark or "necromantic" powers.

And as Weisberg cannily noted in 2006, whether Moses and/or Jesus might also have been religious charlatans, there is certainly not now any easily obtained historical record to this effect. Religions thousands of years old require faith, to be sure, but the Latter-Day Saints' less than two centuries in existence, and with historical evidence of their prophet's sketchy police record so abundant, requires squelching one's reason to put faith in it.

Other Mormons now serve in American government, unmolested by fervent attacks on their intelligence and beliefs. But Mitt Romney, seeking the mantle of first LDS president, who, if elected, will unseat the first black president, will have no such genteel protection.

The doctrines and founding stories of any religion can be mocked, of course. But the LDS, whose doctrines are unfamiliar to most gentiles (as the LDS refer to non-Mormon people) is especially vulnerable. Those asking Mormon questions won't need to rely on Baptist or Catholic theologians or upon the definition of a "cult" to give them ample fodder. They can merely go to Wikipedia and ask about the Mormon belief in "exaltation" and "eternal progression":

In Mormonism, the goal of each adherent is to achieve "exaltation" via the atonement of Jesus, as a result of which they inherit all the attributes of God the Father, including godhood. Mormons believe that these people will become gods and goddesses in the afterlife, and will have "all power, glory, dominion, and knowledge".[5] Moreover, Mormons teach that exalted people will live with their earthly families and also "have spirit children".[6] Their cosmic posterity will continue to grow forever.

According to the belief, exaltation is available only to those who have earned the highest "degree" of the Celestial Kingdom.[7] As prerequisites for this "greatest gift of God",[8] adherents believe that either in this life or the afterlife, they must become "perfect", they must participate in all the required ceremonies, and their exaltation must be "sealed upon them" by the Holy Ghost via the Second Anointing. One of the key qualifications for exaltation is being united in a celestial marriage to an opposite-sex partner via the ordinance of sealing,[9][10] either in person or by proxy after they have died. In the 19th century, some leaders of the LDS Church taught that participation in plural marriage was also a requirement of exaltation.[11] The LDS Church abandoned the practice over a century ago and teaches that only a single celestial marriage is required for exaltation.[12] However, this practice is still taught by Mormon fundamentalists.

Once American voters are cognizant of Mitt Romney's belief that his earthly perfection and Mormon tithes are necessary for his "exaltation" to godhood, they may see his life of abstinence and good works through a different lens. And believing those lenses will be rose-colored seems quite gullible or ignorant, or both.

Of course, the worst attacks on Mormonism will be based not on cosmology or theology, but upon the more earthly concerns about the Latter-Day Saints' history.

Until 1979, the Mormons were an unapologetic racist organization, which denied any level of priesthood to any man of African descent, regardless of his skin color. Again, citing Wikipedia, from the Book of Mormon, referring to descendents of "Laminites" (African tribes):

And [God] had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people, the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them. And thus saith the Lord God; I will cause that they shall be loathsome unto thy people, save they shall repent of their iniquities." (2 Nephi 5:21)

Citing new "revelation," the Mormon hierarchy removed the African ban to its priesthood in 1979. Just as the Mormons had abandoned polygamy to gain statehood for Utah, they abandoned the belief in the "curse" of dark skin and African lineage.

Unfortunately, when Mitt Romney attempts to gain the mantle of first Mormon president by unseating the first black president, this racist history will become a centerpiece of the electoral battle.

Polygamy may be old and outdated Mormon doctrine, but how many average female voters will be willing to ignore it altogether? On the night of the Iowa caucuses, the Lifetime Movie Network played its Brigham Young polygamy extravaganza movie, The Nineteenth Wife. The movie features a modern woman battling polygamy still within a fundamentalist Mormon sect. Republicans should expect this issue to be repeated ad nauseam during the general election if Romney is the nominee.

While social conservatives make common cause with Mormons on a score of issues, social liberals (even fiscal conservatives allied with Republicans) will have a heyday with the Mormons' history of homophobia. Lest anyone has forgotten the vitriol of California's Proposition 8 fight, the liberals' anti-Mormon slime machine will no doubt provide ample reminders. Members of the LDS church put millions into the passage of Proposition 8, while its leaders invoked on-the-ground volunteer assistance. As reported by the LA Times in 2008:

Proposition 8 opponents estimate that members of the Mormon Church gave more than $20 million to the effort to pass the measure, though that is difficult to confirm because records of campaign donations do not include religious affiliation.

On the issues related to racism, feminism, and homophobia, Obama will have no worries about voter turnout if Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee. The liberal shock troops will come out in droves perhaps even surpassing those of 2008 to stop the first Mormon president from unseating the first black president.

While Mitt Romney is trying to explain the particulars of high finance and private equity firms, he will also be required to deal with the liberals' anti-Mormon slime machine. And Republicans can only hope that he is better-prepared on this front than he has been on others.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/01/brace_yourself_for_the_anti-mormon_slime_machine.html#ixzz1kUe0FzxR


Gingrich is typical Washington insider.

Ran amock as Speaker and forced to resign over ethics issues.

Stayed on government gravy train as lobbyist for Freddie Mac.

Left not one, but TWO sick wives (cancer, multiple sclerosis) for mistresses before "finding" religion.

Gave speeches in favor of Cap & Trade and even sat with Nancy Pelosi to support the issue.

If he was ever given presidential power, his huge ego would bring out this true maniac. But be sure that Obama and his political machine would hammer all these points and bring more skeletons out of the closet before that happens. A vote for Gingrich is a vote for Obama's second term.


Sarah, we know it was you who killed and spray-painted that poor cat.

Davey Mac

It takes a grown man or woman to admit they're wrong, and correct it as best they can. I'll take that over pointing fingers everywhere else and chanting "it's Bush's fault" 3 years later ANY day, and twice on Sundays.


Why don't all you folks take a look at the "real" conservative candidate, the guy who doesn't have a gizzilion skeletons lurking in his past.... RICK SANTORUM is the real deal, and he can take Obama down on principle!!


gingrich needs to tread lightly. he lives in the glass house of media denigration now, so he cannot throw stones.

VOTE NO-BAMA IN 2012!<-- buy a sticker. say no to communism!


American is a Melting Pot for different religions and cultures, always has been.

The Bigots on comment section can go to HELL

No One Important

Geeee. . . .someone gonna demand that Romney's misleading ads with false accusations against Newt are taken down?


If not, shut up Rubio. . . . .


If only they spent as much time and energy going after Obama's failed administration as they did ripping each other, we would all be better off.


Newt is just one person doing what ever it takes to get rid of Obama. He is doing a pretty good job so far. And if along the way he gets rid of about 15 million mexicans then so much better.


What is all this hatred about. Both sides, all sides have been less than honest.

I personally don't understand how any intelligent person can be a Morman, but the "good book" ask us to judge them by their fruits.... and good gracious every Morman I know is well educated and very devout.

Besides, aren't we beyond the place where we worry whether the Pope will order his followers what to do or a Morman elder will order his followers to do something as president. Yes, there was a time peopled were concerned about elected a Catholic because of their belief in the "holy" papacy. Gee, isn't it strange that this time around we had two mormon and two catholic candidates.

No One Important

Romney has offered 1.6 million dollar reward for copies of newt's freddie contracts.

Geeee, a 1999 one turned up, and it excludes lobbying. . . just like Newt said it did.

Proving Romney's assertions in the debate the other nite were patently false. . . again.

As I said. . . . Rubio. . . you going to demand that Romney's misleading attack ads against Newt be yanked down?

If not. . .then shut up.

H Barclay

Wow. How many candidates would say "ok...Ill take it down" - Newt, I love your style. A person who admits when he's wrong. We haven't heard that in a while from a presidential candidate. You have my vote and Im a women from Massachusetts no less!

every women in the country

Rubio knows that if Romney doens't win, there goes his VP slot.

Eric B.

Mitt and Newt are both bad candidates for a myriad of reasons. Ron Paul is the only one with any integrity and with solid, consistent principles.


They do deserve better. They deserve someone with an immigration policy that is inclusive and makes sense. Romney doesn't deserve their votes. Keep the ad running!

Not Newt

Newt was and still is an embarrassment to GOP. Look, I am 62, conservative, Texan. I'm for Reagan, Bush, Mom, Apple Pie and Billy Graham. I am a Christian (ie Virgin Birth, Resurrection, He took my sins, whole 9 yards). But it appears to me that "Evangelical" Christians (my governor Rick Perry, etc.) have gone OFF the deep end willing to support a serial adulterer rather than a solid family man JUST because the family man is a Mormon. That's why the revolving door opponents--anybody but Romney. My fellow evangelical Christians, support for Newt just because he isn't Mormon is insane. Do you really want Obamma that badly? America is the place where we DON'T persecute for religious beliefs and specifically eschew in the Constitution religious testing for office. Romney isn't running for Pastor. He's level headed (Newt not), faithful (Newt not), business minded (Newt not unless the business is influence peddling). Come to your senses Christians!


But Gingrich did step down in disgrace, after pursuing the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal with such contempt and vigor, it was discovered that newt was having his own extra-marital affair with a staffer. The Height of Hypocrisy. This is why he was pushed out. It was because he brought shame and dishonor to his party.

Lucie Liu

You poor ignorant, racist, scared men. I almost feel sorry for you.


Just another example of Newt borrowing yet another page from the liberals along with class warfare shows just how far left Newt leans with them.


Several congressmen have said that Newt lobby them on behalf of his clients, even asking them to change their conservative positions in favor of more liberal positions. His contract said he was not obligated to do this work, but the fact is that he did indeed lobby on behalf of his clients.


You people are so sick and twisted. It's hilariously funny and great with popcorn! It's better than watching a zombie movie. God bless your HATRED towards others. Don't forget one very important fact---Jesus was a Jew! He wasn't Hispanic, Oriental, Arab, African, not even a lilly white republican, but a Jew.
Okay, if I turn the channel...whoops...wait...wait...oh yea more republican hatred spewing all over the place. Face it, you people are squirming cause there is a GD "N-word" in your lilly White House and you lilly-white SOBs can't stand it, for one second more. You and all the ball-less republican talk hosts can't digest it. The fact that a "N-word" is sitting on your throne reserved for lilly white republicans. God, it doesn't get more entertaining than this. This is absolutely great, with the best yet to come.

Red in Denver

Wow! The letter to Gingrich from the Hispanic leaders was very powerful! I'm glad to see them letting Gingrich know they do not appreciate or agree with his Liberal Democrat arguments.

It's odd to me some people say Romney isn't conservative enough, when GINGRICH is the one who keeps using LIBERAL arguments to attack him!


NOT ONE of those spanish names on that list is qualified to be in politics. Even Rubio is nothing but a hack, repeating what he hears, and usually a day late and a dollar short.


This is how politics in America works now. You put out crap that's untrue, someone calls you on it, then the ad gets pulled. By then it's too late, the damage is done because Americans just believe everything they hear on the radio or see on the internet.

That's how we ended up with Obama.


Gee, now that we're in Florida we get the "Hispanic community" line of pandering rhetoric.

Is there a true leader anywhere out there with some strength of convictions and a worthy vision? One who will articulate constitutionalism and leave all the rest of this gratuitous idiocy to the lunatic liberals?

Or is it going to be an endless parade of ruling-class hacks? I think Americans have had their fill of pandering, pontificating, lying hacks with the "hopey changey" administration.


Sarah Beths wrote:
>Romney has no business even running for president. ... Mittens belongs to a religion that molly-coddles abusive polygamists, like Warren Jeffs ... Mormon communities are overrun with "lost boys" who are expelled from fundamentalist Mormon sects so older polygamists can marry "child brides".

Romney's denomination, LDS, is not the same as the Fundamentalist LDS run by Jeffs and plagued by abuse of children and women. Drawing on my Baptist background: To say that Romney and LDS could "clean up" the FLDS is as off-point as saying the Reformed Baptists could change the culture of the Fundamentalist Baptists.


Project much Mike

Jack Brannon

Any lie Romney or Gingrich tells today is a lot more acceptable than the three years of lies and unfulfilled promises from Obama.

A Facebook User

@DrMaxHathaway I appreciate your in-depth reaction to the LDS church. I am an ex-Mormon who has a lot of problems with the doctrines but more so with the founders of the church and their moral character. But I did find some problems with your dressing down:
It's "Lamanites" not "Laminites" and they were supposed to be descendants of Laman and a tribe of people located in the Americas. But you are correct that they are described as "cursed" and a "dark and loathsome people." This extends to their belief that Africans are direct descendants of Cain (brother of Abel) and who are likewise "cursed."

Although the church was founded by shysters, the church now generally promotes values that coincide with the general Christian populace. It is a church who's beliefs are amorphous that change with popular belief i.e. finally allowing blacks in the priesthood (after the civil rights movement), banning the use of alcohol, tobacco, etc when the Temperance movement was gaining popularity (as a way to entice members who recognized the evils of addictive substances), polygamy (after being outlawed), and many more.

What people have to see is that most religions are silly and can be brought down. One should always look at how one personally acts, not what religion they are. If their religion is still an issue for someone, then look if they generally promote peace and understanding. I believe that the LDS church is peaceful, even though they may have some religiously brainwashed members, they are generally successful members of society. This is because the church promotes a self discipline/control that is lacking among a lot of people these days. I predict that many more Mormons will come into positions of prominence because of this. This will then cause the LDS church to distance themselves and/or even change a lot of their core beliefs in order to become even more mainstream.

So religious tolerance, in every form, should be practiced. They have placed themselves as a legitimate church with their size and numbers. The only way that they can be considered a "cult" is by Christians. Because if it's a case of "who was here first," all of Christianity could be considered a cult by the Jews.

Give Romney and other Mormons a break. Most of them recognize the inane and weird qualities of their religion. Even if they don't, they're not hurting anyone and can generally be considered good citizens of this country.


Sarabeths, take your bigoted, hateful untruths someplace else. You're a disgrace to the human race.


Mel Martinez works for Romney? Martinez was one huge RINO, He was my Senator I voted for him and he quickly turned into a liberal open borders amnesty pimp. If this is an example of who Romney will have working for him he is in no way going to be a President I will like. Well the press has done it again. Destroyed any credible candidate and pushed their Progressive puppet as the Republican candidate just as they did McLaim.We no longer live in a free country. Our press is now Pravda.

Tony N

Romney is no different than Obama Aspiring Dictator-in-Chief Mitt Romney Says He Would Sign the NDAA



Newt Gingrich is the most dangerous candidate for president we've ever had. He's a progressive in conservative clothing. Newt Gringrich is friends with and wrote the introduction to Marxist Alvin Toffler's book, The Third Wave' which believes in abolishing the constitution and replacing it with something else.In any debate with Obama, when the subject of Marxism comes up, rest assured they will trot that fact out.Monday night's debate proved once and for all that Newt cannot go up against Obama..he was speechless without his Jerry Springer audience screaming and cheering. Mitt Romney is the only candidate that can go head to head with Obama on the issues dogging our country.


@Sarah Beths:

What an ignorant, bigot you are. Warren Jeffs was long ago thrown out of the mainstream Mormon Church just because of what he stands for. And polygamy has been outlawed in the Church for almost a hundred years. That is why people like Jeffs are out! You need to pay attention to at least some of the facts - I know its a really difficult thing to do, but you should try.

Another bigot heard from...


If you voted for Barry Obama in 2008 to prove you were not a racist, vote for someone else (anyone) in 2012 to prove you are not an idiot!

Barry is so far over his head it's shameful---but he can read a speech!

A Whitlock

@ DrMaxHathaway- You seem to have done a lot of research on the anti-Mormon sites, why don't you do a little on the sites that actually say what Mormons believe now? You appear to be doing a lot of the work that you claim Obama and his crew "will do" for them already. Do you know that 150 years ago, a prevalent method of treating ANY kind of sickness was by bloodletting? On that basis, according to your logic, we should distrust all doctors, because of something that was prevalent that long ago. Having said that, you are free to have whatever opinion you like, just as I am. My opinion is that Mitt Romney, while not a perfect person, is the person I believe will do the best at leading this country.

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