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Romney's Hispanic leadership team: Newt, pull down your ad. Gingrich: I will

In the wake of Sen. Marco Rubio's denunciation of Newt Gingrich's ad calling Mitt Romney 'anti-immigrant,' the Romney campaign's Hispanic leadership team -- headlined by former Sen. Mel Martinez -- is demanding that Gingrich pull down the radio spot.

But Gingrich already plans to do it.

"We respect Senator Rubio tremendously and will remove the ad from the rotation. We will replace it with a positive message that will continue to focus on drawing contrast between our clear vision on the issues important to the hispanic community and our oponnents lack thereof," Gingrich's Florida campaign chairman, Jose Mallea, said.

Here's the letter from Romney's team:

Open Letter To Newt Gingrich From Hispanic Leaders
Dear Speaker Gingrich,
Recently, you began airing a Spanish-language radio advertisement in Miami where you attack Governor Romney for being “anti-immigrant.”
This advertisement is untrue, offensive and unbecoming a candidate for the Republican nomination for President.
We are writing to you today to pull down this offensive radio ad.
Immigration is an important issue not just for Hispanic Republicans, but for our country.

President Obama and his liberal allies have worked hard to caricature all Republicans as being “anti-immigrant.” Your radio ad borrows from those talking points, hurts the progress that Republicans have made with Hispanics, and undermines our party’s efforts to win Hispanics over on economic and limited government arguments.
For a Republican candidate for President to reinforce President Obama’s attacks on Republicans is counterproductive, and damaging to the national dialogue on immigration issues. It will also help President Obama get reelected.
Governor Romney has worked aggressively to campaign among all Americans, including Hispanics. His message of economic opportunity and limited government are the same principles that have been espoused by conservatives and rallied Hispanics to our party since Ronald Reagan. Governor Romney understands that America should remain a land of opportunity for anyone willing to come here, work hard, and play by the rules.
While we may have differences of opinion with regard to some of Governor Romney’s policies on immigration, we nonetheless stand firmly behind him because we know he is the most qualified conservative candidate to defeat President Obama and to lift up all Americans, including Hispanics.
Like your attacks on the free market, attacking Mitt Romney as “anti-immigrant” only serves President Obama and his liberal allies.
Mr. Speaker, our party deserves better.
Secretary Carlos Gutierrez
Senator Mel Martinez
Raquel A. Rodriguez
Zoraida Fonalledas
Jorge Arrizurieta
R. Alexander Acosta
Remedios Diaz Oliver
Rudy Fernandez
Jeanette Prenger
Jerry Natividad
Sal Gomez
Allen Gutierrez
Hector Barreto
Jose Fuentes
Bertica Cabrera Morris
Rafael Elias-Linero


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Timothy Ashlock

I do remember the debates between Mit Romney and Ted Kennedy for a coveted Senate seat. In the last debate (with Mit far ahead in the polls) he started agreeing with all of Kennedy's wacko liberal ideas and he was being honest. Mit fell like a rock in the polls and lost the election. We have some debates coming between Mit and the Kenyan if he is nominated. The memory of his betrail of the Republicans that year and the thought of him in debates with Berry O makes a cold chill run down my spine.

Alex M

Newt loves illegals (amnesty) more than Americans (Newt wants to bring back child labor for US kids). Mitt thinks corporations are people (killing his general election chances). Ron Paul is the only candidate with a plan to end the TSA and end the endless wars for Israel, it all started a decade ago after a false flag attack.
9/11, US and Israel:


Marco Rubio lacks maturity and knowledge and common sense.

Rubio is another RINO hustler and a poseur. He's not very bright but tries to sound like he knows and grasp a lot more than he really does.

Insinuating himself into a dispute between Romney and Gingrich is an act of ignorant political grandstanding beyond his years and experience.

Keep it up Mr. Rubio and your short career as a US senator is finished.


@Sarah Beths , Do you not see the hypocrisy in your own post?

You attack him because his religion supports polygamists while you are upset over his gay marriage position?

Shouldn't you be supporting polygamy?

Or is that "different"?

That's the problem with the whole "gay marriage" issue is that it can't and won't stop there because the SAME arguments you can apply there will apply to someone marrying 50 people.

I realize that liberals only care about something when it personally effects them though.


FYI: I am not personally knocking Mormons. I find them amusing and even admirable.

My post and link to the Article on AmericanThinker.com was only to show how the democrats are going to make Mitt Romney look like a racist, bigot, wife-abusing, child-abusing lunatic, moron.

All of the major network are planning exposes of Mormonism. Some of these "specials" will have interview with victims of Mormonism. All of them will be designed to alienate the right-wing Christian voters and encourage them to stay home on Nov 2nd. Many of them will.

This is why Obama and the democrats are hoping Romney will the the nominee.


Republicans had a GOLDEN Opportunity to win the presidency back!!! And it's already squandered!!
Democrats and liberals are not the one that are going to decide this election... they are going to vote for their man!! Independents are going to vote ( I think!!) almost equally on both sides. May be little bit more towards Repulicans... but not a considerable amount.
Then how does POTUS get re-elected? You ask? The Evangilicals and devout Christians are just going to stay home, because of Mitt's Mormonism and Newt's true following of the same ( viz., multiple wives and a cheater!!).
I am an independent and I will consider voting for Mitt... but NEVER for NEWT!!
Hey, and one more point.. Republicans celebrated the SUPER Pac decision by supreme court... it's coming to bite them.

The Judge

All the harangue about Romney’s Mormonism is only a red herring. I am an orthodox Jew and I would have no problem voting for a Mormon. There are two parts to religion. 1 the theology, and, 2 the morals. As for theology, sure Mormonism is nonsense, but so is all Christianity. Mainstream Christians attribute all kinds of ridiculous characteristics to God, that he has three parts, that he is born of a human virgin mother, that eating his flesh and blood makes you a better person, that if you don’t subscribe to these foolish beliefs, you are doomed to Hell, etc. Theologically, all Christianity and Mormonism is the same nonsense, just like Scientology. But I don’t just vote for Jews or non-Jews whose have their theology straight, I vote for Christians and am happy to do so. I look at the MORAL side of their religious convictions; are they honest, humble, charitable, faithful to their families, kind to their fellow men, etc. It happens to be a fact that generally speaking, Mormons adhere to stricter moral convictions than other Christians. Talk is cheap, Gingrich is smart and his politics are pretty good, Romney’s politics perhaps a little less conservative, a zillion times better than Obama on all accounts. But, in the sphere of MORALS Newt doesn’t hold a candle to Romney.


Mark my words, this will hurt Newton.

Carlos Reid

A. B. O.


juanita valdez

Does the Miami Herald condone bigotry? Hate speech? I guess that it does. Sad.

Jim Rose

"Dr Max" Sarah and bob.... the 1860s called and would like their polygamy argument back.



Who has had more wives, Gingrich or Romney?


Oh ye bigoted Sarah Beths,

Get your facts straight. Any member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that is found to be practicing polygamy is excommunicated. No LDS Church member that truly practices his faith supports plural marriage, and that includes Mitt Romney.

This argument is so tired.


I appreciate the signatories to this "letter". Now I have a ready made list of RINO's that need to be reminded that this is a conservative party. If they do not like it then please form a new party along with the old country club elites. Marco you were assumed to be intelligent and lacking experience. Now it is known that you lack intelligence and experience. Keep telling the truth to power Mr. Gingrich.

General Washington




Please see the smoke screen and obfuscation injerent in religious attacks. They distract from the time required to discuss real issues. Another reason not to nominate Mr Romney-crat.

D Andrews

I find it interesting, all the falsehoods about "Mormonism" in these posts. Warren Jeffs is NOT a member of Mitt's church and never has been. He is the leader of an apostate, polygamist sect, whose founders were excommunicated long, long ago from the LDS church. The Bible states that Satan is the father of all lies. So, it seems to me, truth would be your first priority before posting hateful comments about a church you know nothing about, truth that can be very easily found. The LDS church has not practiced polygamy since the late 1800s, and anyone found practicing it is immediately excommunicated. If knowing the truth matters go to mormon.org (and by the way, I'm not a Romney voter).

Dave Longdale

What democracy? The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin's bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she's not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren't in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.


Gingrich Family Values: Using daughters from your first wife to convince everyone that your second wife is lying about your third wife.


Do we really need more obfuscation by the Romney-crats regarding his religion vs christianity...I mean who cares...but it will be a nifty distraction, and useful to the elites. Another reason NOT to nominate Mr Romney. Mr Gingrich keep telling truth to power.


How more patronizing can the Romneycraticparty(the old RINO filled GOP) be than to even suggest Mr. Rubio as a VP !!

Justin Swanson

Wow I am absolutely appalled and shocked at the anti-mormon things being said here. Max Hathaway I am calling you out on being an absolutely idiotic bigit who spends his time getting his "doctorate" degree off the internet on anti-mormon websites. Will you anti - Mormons please stop being such idiots and stop bringing religion into politics. For the rest of you highly educated people that are reading this forum, I assume that you payed no attention to the rantings of a pathetic loser who has nothing better to do then try to destroy the faith of millions of americans, BUT IF YOU DID please know that what he said is false doctrine twisted to make our church look evil. Now please lets focus on the real issue here beating Obama. Newt will not do that. ROMNEY WILL

D Otis

Sarah Beths - molly-coddle...really?


@ A Whitlock
"you are free to have whatever opinion you like"
Your founder mr smith and the father of lies are the same. Rev.22:18-19


@A Facebook User - "Because if it's a case of "who was here first," all of Christianity could be considered a cult by the Jews." - In fact, the Jews did that for decades, from right after Christ's time until Christianity was accepted as a mainstream religion and/or the Jews were scattered abroad.

Also, any objective and informed reader knows that @Sarah Beths is completely ignorant about Romney's religion. Just ask a Mormon (even an ex-Mormon).

Itchy Newts

As we watch the bots all go after one another Obama is licking his lips. All of Newts trash needs to be gone through. Whatever Romney has, less his faith, needs to be gone through, same with Santorum. Don't worry about Paul.. his stuff is all out there now.

Nancy Pelosi has thousands of pages of stuff on Newt that will all roll out just leading up to the election. That will leave Newt doing nothing but defending himself and Obama skating into a second term to finish destroying America.

Nutz Nvise

The false/questionable accusations are not the sole possession of one campaign. This happens during every election cycle and effects both parties. If you choose to run for office, put on some big boy panties before you start. If you can't survive false attacks, you will be eaten alive by liberals who depend upon them for survival. Grow up - or go home.


Where is the grandstanding when lies are told of Newt? Here a a few lies that anger me...

1. Resigned from congress in disgrace. -Negative. Congress was the disgrace during the ethics investigation.

2. Newt is not for amnesty. -Gingrich has an actual solution to control illegal aliens that will succeed with less red tape and bureaucracy.

3. Reagan didn't even know him. -Gingrich was indisputably a key figure in the Reagan administration. Take a look at the book, "People and Power: Portraits From the Federal Village", by Michael Evans, President Reagan's personal photographer. His picture is prominently displayed with 139 high ranking officials, all who were seen in the day as what might be called Washington's movers and shakers in the time of the Reagan Revolution.

Read what really happened during the ethics case here >>> http://campaign2012.washingtonexaminer.com/article/what-really-happened-gingrich-ethics-case/336051


Newt and Romney both have problems which are and will be too big a distraction. I think Santorum is an obvious choice.


Newt and Romney both have problems. Santorum is the obvious choice.

Kay Stephens

I do wish we could be civil and stop all the name calling and just simply disagree. I guessed right about where DrMaxHathaway is coming from. He used to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and something happened. He does not any more. His attacks on the mormons are the worst because he was hurt somehow. I do hope that we will all do our homework and then consider carefully when we vote, for those of us who believe in prayer we should pray and then make a choice.


Have you ever asked a Democrat what Republicans believe? It is way off... like letting anti-mormons describe what mormons believe. If you want to know what mormons believe, ask a mormon or go to mormon.org to get the truth straight from the source.

I say vote for the best option for president. simple as that. None of them are perfect... if you want someone that follows the ten commandments, it's tough to find a politician that doesn't distort the truth (lie) but look at how well they do with the other nine.

Right now I'd take any of the four potential nominees over the current situation.


Romney had no idea how to campaign in Florida last time and it appears he has not learned his lesson. Time for everybody to get out of the mud.

Show us some substance, please.

It appears that Marco Rubio has stepped in it big time. Maybe he has done us a favor. He clearly is not ready for the job of VP. One can only assume that was promised.


Christians please stop the religious bigotry. You are going to destroy this country with your hate. Mormons are good honorable people who love this country and our Constitution. Mitt Romney is a good, honorable and righteous man! He has been honest in all his dealings. He has been faithful to his wife, family and country.
Republicans do you really want a swinger as a President and a home wrecker as a first Lady? Did you know there were 84 ethics charges leveled at him while speaker of the House. He was a complete embarrassment to his party and was driven out of congress by his fellow Republicans. His leadership was completely lacking. He was unfaithful to not one but two wives. He is a liability to the Republicans and give ammo to the Democrats. This man can not become the Republicans nominee.

John E

Nice religious bigotry here. And no option to report abuse. Want to know why Romney is REALLY not doing great in the polls? Because many republicans are still protestant bigots. That more than any political reason is why those who want anybody but romney do so, though most will not say it.

Jerry Brandt

Listen I care zero about Romney's religion. I have much respect for Senator Orinn Hatch who is also mormon. The problem I and other conservatives have with Mitt Romney is that he is vague when it comes to social values. Instead of saying he was against Gays openly serving in the military he said in a debate in 2008: I will support what the military generals decide. That my friend is a copout. Also Radio talk show host Michael Savage claims to have a meal with him a couple of year ago and said Romney was a bit too social liberal for his taste. I don't trust Romney to be a true Reagan conservative and stand for life, the traditional view of marriage, and against healthcare.


Fifty-two years ago evangelicals didn't want Kennedy because of his Catholicism. Now it seems they've accepted a Catholic - though for Gingrich it appears to have been more a matter of convenience than of deep conviction. Do we have to wait fifty years before they accept a Mormon?

Nate Glad

Sarah Beths...you might want to check your facts. Merging the Fundamentalist LDS psychos with the most conservative and fastest growing Christian religion around the globe is a large error. What money can one religion spend to "clean-up" the practices of another? None.
What money can a religion spend to assist in the passage of legislation that upholds a fundamental value of the religion and the nation within which the religion was founded? Every penny.
Your argument is convoluted and extremely flawed.
Think twice about ranting with your facts coming from some movie from "your local library". Try unbiased journalism for a change. Or the original source.
Romney, however flawed, upholds all the values that brought this country into existence. Think about your message. Newt and others talk social conservatism but who lives it? Think about that for a minute.

Jan Wasileswky

Romney's Mormonism did not prevent his election in Massachusetts, did it? And if the "liberal slime machine" gets to work on him over his religion, there is a good response. His supporters might then point out that his middle name isn't Hussein and that *Mormons* did not attack us on 9/11.


Guys, please stop in fighting calling other republicans names only divides us further do not attack one another anymore support your candidate and if he screws up or his media machine does do a write in the party is playing into the hands of the leftists with this division so dont get mad because this race for the presidency is ours to lose and lose we will if we cut our own legs off. Play nice.

Charles Gak

Sarah Beths- following your logic a Catholic should never be president either because of what some Catholic Priests did? And what about an evangelical- there are plenty of those who have fallen from grace as well- should that disqualify any evangelical from being president? I think you should rethink your statement.

Charles Gak

Posted by: Mike | January 25, 2012 at 01:15 PM

Why don't you take your hateful racist rhetoric to MSNBC or The Huff Post of Media Matters... etc etc etc- it seems the leftist progressives are always the ones to spew hateful comments and use the n word or refer to it so freely...


Who made "Christianity" the national religion of the U.S., in particular Protestant sects? They are some of the worst people in the country. Take Al Sharpton, Newt Gingrich, Barach Obama although we don't know what Kenyan religion he was borne into. I personally would vote for an Atheist over Newt Gingrich.


Marvin, the Martian just found his nadir.

John Smith

It is quite arrogant and ironic that Newt would call Romney racist -- in a Spanish-language ad, no less -- after calling my native tongue the "language of the ghetto."

This is why this Latino conservative is voting for Obama this time around.


Opps, meant to say, Marvin, the martian just found his nadir and he speaks Spanish.

Renegade Democrat

Protecting your freedom and our Constitution requires a vote for the strongest candidate against him on the presidential ballot. That means the Republican candidate whoever it may be. As a registered Democrat, I favor Newt since he will squash Obama in any debates. He will bring the proverbial gun to the battle as Obama proposed for himself in 2008. The slime machine that is the Obama administration will stoop to the lowest level to maintain power. Newt will battle on their terrain. Rommey will be more like McCain. I will vote for whoever the Republican candidate is to remove the Obamacrats from power inorder to destroy the current Democrat party, and to save this county from the Obama orchestrated abyss. Republicans, please don't be stupid. Obama and his gang are the enemies of us all. Vote him out in 2012, and then proceed to hold the Republican president's feet to the fire to ensure the he does whatis necessary to save America. There are many Democrats willing to help accomplish this with you. I'd rather see a Republican president for the next 4 years than the thug who currently occupies the White House.


Mitt Rinomney: The Man, the Myth, the Liar.

A "Massachusetts Moderate..." to be sure. And that would be synonymous with LIAR.

Mr. Whitlock, I am not interested in perfect. I am interested in someone who has the rocks to walk into the capital building, take Harry Ried and Nancy Spewlosi, and the rest of the RINOs, into a quiet room and gently lay waste to the entire lot.

This is why the mainstream Republicans don't want him, and the Congressional Republicans that stabbed him in the back recoil from him in fear and loathing - they know what the price is going to be when Newt gets back in DC.

Rinomney, on the other hand, will be played like a bad fiddle by the powers that be in Congress. Anyone who thinks he will be able to move his agenda one millimeter in this Congress is a self-delusioned moron on par with the Prince himself - Prince Rinomney of Bain.


Sarah Beths:

I think you should also point out that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is also of the Mormon faith.


Newt's 15 minutes are over. It'll probably take him another month to realize it.

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