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Romney's Hispanic leadership team: Newt, pull down your ad. Gingrich: I will

In the wake of Sen. Marco Rubio's denunciation of Newt Gingrich's ad calling Mitt Romney 'anti-immigrant,' the Romney campaign's Hispanic leadership team -- headlined by former Sen. Mel Martinez -- is demanding that Gingrich pull down the radio spot.

But Gingrich already plans to do it.

"We respect Senator Rubio tremendously and will remove the ad from the rotation. We will replace it with a positive message that will continue to focus on drawing contrast between our clear vision on the issues important to the hispanic community and our oponnents lack thereof," Gingrich's Florida campaign chairman, Jose Mallea, said.

Here's the letter from Romney's team:

Open Letter To Newt Gingrich From Hispanic Leaders
Dear Speaker Gingrich,
Recently, you began airing a Spanish-language radio advertisement in Miami where you attack Governor Romney for being “anti-immigrant.”
This advertisement is untrue, offensive and unbecoming a candidate for the Republican nomination for President.
We are writing to you today to pull down this offensive radio ad.
Immigration is an important issue not just for Hispanic Republicans, but for our country.

President Obama and his liberal allies have worked hard to caricature all Republicans as being “anti-immigrant.” Your radio ad borrows from those talking points, hurts the progress that Republicans have made with Hispanics, and undermines our party’s efforts to win Hispanics over on economic and limited government arguments.
For a Republican candidate for President to reinforce President Obama’s attacks on Republicans is counterproductive, and damaging to the national dialogue on immigration issues. It will also help President Obama get reelected.
Governor Romney has worked aggressively to campaign among all Americans, including Hispanics. His message of economic opportunity and limited government are the same principles that have been espoused by conservatives and rallied Hispanics to our party since Ronald Reagan. Governor Romney understands that America should remain a land of opportunity for anyone willing to come here, work hard, and play by the rules.
While we may have differences of opinion with regard to some of Governor Romney’s policies on immigration, we nonetheless stand firmly behind him because we know he is the most qualified conservative candidate to defeat President Obama and to lift up all Americans, including Hispanics.
Like your attacks on the free market, attacking Mitt Romney as “anti-immigrant” only serves President Obama and his liberal allies.
Mr. Speaker, our party deserves better.
Secretary Carlos Gutierrez
Senator Mel Martinez
Raquel A. Rodriguez
Zoraida Fonalledas
Jorge Arrizurieta
R. Alexander Acosta
Remedios Diaz Oliver
Rudy Fernandez
Jeanette Prenger
Jerry Natividad
Sal Gomez
Allen Gutierrez
Hector Barreto
Jose Fuentes
Bertica Cabrera Morris
Rafael Elias-Linero


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rigdum funidos

if you believe that a man rose from the dead, I don't see how you can look down on another man's believe as strange or irrational

Tony N

Here comes some more Cronyism
Obama is going to Let the Big Banks Off the Hook for ROBO Home Loan Signing that dates back over the last 15 years


Tony N

In 2004, Bain & Co.’s Italian Branch Was Hired By National Iranian Oil Company To Conduct Study On“How To Make The Bureaucratic State Company More Efficient.”

This Liberal site is getting all their ducks in a row to beat Romney up bad with this stuff !!!!!
Romney Sat On Board Of Damon Clinical Laboratories, A Bain Capital Portfolio Company Fined Nearly $120 Million In 1996 Due To Medicare Fraud.

Tony N

Romney’s 'Crony Capitalism': Bain's Big Government Subsidies

Romney's Skeletons: His Bain Capital Received Millions in Bailouts , how does Romney make the case that He is successful ONLY with Private Capital ????


Mitt Romney for President! He is the only candidate that can count to 3 trillion! That's right. This election is about saving our economy. Enough with the personal attacks and twisted religious arguments. They are a waste of time. Don't you see??? The more time we spend attacking each other the more advantage we give to Obama! I will vote for Romney. I will do everything I can to encourage EVERYONE I know to do the same. MASS was 3 billion in debt when he took over. He gave back his salary of $140k each year to help pay down the debt. When he left office they had a 20million dollar rainy day fund. I WANT THAT FOR AMERICA. The Winter Olympics was 55 million in debt. Romney left his job of 25 years to fix it. When he finished with the Olympics they had 700k in excess so they used the money to make public improvements in parks. I WANT THAT FOR AMERICA. Do you know how difficult that is? When is the last time you were in debt and paid it all off? And had more to spare? It's TOUGH. Romney earned a double major in business and a Juris Doctorate from Harvard with 3 kids. Now father of 5 married for 42 years to the same woman, all kids married with children = 25 grandkids. I WANT THAT FOR AMERICA. Don't be blinded by media spin and half truths. Who knows how to save economies MITT ROMNEY! I WANT ROMNEY FOR AMERICA!!!


I deal with a number of gfetid children who are homeschooled not because of some Christianist Right crackpot scheme, but b/c current public education has turned their backs on them. Clearly we need a far better education system than we currently have, that recognizes that gfetid children are special needs same as challenged ones are otherwise our best and brightest are going to be supporting homeschooling rather than public schools. OTOH, that doesn't mean homeschooling is good for most families who's going to do the teaching? (Mom, of course since the Right's dearest wish is to get America back to The Fifties That Never Were, so those Fine White Men can put Women, Blacks and Gays in their place.)I look at Alan Keyes, Michael Steele and Hermann Cain and I don't know whether to call them Race Traitors or pity them for thinking the Republican Party is The Party of Lincoln in any way, shape or form any more .


Ugh. Just heard Juan Wiliams on Fox. He just totally dessid the south. He tried to make a point that the reason why Romney would have problems in the south is because it has a strong protestant demographic which are not comfortable with the fact that Romney is mormon. Could he have been more cutting to Protestants and Southerners if he tried. No, I personally don't like Romney because of so many other reasons that I don't even pay attention to his religious beliefs. I lasted less than 30 minutes total listening to them. Time to focus on the new media for getting the best opinions on the returns.


Ron Paul is not a viable oipotn in my opinion because I find his foreign policy harmful to this country. Now, I do enjoy a number of his other positions, but all those turn irrelevant if we become too weak on defense. Furthermore, I think he'll be the next candidate to drop out he will finish last in South Carolina. Lastly, I wanted to poll the other three candidates to get an idea who would to best just out of those three.


Health care isn't the only reason to dinsouct Willard as a Republican candidate, but it's more than enough.Anyone notice that Willard just seems to want to fix what's in DC, opposed to seeing a NEED to revamp and CUT OUT much of what's happening.You can't fix socialism-Marxism. It needs to be eradicated!!!Newt makes me very uncomfortable because he flirts a little too much with the left. I don't mean to compare him to Obozo, ideology wise, but I fear the general public is making the same mistake with Newt as they made with Obozo They're overtaken with his articulation and glib talk about history, and not necessarily hearing WHAT he's saying. Newt seems to like the terms empowering vs imposing but it's too easy to impose a govt goal with selective empowerments. One needs to listen very carefully to what Newt is saying so as to discern WHAT he's actually saying, oppose to HOW he's saying it.


Right on Cynthia, If the RNC shoves Romney, Gingrich, Huntsman, Perry down the taorhts of the American electorate, Ron Paul must go third party, or we can write him in.As for me, it's Ron Paul only. I will not vote for the lesser of two evils ever again. If this puts obama in again, maybe the RNC will get the message and nominate a candidate selected by the people, not them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Of course both parties are so infiltrated by the NWO crowd they don't really care if it's obama, Romney, Gingrich, or Perry. We will have the same type of government, just a DIFFERENT bunch of crooks.


Get over yourself Frank. No-one is atkacting Drudge, however what we are pointing out is the brutally obvious bias in his article selection.. There is a particular intellectual dishonesty in framing news to favor your perspective. Do you want to be informed on all sides, or only those which support your view?


, the guy was a good guy, just like Obama is the problem of our times is fiaenrss and equity, why not start here?================== TERM LIMITS NEXT TERM RESTORE WARTIME DRAFT MONEY OUT FEDERAL ELECTIONS RELOCATE BASES TO SEAL SOUTHERN BORDER Convene Constitutional Convention Now Personal Liability Waivers & 9th Amendment


When peolpe like this ass hole (plan talk) Bernanke talk this the igierbsh he just did to fool you all. You know you are geting it in the backside Crap in- Crap out!! Ill Decod it for you and Im a high school only grad even I understand this! He will not do any thing He will keep up the snow job. stealing! And they went to College for stealing and bull shiting WOW . All the Parasites have to go to jail ( FED ) not culb med?


Each of the four are just saying what plepoe WANT to hear. Do you actually think that there will be a base on the Moon? That there will be created jobs in seconds? Balancing the economic? NO!This will take YEARS before the is real. but then there will be 2 or 3 new different presidents and they will remove the others laws. So nothing will come out of it. Ron Paul is to old Mitt Romney have to much money and don't care for the plepoe. Rick Santorum uses to much Christianity Newt GingrichIdk


There's two ways to look at the US's coming eeltcion: 1. If you want Obama to win, start cheering for Santorum. He's such a nut case, Obama will have no problem standing his political record against Santorum's. Or 2. If you want Obama to lose, start cheering for Ron Paul. Cause though he might not be the most likely' to win, he's by far and away the best choice. I'm actually Canadian, and at this point, I'd vote for Paul. Why? Under him, there'd be NO WAR.


Becoming President of the USA doesn't just make them lredeas of America, but also lredeas of the free world. Many countries look to America for protection so even if being the world's policeman is inconvenient it really is appreciated. Letting corrupt organizations (i.e. the Taliban) takeover the world is what would really spell turmoil. Ignoring them and allowing them to gain power at the expense of those who can't defend themselves could also bite America in the butt in the end.


Drudge is an aggregator. That means he can pick and cohsoe what he wants to put on his site. That is totally subjective, not necessarily objective.Opinions are like as*holes. Everyone's got one and your ad hominem attacks kinda smell like one. IMHO.


Ron Paul is right on about smaller gnnmroeevt and I do believe he would drastically cut useless, bloated gnnmroeevt programs. I do however have serious reservations about his stance on foriegn policy. I can't believe his implications that America is responsible for 911 as we are sticking our noses in the business of other countries. Yes, we need to stop being the world's policeman however he went too far. Terrorists are responsible for 911 and that is it. Ron Paul hooked up with Barney Frank to form a committee to cut budget defense ..Nobody with a brain or a heart should ever hook up with a sleeze like Barney Frank.. 11 out of the 14 advisors picked by Ron and Barney are linked with George Soros. What is wrong with Ron Paul??? Once, I liked him alot, but his approach for foriegn policy is out of wack.


it should have been ankle irons rhtaer than platinum parachutes with the level of corrupt practices the previous govt performed, not that the current one has changed anything much for the benefit of the people who want create jobs, and help rebuild our once great little nation and get us back into the top 20 OECD nations again.Why is it Holden that you assume right wingers hate science and knowledge? Is it a blanket hatred? Or is it just a hatred of corrupted scientists and their phoney results?Are you basing your knowledge on the bible belt of America and some of those people having a belief in Creationism, and categorising them as right wingers? Would you consider a muslim capitalist a right winger? Their holy book describes embryology and cell structures and all manner of biological science. Is someone who believes in evolution too intelligent to be a right winger? Are all those capitalists who developed every advancement e.g. medicines, treatments, computers, software, fertilisers, efficiency enhancing or problem solving devices etc. and took them to market for the betterment of mankind whilst earning a buck for their efforts, are they all left wingers because they believed in a piece of science or knowledge, and hence they were obviously too bright to be Right winger creationist Neanderthals?

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