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Rubio scolds Gingrich camp, says ad bashing 'anti-immigrant' Romney is 'inaccurate, inflammatory'

Sen. Marco Rubio scolded Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign over a Spanish-language radio ad that accuses rival Mitt Romney of being “anti-immigrant”

 “This kind of language is more than just unfortunate. It’s inaccurate, inflammatory, and doesn’t belong in this campaign,” Rubio told The Miami Herald when asked about the ad.

“The truth is that neither of these two men is anti-immigrant,” Rubio said. “Both are pro-legal immigration and both have positive messages that play well in the Hispanic community.”

 Rubio’s sharp rebuke comes a day after he subtly corrected Gingrich for comparing Romney to former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, branded by conservatives as a turncoat who left the party before Rubio beat him in 2010.

 The criticisms from someone of Rubio’s stature in the Republican Party comes as polls show a near-even race, albeit with Gingrich surging.

 Rubio plans to stay neutral in the race. He’s a potential running mate whom both candidates would love to have on the ballot. And he’s gaining iconic status among many national Republicans who see him as a face of the future in a nation that’s growing more Latino.

 Miami, Rubio's hometown, is a key battleground. The candidates are all wooing the Cuban-exile community here, which accounts for nearly three-quarters of the Republican vote in the largest county of the nation’s largest swing state.

 Already, about 54,000 early ballots have been cast in Miami Dade, where nearly three-quarters of the Republicans are Hispanic.

  Rubio’s statement was fueled by the explosive, partisan debate over immigration, a key issue this election season as both parties aggressively court the Hispanic vote.

 Democrats and liberals have tried to paint the Republican candidates as anti-immigrant or even anti-Hispanic for opposing legislation such as the DREAM Act, which provides a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants – mainly college students and soldiers.

 Rubio, who frets that the DREAM Act gives too much “amnesty” to a broader class of immigrants, and other Republicans have accused Democrats of playing rank ethnic politics.

 So when Gingrich’s radio spot described Romney as “the most anti-immigrant candidate,” Rubio and others felt he not only crossed the line – he was adopting liberal criticisms.

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This is strange because this morning on FOX News Channel they were interviewing Rubio and he spoke favorably of Gingrich.

Rhonda T.

shut up rubio... the american citizens don't want a northeast liberal in office..
we have already had 3 nightmare years with leftie socialist pig obama


There...there Marco Polo. You're adventuring into an area you know nothing about. You're a rookie. But, you do make Romney look less presidential, I'll give you that. You should be running.




Republicans eating their own. We deserve 4 more years of this disaster.


I cannot believe that people will vote for gingrich a man thrown out of congress and lobbyist for fannie mae and left 2 wives
great family values

obamas team will make mincemeat of him





Msgt Edward Boothe

Obama’s Osawatomie Kansas Speech on December 7, 2011 primarily advocated the redistribution of wealth. Redistribution of wealth is the basis of Communism and Socialism.


Charles Krauthammer, MD is an American Pulitzer Prize–winning syndicated political commentator, and physician. Dr. Krauthammer is probably the most respected and intelligent of all the political commentators on television. He said this article was an insult to Teddy Roosevelt, and it would be more appropriate to compare Obama to Hugo Chavez.

Do you remember when Obama said he wanted a “national security force”? Not the national guard, but a civilian one that has not sworn to uphold the Constitution? On July 2, 2008 in a speech in Colorado Springs, Barrack Obama called for a police state.
Here it is in his own words:


Why would he need his own private army? If he gets a second term, will he have his own army.. Why do they feel that they need to monitor our posts on this website? When will they knock on our door?

Have you ever seen the video of the officers of the Third Reich swearing allegiance to Adolph Hitler in 1934.. The oath pledged personal loyalty to the person of Adolf Hitler in place of loyalty to the constitution. Sound familiar?

We are on the verge of losing the greatest Democracy in the history of the world. This election is going to be a choice between Communism and Freedom. PLEASE get out and vote regardless of who the GOP nominee is. Turnout is the only thing that is going to prevent this from becoming a bankrupt Communist State within the next five years, As Ann Coulter said, Jeffery Dahmer would be better than what we have. This is going to be the most important election in the history of the United States, and it is going to be so close, that turnout will determine if we remain a democracy, or become a Communist state.

Radical anarchists and Communists such as David Axelrod, William Ayers, Saul Lewinsky and the “Rev” Wright have been grooming Obama to take over this country for 20 years. Is that what you want? If not, PLEASE email this to every one you know.

This has been endorsed in my facebook by an individual with a MBA in political science and History from the United States Air Force Academy. (Available upon request).

"Communism is a philosophy of failure,
The creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." Winston Churchill


Rubio is the future of the Republican Party. He should be the VP, and any of you that bash him are just afraid of how he will wipe the floor with your dear Prez. Obama is out, one way or the other. Liberalism is what makes this country fail.

Obama is a Bad Person

Let's not have Marco be involved in this fight. Romney is a grown man, capable of defending himself, I think, and with a load of cash. Let them fight it out and see who wins. We know Newt brings passion. South Carolina proved that. Let's see if Mittens can do anything other than whine.


yea republicans
vote for gingrich!!!
and keep fighting too right up until june so our leader will continue on his path to change this capitialist society for good


Rubio, love u man but YOU were a cosponsor of PIPA in the Senate.

You conservative credentials has been dented.

I know you like all the PAC money you've been getting but don't let that cloud your mind.


The establishment clearly wants Romney. But, I think everyone is starting to get the picture that American citizens don't!!!

Eric Langdon

ET go home. You know not what you speak of


Newt Gingrich is now and always has been a glib liar. He is a sophist, and I do not mean that as a compliment. He represents the worst in American politics because he completely lacks any morals. I will not vote for him under any circumstances, ever.


Way to go Rubio! We can't afford to get killed in the general election by a man who was forced to resign from being speaker of the house because he was destroying the Republican party, ethics violations and a hypocritical affair. We also don't need another Fannie and Freddie and drug company lobbyist as president.

Character matters, and Romney's got it.


4 more years with gingrich 4 more years!

Col. Gary Spencer

Newt Gingrich has broken his word right out of the blocks with this kind of negativity and lying. He was for Rockefeller before he was for Goldwater??? Romney's depictions of Gingrich are at least truthful. Gingrich has adopted the "say anything" of the democrats.


Gingrich will never be elected in a general election.


I'll take Gingrich any day over Romney. Romney is a Northeastern moderate democrat, who by the way lost to the moderate(McCain, who lost to Obama. This is not rocket science. Gingrich is our man.

stephanie foley

One of Romney's senior advisors said in an interview yesterday that there are parts of Obamacare that might not be able to get repealed. Gee thats great.

Newt says he will scrap it and start over- 2 debates ago. That he does not trust the congressional offices.
Obviously Romney does trust the congressional offices. The truth starts to come out.

I was any one but Obama......... NOW ITS NEWT!


hahah yes the citizens dont want romeny they want obama
so vote for gingrich and we will have our PRESIDENT for more time to get rid of capitalists and VIVA LA REVOLUTION

Rufus Choate

Macro Rubio,

This is why you are not running for President this year. You're clear too naive, self absorbed and immature to understand Romney is not a conservative and Newt will crush him in this next debate. I would also caution you on determining a candidate's Conservative credentials based on that Candidate's willingness to support you in an election.

You're a great Senator and a good man but you're just not that important in the overall scheme of things.

Alex K

Newt loves illegals (amnesty) more than Americans (Newt wants to bring back child labor for US kids). Mitt thinks corporations are people (killing his general election chances). Ron Paul is the only candidate with a plan to end the TSA and end the endless wars for Israel, it all started a decade ago after a false flag attack.
9/11, US and Israel:

Jonathan D. Montag

The DREAM Act allows people to take the final steps to legalize IF they complete tours in the military after becoming temporary residents. Undocumented people are not now in the military. One cannot enlist if one is not a permanent resident except sometimes (rarely) people in valid nonimmigrant status can enlist. The undocumented cannot enlist.


What a disappointment Rubio is. Just goes to show that most in our so called government for America are in this take over and destruction.
Really thought Rubio was too but can see his is one of the elite. Odd since his parents are from Cuba and one would think they knew what communism is like or were they on the other side of it. (the high, rich side)


Vote Gingrich and you are voting for eight more years of Gingrich!

Stever Win

RINO's are cannibals.


Senator Rubio needs to endorse Romney before the Primary. Newt has no chance of getting the independent
vote, thereby re-electing Obama.
We must prioritize America's problems and the number one problem is the economy. No one can dispute that Gov. Romney is best qualified to getting our financial house in order. Give Gov. Romney 4 years to set the right course for America.

Diego Roswell

The GOP wants to argue and bicker with itself? The electorate needs to make a choice and focus on removing the marxist from the office of president or face the consequences, which if the government machine that Obama has built is any indication of things to come, will be intolerable for most Americans.

Jim Norris

Thank you Mr. Rubio got interjecting some sanity into the conversation going on during this campaign. Mr. Romney is a fine man, of great character and leadership ability - as evidenced in both the public and private sector.

Mr. Gingrich is a career politician, and I for one have had my fill of career politicians ruining the nation for their own interest.

We need a CEO with experience, a leadership without all the baggage of ex-wives, ethics violations and so sharp tongued that his own friends often question his motives.

Either of these two would be a MAJOR improvement over Mr. Obama, however the man with character in this races is Mr. Romney...

T. Cummins

Rubio's stature in the Republican Party? Come on. He won one election as a Senator. Whooptee do. He is the son of Cuban exiles. Whooptee do. He speaks Spanish. Whooptee do. What has he done to curb the out of control spending in Washington? Written a letter to the POTUS. Whooptee do. What, he is now going to tell the candidates what they can say and what the shouldn't say? Who died and left him boss? Oh, that's right, his political accomplishments so far has earned him such high stature in the Republican Party. Get real America. Make your own decision on who to vote for. You don't need a party to tell you who to vote for. You don't need a TV commercial to persuade you either.

Tina Rocha

Stay out of it Marco please. Jeb did the right thing here. If Mitt wants you to muzzle Gingrich whose going to do this for him against Obama. No, let Mitt and Newt duke it out man and may the best man to run against Obama win. I don’t do the "he can’t win" no matter who it is because Obama is done. Don't contaminate your status in the party; remain neutral as this is an election cycle like no other in our history.


Gingrich cannot beat Obama. I've been saying long before Pelosi. Vote for Gingrich and you're voting for Obama.


Romnibots it's worked!!! You've been manipulated by the media on both sides, as well as the Republican Establishment. You vote Romney and you're basically walking into a firing squad. It's like saying,"Ok, I'm going to cop-out and be political coward. And once you're a political coward, then that's what you are, a political coward.
With Newt Gingrich, there's every chance. He's a real leader. He's not a conventional bureaucratic fool. He's able to think on his feet and he has ideas. He's our man. And he can and will make the changes to save our country and our way of life.
Romney is a throw away vote, whether he wins or loses. If he loses we have Obama, if he wins we have a managed decay. Then, we can get nostalgic about how things could have been if we had just taken the chance to STAND UP FOR OURSELVES!!!

Roberto Ruiz

To all those who criticize Newt Gingrich on his "Romney-bashing" I would take you back to the start of this campaign, and the pleadings by Gingrich to the other Republican candidates to avoid negative campaigning and remain positive as an honor not just to Reagan's "Eleventh Commandment" not to speak ill of a fellow Republican, but to one another, and the process upon which they were about to embark. He openly declared his own personal conviction to be a positive and assertive campaigner whose primary focus would always be the defeat of Barack Obama. But we must also always acknowledge that, with his inimitable personality and style, and his clear political convictions, Newt suddenly rose to the head of the pack, and it seemed clear that he would be a force with which to contend. AT THIS POINT, Mitt Romney saw his coronation to the the Republican Nomination threatened, and began to slam him with negative attacks,on the television, radio, newspapers, and in the debates. Newt avoided responding in kind, and lost Iowa. ONLY THEN, when the "fairness" was ripped out of the process BY MITT ROMNEY, and others piling on, that Newt said to himself, "Ok, that's how you want to play..... let us play". And NOW, Mitt Romney is the first to whine and complain.... well, Galatians VI warns "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap". I would have thought that being a lifelong devout Mormon, Mitt Romney would have learned this lesson. Do the best you can with your harvest, Mitt..... and Marco, don't become an Establishment Weenie. Learn history of the topic before you speak out.


Gingrich is a very dirty career DC Insider politician.

He might be able to win the GOP primaries but would lose badly in the General Election.

Gingrich's unfavorables are at 60%, which means he's 100% unelectable.

Lawyer Mom

When my kid asks me to settle a fight on the playground, I tell him he can settle it himself. And he does. I guess Rubio knows Romney can't.


Hey, why doesn't anyone here bother to say that they think Rubio is wrong instead of just criticizing him and saying he's sold out. Are his comments about Gingrich correct or incorrect? If he makes them, does that mean he is supporting Romney? If course it doesn't.

This is the same thing as Rush saying Gingrich's criticisms of Bain capital were wrong. He wasn't doing it because he supported Romney but because he was defending free-markets and Gingrich was attacking them. He wanted to pretend that it was only an attack on Romney but it was in essence a substantive attack on capitalism. You don't have to support Romney to condemn that attack.

Rubio's criticisms here are accurate. If you are a Gingrich fan you should not take offense when he launches a false attack as is called out on it. It is bad for the party and the conservative movement when Gingrich launches such attacks. I am not at all a Romney fan but any candidate should be condemned when they launch what amounts to a criticism of the conservative view. If Romney attacks Gingrich from the left then the same condemnation should happen to him and any other candidate.


All of you seem to forget Rubio is NOT a natural born citizen. Although his parents were in the United States when he was born, they had not become US Citizens. The Constitution specifically States: To become President, you must be born of two US Citizen Parents.
That is why Obama is not legally the President of the US, his Father was Kenynan. Until the Government is forced to rule under the Constitution, we will ccontinue to be ruled by A ROGUE Government. Those that are fighting against Newt are the very ones who do not govern by our Constitution!!!


Newt Gingrich has a 100% name ID, has a 60% national unfavorable number and it’s a number so high that with the 100% name ID it’s impossible to come back from. You’re not electable in a general election, in a 2012 presidential election if your unfavorable numbers are that high. Particularly against a president, that while vulnerable, is still a net positive in that number. So people look at Newt Gingrich and don’t see him as a plausible candidate in the general election, so the Republican establishment who thinks that the president is vulnerable and beatable is going to begin to melt down if Gingrich’s momentum continues.

Also something important to remember there are 33 House Republicans in districts that Barack Obama won. What is the impact in terms of Republicans being able to keep the House of Representatives in majority control if Newt Gingrich was the nominee of the party? What is the impact in the United State Senate races where Republicans have a great chance of taking majority control of the United States Senate. With Newt Gingrich as the nominee of the party, that is, perhaps, all up in the air.

Earl Featherstone

Saying a fellow Republican is anti-immigration is dangerous rhetoric for a party that already has a problem with the Latino vote. Rubio was right to reprimand Newt.


This nation has been eaten away by the rot and ruin of over-taxation, overwhelming costs, and unduly burdening the bulk of support on the backs of the working class, the elderly, the military, and the disabled. it is the government - it is the insane upward spiral of a cost-burden placed against me and others who work to not only support our families but also must support the millions of illegals through welfare, medicaid, and social security benefits they are not entitled. it is for the ridiculous strain of having to put the children of illegals through our school systems (can you say free lunch?) and then through college! i cannot afford to do all that for my own family, but some migrant comes skipping across the border (which i must fund through taxes by placing water and shelter stations to make their illegal crossing safer) gets the full benefit.

Douglas E. Underwood

Atta boy, Marco!!! Keep them honest and focused on ISSUES, not the BS that the Lib's will try to use!!


Rubio, if you're going to stay neutral - then keep your mouth shut on all counts.


Mr. Rubio, you are showing your infantile arrogance. Please keep you eyes and ears open and your mouth shut at this point. I thought you were at least smart and inexperienced, now I am not so sure about your intellect.


My advice to GOP canidates, spend less time ripping each other because it is a distration the lame stream media loves because POTUS can do what he wants behind the scenes [like dream act].

Start telling us point by point what you will do to fix the mess [country] that has been made. Curtail spending, removing Czars, and generally straighten the mess the kid made.


Gingrich is nothing but a big government big spending Progressive with a "R" after his name. He uses the same playbook (Saul Alinsky) as the left-wing radical progressives. He plays to his audience.. just like when he call Paul Ryan's plan "right-wing social engineering" or when he demonized capitalism or when he said he supports amnesty. A vote for Newt is a vote for Obama.


LOL...Romney the Establishment Candidate. If this were true we would have had the priviledge of voting for him in the 2008 Presidential election. But NO!!! The Establishment wanted the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) guy--John McCain. Don't you remember how McCain's campaign magically came to life to beat Romney. Deja Vu 2012 Gingrich's campaign comes to life out of no where to derail Romney. Gingrich, who is also a member of the CFR, is the Establishments favorite son on the Republican side of the house. The real "RINO" Republican in Name only in this race is Newt Gingrich.


Both Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush should support Mitt Romney, for the good of the Republican Party and the United States.

Gingrich is "evil" personified, and despicable. Why would any American in his (or her) right mind want this man as President of the United States? He is a raving Narcissistic demagogue.

I am an Independent; and Independents constitute approximately 35 percent of American voters today, and they swing our elections. I disagree vehemently with Barack Obama with respect to just about every issue, and did not vote for him in the last presidential election, and plan to vote against him this year too.

See, e.g., http://naegeleblog.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/barack-obama-is-a-lame-duck-president-who-will-not-be-reelected/#comment-1959 (see also the article itself, as well as the footnotes and all other comments beneath it)

However, I would give serious thought to voting for Obama, just to make sure that Gingrich never becomes our president. If the "Neanderthal" Republicans nominate him, they run the risk of being ostracized, boycotted and marginalized nationwide. They would be utter fools to do so!

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