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Rubio scolds Gingrich camp, says ad bashing 'anti-immigrant' Romney is 'inaccurate, inflammatory'

Sen. Marco Rubio scolded Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign over a Spanish-language radio ad that accuses rival Mitt Romney of being “anti-immigrant”

 “This kind of language is more than just unfortunate. It’s inaccurate, inflammatory, and doesn’t belong in this campaign,” Rubio told The Miami Herald when asked about the ad.

“The truth is that neither of these two men is anti-immigrant,” Rubio said. “Both are pro-legal immigration and both have positive messages that play well in the Hispanic community.”

 Rubio’s sharp rebuke comes a day after he subtly corrected Gingrich for comparing Romney to former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, branded by conservatives as a turncoat who left the party before Rubio beat him in 2010.

 The criticisms from someone of Rubio’s stature in the Republican Party comes as polls show a near-even race, albeit with Gingrich surging.

 Rubio plans to stay neutral in the race. He’s a potential running mate whom both candidates would love to have on the ballot. And he’s gaining iconic status among many national Republicans who see him as a face of the future in a nation that’s growing more Latino.

 Miami, Rubio's hometown, is a key battleground. The candidates are all wooing the Cuban-exile community here, which accounts for nearly three-quarters of the Republican vote in the largest county of the nation’s largest swing state.

 Already, about 54,000 early ballots have been cast in Miami Dade, where nearly three-quarters of the Republicans are Hispanic.

  Rubio’s statement was fueled by the explosive, partisan debate over immigration, a key issue this election season as both parties aggressively court the Hispanic vote.

 Democrats and liberals have tried to paint the Republican candidates as anti-immigrant or even anti-Hispanic for opposing legislation such as the DREAM Act, which provides a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants – mainly college students and soldiers.

 Rubio, who frets that the DREAM Act gives too much “amnesty” to a broader class of immigrants, and other Republicans have accused Democrats of playing rank ethnic politics.

 So when Gingrich’s radio spot described Romney as “the most anti-immigrant candidate,” Rubio and others felt he not only crossed the line – he was adopting liberal criticisms.

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Mitt Romney - 0 years in Washington politics!
Newt Gingrich - over 40 years in Washington politics! Newt IS Washington!
The anti-establishment candidate is Mitt Romney and he's the one with fresh new ideas for Washington.
Romney is infinitely more conservative than Newt on record. He is definitively to the right of Newt on social conservative issues - which are non-existent for Newt!

We could pick anyone in the Republican party and they would be a better option than Newt.
He can talk - but he doesn't have the discipline or character to preside.

Passing up on Mitt Romney would be a dire mistake. We passed him up in 2008 and we're still paying the price for that mistake!!

The nation is on the balance. Do the right thing!

Vote Mitt Romney for President 2012!


Rubio, just because you have a few that think you are the best doesn't give you the upper hand with the nominee's. If you have something important to say, then jump in with both feet and get on the podium with the rest and say it as a nominee not a Monday Morning quarterback

Jon in CA

Rubio cannot be up for VP. He is not a natural born citizen. We already have a president that is not a NBC (O's father was not a US citizen). Let's set the example here and say Rubio cannot be VP. As much as I like him, he is not qualified / a NBC.

under Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which states "no person except a natural born citizen … shall be eligible" to be president or vice president,

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2011/10/20/Birthers-Rubio-not-natural-born-citizen/UPI-81061319137508/#ixzz1kUIohXH6


@ Joy- You may say that Marco isn't a natural born citizen as his parents had not been legalized citizens. However, you obviously are simply attacking him. Do some research before you post! And know your facts. Look into the Naturalization Act of 1790, and you will see that you are completely wrong.

Gingrich/Rubio 2012!









It does not matter because Obama will get reelected easily but Gingring is so disgusting a human being there is no way I would vote for him.

We need immigrants. They should come here legally. Those here illegally need to be screened and got actors given guest worker cards so they can live normal lives and contribute. They do not need to beccome citizens. Their children will.


How anyone can throw Rubio under the bus here in favor of an old has been like Gingrich is truly amazing.

Rubio is the future of this party. Not Newt Gingrich.


Rubio and better watch his step. No one accused Romney of being anti-immigrant. The true Conservative Republicans do not want Romney because he is not a Conservative. Don't fall into the Establishment Republican trap or you will harm your own career. This is only the opening round of a new Conservative ascendancy. Don't end up on the wrong side.

Bradley Allen

Incredible ignorance, come on people, you have the internet, if going to school is too hard or attending meetings and events on the issues is too difficult at least try to do some studying and try to figure out the concept at hand; what happens is too many skim the headline then use their imagination to fill in the details.

Newt wants to be president, not just "the nominee so he can increase book sales". The president is a decision maker who has experts around him (not her) who focus on details. Newt is a decision maker and is well connected within the GOP, he can do a great job as president. Newt has spent years working with experts to solve problems that America faces, for this, we need Newt now.

If God forbid that Romney got the nomination, I tell everyone to write in Ron Paul, and hope Ron Paul will jump to independent or do what it takes to be on the ballot.

Right now its Newt's turn. Clearly Rick Santorum has the potential and may be the GOP pick in the future.

Wit NWild

Romney is a clone of John McCain and will lose to Obama if nominated. He is a liberal leaning moderate being propped up and supported financially by liberal democrats who have supported Obama in the past and who will abandon him and support Obama in the general election. They are doing this to ensure Obama's reelection. Every time the Republicans nominate a "moderate" they get hammered (Ford, Dole). When they nominate conservatives like Reagan, they win. Bush Sr. won because he was perceived as being Reagan continued. When it was discovered that he was not, he was skewered by Bill Clinton. W (Bush 43) won (barely) because he was perceived as conservative and won reelection (barely) because he was in power and Kerry was perceived as too liberal and too weak on terrorism. The Republicans must nominate a conservative that presents a clear choice to Obama or Obama will win. That choice is NOT Obamney. Gingrich would win because he is perceived by most as conservative and because he will not lay down and be steamrolled by the liberal establishment.


I was just watching Fox and saw Debbie Wasserman Schultz

AKA Debbie My Dirty Hair Needs a Wash Schultz.

Looking at her I realized how much she looks just like MISS PIGGY


Was Rachel Maddow a guy who tried to be a girl or is she a girl trying to be a guy ?

Is Arianna Huffington the illegitimate daughter of George Soros ?


Gingrich is bipolar. Has all the classic signs. Gingrich assisted Freddie Mac in defeating the McCain 2005 bill that would have prevented the housing crisis. Vote for anyone other than Gingrich. He's a liability.


"I predicted the 2010 Tsunami...I am now going to predict another Tsunami for the worthless Marxist Democraps....here’s why: Democrats are pinning their hopes on making a comeback after their disastrous 2010 election results, and they have selected 60 Republican-held “battleground” districts to try to make that change. Well, they can HOPE for CHANGE in the results all they want. According to a Democrat pollster, things look even worse now than they did in 2010. From National Journal comes the news. One of the Democratic party’s leading pollsters released a survey of 60 Republican-held battleground districts today painting an ominous picture for Congressional Democrats in 2012. The poll shows Democratic House candidates faring worse than they did in the 2010 midterms, being dragged down by an unpopular president who would lose to both Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. Pollster Stan Greenberg released the poll with some sugary spin for Democrats, downplaying the results by arguing that the president’s jobs plan will improve the party’s fortunes. How’s that working out for you? Yeah, that “jobs” plan is going over like a lead balloon as Senate Democrats are loudly declaring “No, you don’t”. And those lead balloons tend not to bounce all that well. But the numbers – at least right now — are troubling for Democrats, and echoed some of the takeaways from the GOP special election upset in New York City . Instead of an overall anti-incumbent sentiment impacting members of both parties, voters are taking more of their anger out on Democrats. When voters were asked whether they’re supporting the Republican incumbent or a Democratic candidate, 50 percent preferred the Republican and just 41 percent backed the Democrat. Voters in these districts said they were more supportive of Republicans than they were during the 2010 midterms, when 48 percent said they backed the Republican candidate and 42 percent said they backed the Democrat. (Republicans won 55 percent of the overall vote in these 60 battleground districts, while Democrats took 43 percent.) In 2010, Republicans netted 63 House seats – their best showing since 1948. So, according to a Democrat pollster, the voters are two percent more likely to vote for a Republican and one percent less likely to vote for a Democrat now than in 2010, the year of the TEA Party-lead Republican tsunami. No, the Democrats will have to forget about trying to win back seats and start to figure out how to save what Democrat seats they have, because 2012 is lining up to be another year of across-the-board Republican gains, led by the TEA Party/Conservative grass-roots wave."




Come on folks! Rubio is simply pointing out that in his opinion Gingrich is doing harm to himself, Romney and Republicans/Conservatives in general. The candidates need to stop attacking one another with half truths based on potential facts taken out of context. We are shooting ourselves in both feet!


I stumbled on newtexposed dot com. I am so glad I watched the clips before the primary in my state.


Trio of Liars

Barack O Vomit

Debbie My Dirty Hair Needs a Wash Schultz

Debbie Stab-en-my-back-now

Mike in Kansas

I agree with Timothy and all those concerned that a Gingrich nomination would mean another Obama win. If Gingrich is the Republican nominee we all need to pray the SC overturns Obamacare, because the Gingrich hindenburg is gonna explode.

To those supporting Gingrich over Romney I have to ask why?

Because he is a good debater? We are not electing the captain of the high school debate club, there are only 2 - 3 debates in the general election, and he can't bring his cheerleaders, which he admits he can't perform without.

Because he is more conservative? That is hysterical! Look at his record and what the conservatives that served with him.

Are you really voting against Romney? Why, because he is wealthy? Aren't you free market republicans? Because he is Mormom? A, that bigotry should be part of the last century, B you would rather have a 2 time adulterer that got thrown oout of his office for ethics charges - the ONLY Speaker in the history of the nation to receive that disgrace.

I just have to shake my head and say Gingrich???? Really????

Tony N

In 2004, Bain & Co.’s Italian Branch Was Hired By National Iranian Oil Company To Conduct Study On“How To Make The Bureaucratic State Company More Efficient.”

This Liberal site is getting all their ducks in a row to beat Romney up bad with this stuff !!!!!
Romney Sat On Board Of Damon Clinical Laboratories, A Bain Capital Portfolio Company Fined Nearly $120 Million In 1996 Due To Medicare Fraud.


In reading some of the above messages, I find myself wishing a minimum IQ was required to vote.

Shash Nahalin

Marco Rubio has done an amazing thing. He has managed to avoid endorsements and appeared to remain neutral while defending Romney against the more egregious claims from the world of Newt the Martian. Romney has 71 endorsements from conservative political figures. Newt has 11. Why, because Romney is a team player and Newt is clearly in it for Newt and Callista and he is not too sure about Callista. Kind of depends on her maintaining here health and good looks.


When the media starts attacking Gingrich then you know liberal democrats are afraid of him. Why do you think Brian Williams with NBC silenced the audience in the Monday night debate? Gingrich has the most experience and has the historical knowledge to beat his opponent in a debate. Romney has already lost twice. Once to Santorum and then to Gingrich. Do we need a third loss, because the media wants Romney? Gingrich had witnesses to make statements that what his ex-wife said was untrue, but ABC refused to interview them. That tells me ABC was trying to report false information to damage Gingrich. Also, Gingrich resigned from House Speaker and was never thrown out. It is my understanding that he had 80 or so violations that liberals threw at him and he was never charged for any of those violations. Gingrich was forced to pay for the investigation into a letter his attorney had him sign. I'm not sure if Gingrich had the investigation done or if somebody else had it done. You know as well as I do that the media will do anything they can to destroy a republican candidate they don't think they can beat. Nancy Pelosi has already come out on national television and said that Newt Gingrich would never be president. I say, "Go Newt!"
Have you ever heard about any of Obama's girlfriends? Wonder if they thought he was a nice guy or was he shy? Have you ever heard from or about any of Obama's law students he supposedly taught in law school? Wonder why? The liberal democrat media will protect Obama while relentlessly attacking a republican candidate that can beat Obama. The media has given Romney positive coverage, because they know Obama will beat him in November. Santorum is a good conservative, but he does not have the experience and Ron Paul's foreign policies are just wacky. Why is the media not talking about Romney and the Damon Corporation that was charged with medicare fraud?


Why are people attacking Rubio? He is basically trying to get Newt to back off with the immigration attacks because it hurts the Latino vote.

I also do not get so-called conservatives cheering Newt on and slamming Romney when EVERYTHING about their records indicate they are both fairly conservative but, if anything, NEWT is a little more to the left.
Not too mention the vast majority of his own party did not even trust him in the 1990's.
He is what Obama is: an intelligent man, who looks at the polls, and thinks he is the smartest one in the room.
I like Newt, but I do not want him as president.

Msgt Edward Boothe

Marco Rubio is possibly the only man that could save the united states from Communism by running on the VP ticket. He brings at least 50% of the Latino vote, and the state of Florida for sure. He has a patriotic duty to make himself available if asked. He would be president in 2020.

Please Sen. Rubio, if you are reading this make yourself available.

MSgt Edward R Boothe


Romney already stated that all illegals will be booted out of the country pronto. His "self deportation" remark at the last debate we he talking off the message programmed into his head by his $300,000/ hour lobbiest consultants. Actually just another flip flop by Romney. Again, he wants all illegals to get kicked out of the country now. AND RUBIO KNOWS IT!

Cal Burke

The FACT, as seen from a Islamorada Conch with a tab bit of ed., is that since WWII and the introduction of negative eugenics into this now-still-barely great nation, over 120,000,000 babies have been ABORTED. Id est, killed.
According to the Kenyan POTUS it is so WE can "continue our efforts to ensure that our daughters have the same rights, freedoms, and opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams."
Huh ?
Translation: wipe out the poor white, the poor black. Why when it comes to competition of labor the rich wipe out the poor and replace the 120,000,000 million dead babies with someone more easily controlled, more easily handled: The illegal immigrant, principally 10-20 million Mexicans.
Read this book if you dare: http://www.amazon.com/Myth-Population-Control-Family-Village/dp/0853452849
And get a LARGE grip on what has been going here just as dastardly as China... Only, in China they flat out murder the babies, whereas here we “fund” it. That means charge thousands of dollars EACH in 900 private human chop shops called “Planned Parenthood.” Billions of $$$.
Oh, who do think was the first National Treasurer of Planned Parenthood ? PRESCOTT BUSH.
Confused ? Ob-gyn Ron Paul isn't. Having delivered over 4,000 babies (a Washington Post fact) in the 60s and 70s he gets why.
Heck, the executioner at Starke only gets $150 for each death row murderer killed.
So, what do you get when a black or white aborts a child ? Nothing, but the owners of the death camps get a lot of $$$.

Tony N

Romney needs a NEWT Flat tax so he and people don't have to Hide Success and rather put that money back to work in the economy and Jobs with it . The way the tax code is now it gives Obama Fire to drive envy and divide the nation so thats why the tax code must be changed to a Flat tax that Equalizes the system . Instead of all the vehicles in Romneys tax portfolio he should be no different than anyone else just a heres what I paid and its the same amount as you , http://mittromney.com/learn/mitt/tax-return/main

Then these Politicians would get to work making policies that help grow the economy not fight over who gets what cash is out in circulation

Leroy Whitby

Rubio defended both of the candidates, Gingrich and Romney on the immigration issue. Relax all you sensationalist headline writers. What horse pucky.

In the article: “The truth is that neither of these two men is anti-immigrant,” Rubio said. “Both are pro-legal immigration and both have positive messages that play well in the Hispanic community.”


Marco Rubio is another Congress TOOL. Just another traitor and liar among the majority in Congress. He voted for NDAA section 1021 and supported SOPA until the uprise right before the vote. NDAA any through because few knew of it. As the daughter of a Cuban father, I find it even more deplorable that a Cuban "exile" from Communism would support such unconstitutional and facists acts! Let's see who will join Joe Lieberman and Charles Dent in support the Expatriation Act HE 3166!!! Gingrich, Romney, and Santurom openly admitted in a past debate that they supported NDAA AND SOPA. Are people so SENSE or just so controlled by the media that they don't take the time out to do some research of their own km these candidates!? I WILL ONLY CAST MY VOTE FOR THE ONLY PATRIOT AND CONSTITUTIONAL CANDIDATE RUNNING NOT BOUGHT OR CONTROLLED BY CORPORATIONS AND LOBBYIST!

RON PAUL 2012!


Will Rubio be constitutionally eligible.I like him very well but if his parent were not natural born citizens he won't be eligible.Article II Section 1 Upheld by the Supreme Court 1875.We already have one illegal in our highest office.As far as I am concerned we need to get back to the constitution and stick to it.


To all the posers and/or jelly fish whiners who chant, "all these candidates have baggage and cannot beat barry...wahhh wahhhh". DO THEY HAVE MORE BAGGAGE THAN THE WORST POTUS IN HISTORY - BARRY! stop watching msm aned get real.

Mike Hayden

These guys have to stop bashing each other. Enough! Tell us who you are, and what you will do. Answer any questions posed to you truthfully and proactively.

Either of these gentlemen can beat Obama if the Republican party stops eating itself and proceeds with a strong debate about the issues and how we will turn this country around. United we will defeat the Euro Socialist in the WH and divided we we will be stuck with another 4 years, which will include Health Care nightmares, supreme court justices and worse, a continued failing economy that is ripe for government takeover.

Sheesh people!


Isn't this about Gingrinch bringing up the fact that Romney has the same team that Crist had? Come on! Those are facts and it's legitimate concern. Just goes to show you that ORomney isn't very different from Crist.

B muueller

Romney is the true conservative. He lives it.
Remember you heard it here: Gingritch in the Primary = Obama in the General.


Gingrich is lying just like he did in congress. He's known as an unreliable, dishonest, irresponsible, undependable leader no one can follow. Gingrich created chaos in the congress, lost control of the House for republicans, and resigned in disgrace after being found guilty by 88% of his republican colleagues. Sending Gingrich back would be like re-electing Nixon. Romney is the proven leader with total success and respected by all who work with him.


Gingrich is correct. Romney, in an effort to prove he is a real conservative, has taken a harsh stance against immigration. Two-thirds of Republicans favor a path to citizenship for illegals.

Canof Sand

Gingrich is a Progressive. Rubio is a conservative. Romney is neither, but he leans more conservative than Gingrich does. Gingrich can talk the talk, but he doesn't walk the walk - his past actions, his past talk, and his current Leftist-style attacks on Republicans prove it.

Get a clue, people. Gingrich is a Progressive. He said so himself.



Stay out of it Rubio. American conservatives know what they want and it is not an establishment candidate. You are only going to hurt yourself.


I am disgusted by Newt and since he started this mess it has not stopped being about Newt. That much is clear. I will never vote for this guy because history repeats itself. I am considering a write in or not voting for the first time in 20 years if our side ends up nominating him. We have Newt to thank for the Pelosi mess out today. Those two need to go get a room together.

Matthew Weaver

Rubio is right to speak up but he can never be on a presidential ballot as he--just as Obama--is NOT a natural born citizen. BOTH his parents were non-citizens when he was born. Other than being from Cuba, he is an anchor baby. As one who always criticized Obama for being ineligible, it would be hypocritical to apply a different standard to Rubio.


As Floridian I've been skeptical of Rubio, but I have to respect him for this. He's standing up for what is right even though it might cost him a vice presidential spot


Well Romney in the last debate accused Gingrich of being pro-amnesty...which is not true if you actuallly listen to Gingrich's plan. Gingrich considers those having lived productive lives here for many years and should be allowed a special status to remain here without fear of deportation, decided by locally created immigration boards. That those recently here would have to go. That we will have to secure the borders, ect, etc.

Romney himself stated in the debate that he wants ALL illegal immigrants regardless of what they might have accomplished here, regardless of familial ties, and the number of years they have been here...to go back to their country of origin and apply for citizenship. How this is to be enforced is not explained. There is not logistically possible and completely unrealistic.

So there is a stark contrast between these two men. Gingrich's plan makes sense. while I am not in favor of illegal immigration, the reality is what to do with all of them already here. The reality is the American Public will not stand for black-clad Ice officers dragging from their homes old people, women and children out into wagons to be sent to detention centers in the middle of the night. It just is not practical. Which only demonstrates that Romney is playing to the crowd by telling lies and Gingrich is a realist with a solution that can actually be implemented.


Gingrich is a pig.


Ruviois entitled to his opinion. His opinion covers only this one add. The opinion seems to be constructive. I am sure, like most of us, he agrees with some issues and he disagrees with some issues with all candidates. This add doesn't disqualify Newt's candidacy.


Gingrich will beat Obama. The left is in a tailspin over the thought of it. Time to get our Country back on the right path.

Tell me one conservative piece of legislation Romney has enacted as Gov? Just one.

Gingrich is the next Reagan.


Gingrich is a dishonest, dishonorable blowhard. He is scandal-ridden and will get PUMMELED by the Obama machine. Newt has no one to blame but HIMSELF! He's led a debauched life and now those skeletons are banging to get out of the closet. Only a FOOL would vote for Gingrich; it GUARANTEES another 4 years of Obama and the end of America as we know it...........


Rubio CANNOT be President or Vice-President. He is NOT a natural born citizen. Neither is Obama.


Come on Rubio. How are we supposed to keep a straight face about the Gingrich campaign when you keep calling him out like this? It's already hard enough to make him seem like a halfway decent person without a level headed person like you stating the obvious.

Bob Honiker

I agree with Marco most of the time but no one will ever convince me that Mitt Romney is conservative. He drags a stolen R around after his name but has no grasp of conservative values at all!

Robert Meyer

I hate to "burst the bubble" of all you Marco Rubio "presidential pundits". But Marco CANNOT be POTUS or VPOTUS. To reitterate what Joy stated, Marco IS NOT a "natural born citizen". Don't forget about "Romneycare", the blueprint for OBAMACARE. As for Newt's marital past, look at FDR, JFK, and Slick Willie. Would you vote for THEM if they were running now? "Family Values" don't get us out of the radical progressive socialist direction we're headed right now. Businesses are currently being regulated OUT OF BUSINESS. It's time to get government back where it belongs, out of our lives. It's time to let people get back to REAL jobs, PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS. Not government sponsored jobs. It's time to repeal EVERY PIECE of legislation that stifles creation of those jobs. That means all this "Green" crap gets loaded onto the compost pile where it belongs. "Der Fuehrer" spoke about the "GM successes" last night. What about the MILLIONS wasted on the Volt? The millions wasted on Solyndra? The thousands of jobs squashed over the Keystone Pipeline? Which BTW Warrens Buffett's Burlington Northern will make a handsome profit for tankering that oil south. NEWT'S plan to develop our domestic energy and deal with illegal immigration far surpasses anyone elses. His economic plans do as well. But realize this. Unless the Republicans take control of the Senate, it may be all for nought. RID THIS NATION OF OBAMA,HIS MINIONS, AND HIS ALINSKYITE PROGRAMS AND PRACTICES.

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