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Rubio scolds Gingrich camp, says ad bashing 'anti-immigrant' Romney is 'inaccurate, inflammatory'

Sen. Marco Rubio scolded Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign over a Spanish-language radio ad that accuses rival Mitt Romney of being “anti-immigrant”

 “This kind of language is more than just unfortunate. It’s inaccurate, inflammatory, and doesn’t belong in this campaign,” Rubio told The Miami Herald when asked about the ad.

“The truth is that neither of these two men is anti-immigrant,” Rubio said. “Both are pro-legal immigration and both have positive messages that play well in the Hispanic community.”

 Rubio’s sharp rebuke comes a day after he subtly corrected Gingrich for comparing Romney to former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, branded by conservatives as a turncoat who left the party before Rubio beat him in 2010.

 The criticisms from someone of Rubio’s stature in the Republican Party comes as polls show a near-even race, albeit with Gingrich surging.

 Rubio plans to stay neutral in the race. He’s a potential running mate whom both candidates would love to have on the ballot. And he’s gaining iconic status among many national Republicans who see him as a face of the future in a nation that’s growing more Latino.

 Miami, Rubio's hometown, is a key battleground. The candidates are all wooing the Cuban-exile community here, which accounts for nearly three-quarters of the Republican vote in the largest county of the nation’s largest swing state.

 Already, about 54,000 early ballots have been cast in Miami Dade, where nearly three-quarters of the Republicans are Hispanic.

  Rubio’s statement was fueled by the explosive, partisan debate over immigration, a key issue this election season as both parties aggressively court the Hispanic vote.

 Democrats and liberals have tried to paint the Republican candidates as anti-immigrant or even anti-Hispanic for opposing legislation such as the DREAM Act, which provides a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants – mainly college students and soldiers.

 Rubio, who frets that the DREAM Act gives too much “amnesty” to a broader class of immigrants, and other Republicans have accused Democrats of playing rank ethnic politics.

 So when Gingrich’s radio spot described Romney as “the most anti-immigrant candidate,” Rubio and others felt he not only crossed the line – he was adopting liberal criticisms.

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I thought that Marco was the man. It seems that I guessed wrong. He has mistakenly entered the fray at a bad time. The Republicans are in a panic and could cause themselves irreparable damage.


MIAMI HERALD You guys enjoy running an anti-democratic online reporting. You refuse to post comments that go against your own IDEAS AND OPINION! You're All a BUNCH OF DISGUSTING TOOLS!

Bahamas real estate

Wishing you all the best during the presidential campaigns and election.


Republicans are have a serious misunderstanding of the latino vote. Most hispanic-americans do not relate to Cuban immigrants and their so-called superior attitude and status when it comes to becoming U.S. citizens. A Cuban-Americans only helps with the Cuban-American community and does not translate into votes from the rest of American Latinos.


Timmy says:

"However, I would give serious thought to voting for Obama, just to make sure that Gingrich never becomes our president."


You could also give "serious thought" to raping yourself with a rusty pipe, but why? WHY?


If you do not know much about the Grich, you had better study up before it is too late. He will NEVER become president. IF he becomes the nominee, he thinks he can go up against Obama, but it is just his BIG head! He has more baggage than all the airlines combined! He has demonstrated his LACK of values and integrity all through this campaign. The only way not to see it is ignorance!


What we need is a moderate in office, someone who is not so polarized so maybe just maybe someone can bridge the great divide that has been going on and get something done. Mitt is not a perfect candidate but he was a moderate republican that was able to do business in ultra democrat MA. That shows me someone who can look at the situation and do what needs to get done with whom it needs to get done with. Some as polarizing as Newt and Obama is not going to fly and we will have another lame duck session on with a Republican.

Wesl Virginia

Anybody but BO in 2012.

Bo has to go.


Rubio is right to speak out agains Gingrich. The man is corrupt and a liar not just in politics but mostly in his personal life.

Gil Lopez

Another shill for the policies of the past that haven't worked and meanwhile keep the Cuban exiles as sheeple voters. Not having it.


88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 FLORIDA


The reason they won't talk about Ron Paul is because he is uniting both parties to take back the country. The republican and democratic party machines HATE him....why>
if he wins he will cut governmnet, give you a raise by reducing taxes, and HE WILL REDUCE THE POWER OF GOVERNMENT.


Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Obama, Bush, Clinton......ALL THE SAME.

vote for one of them and see. I have been saying this for 10 years!!


Rubio is not eligible for POTUS or VP.
He does not have even ONE Parent that was a citizen at his birth.
His parents were Naturalized four years after his birth.
Whine and cry all you want, the facts are the facts.
As a Conservative, I don't believe Obama is eligible, but he at least, has one parent that was a Citizen.
I won't vote for another ineligible person to replace Obama. No matter how much I would want to, I wont do it.


OK, a general question to everyone in all parties and beliefs:

When did it become legal in America for a group of rich people to buy enough votes in Congress to get "their" money classified differently from "everyone else's" money?"

This is all this is about. If you earn money, it doesn't matter if you gamble on the markets or gamble in a gambling house, or get a weekly paycheck: you should pay the same tax rate. I don't care what the rate is, but if you are rich enough to buy enough politicians to pass laws that lower only YOUR taxes, then why is that legal?



All you who keep reminding us that the Republicans threw out Newt because of his ethics problems....please also remind us of who you voted in as your big honest leader.
Oh Yes....that's right. TOM DELAY!!!!
And what is Tom doing right now????
What? Crickets chirping?
3 years prison sentence for money laundering.

Now ask me if I trust the judgment of the so-called "conservative" republican congress who voted in two of the biggest PORK filled transportation bills of all time.

Yes, you should be worried. NOt because of Newt or Paul, but because the average American is fed up with your hypocritical nonsense.


Newton Leroy Gingrich is a dirty lying RINO that will say anything for power. He's a disgrace to the party. Scary that he's this polling this high just for scolding MSM meat puppet and douchebag John King. Please Floridians don't vote for Newter or you'll get Obama. Reading some of these comments it's no wonder we call it Flori-duh.


There is no socialist agenda by Obama....wake up you right-wing neanderthals! I hope you radicals nominate Gingrich.....he will lose in an landslide against Obama.

You only want someone who will throw nasty, vile jabs at THE PRESIDENT....yes, he's OUR president! The GOP has been hijacked and moderates don't want to see a FAR right Nazi style racist thug like Gingrich in the white house.

OBAMA 2012!!


In their win-at-any-cost zeal to re-elect Barack Obama, democrats and their lackeys in the press will expose the Mormon "religion" as a bizarre cult. Mitt Romney's religious faith is likely to be mocked, sensationalized, disparaged, and dragged through the media gutters. It could even be uglier than the fanning of racial tensions and demonization of the wealthy, also projects pushed by the Obama machine.

If that were not bad enough, moderate, not-particularly-religious voters in the general election may well be susceptible to the filth. That prospect is looming like the big, fat, completely unacknowledged elephant in the nomination room. Republicans seem to believe that if they don't talk about it, then neither will the Democrats.

That's just more than a little naïve, in my opinion.

Here's a clue for the GOP ostrich-class. When Barack Obama and his surrogates slyly played the race card against the wife of the "First Black President" to jujitsu the Clinton machine, your country-club blinders should have hit the dustbin with sentient ferocity.

And just because the GOP establishment ruled Jeremiah Wright and his un-Christian black liberation theology out of bounds, they may be now thinking Barack Obama's super PACs wouldn't dare -- would not dare -- to use Mitt's Mormonism to attack him.

What an adorable fantasy that is. Almost too cute for words.

And far too naïve for shrewd Republican primary voters to indulge.

The only way to beat off an attack you know is coming is to prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best. I've seen no sign, so far, that Mitt Romney has adequately prepared for any of the easily predictable attacks against him, which is a glaring deficit in his managerial competence credentials.

So, how might the liberal slime machine work to instill fear of the first LDS president among the fence-sitting moderate and not-particularly-religious independent voters?

Well, here's one clue from Slate in 2006. Jacob Weisberg, then chief editor at Slate (a Washington Post company), wasn't the least bit reticent in this piece, titled "A Mormon president? No way." While acknowledging that some might call him a "religious bigot," Weisberg nevertheless came out blasting -- not against Mormonism's "cult" status among mainline Christians, but against "the founding whoppers of Mormonism."
The LDS church holds that Joseph Smith, directed by the angel Moroni, unearthed a book of golden plates buried in a hillside in Western New York in 1827. The plates were inscribed in "reformed" Egyptian hieroglyphics - a nonexistent version of the ancient language that had yet to be decoded. [Snip] Smith was able to dictate his "translation" of the Book of Mormon first by looking through diamond-encrusted decoder glasses and then by burying his face in a hat with a brown rock at the bottom of it. He was an obvious con man. Romney has every right to believe in con men, but I want to know if he does, and if so, I don't want him running the country.

Weisberg's was a withering attack, aimed not at righteousness, but at the non-religious twin jugulars of reason and intelligence.

Christopher Hitchens, outright foe of all religions, saved some of his most virulent intellectual attacks for Islam and the Latter-Day Saints:
If the followers of the prophet Muhammad hoped to put an end to any future "revelations" after the immaculate conception of the Koran, they reckoned without the founder of what is now one of the world's fastest-growing faiths. And they did not foresee (how could they, mammals as they were?) that the prophet of this ridiculous cult would model himself on theirs.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- hereafter known as the Mormons -- was founded by a gifted opportunist who, despite couching his text in openly plagiarized Christian terms, announced that "I shall be to this generation a new Muhammad" and adopted as his fighting slogan the words, which he thought he had learned from Islam, "Either the Al-Koran or the sword." He was too ignorant to know that if you use the word al you do not need another definite article, but then he did resemble Muhammad in being able only to make a borrowing out of other people's bibles.

Hitchens, like Weisberg, questioned not the "cult" label applied to Mormonism among mainline Christians, but rather the intelligence of any reasonable adult who would put his faith in a putatively proven charlatan. Hitchens reminded his readers that shortly before Mormon "prophet" Joseph Smith "discovered" the Book of Mormon on the golden tablets, which only he could translate, he was convicted of "being a disorderly person and an imposter." In an 1826 Bainbridge, New York courtroom, "prophet" Smith had admitted that he had "defrauded" people and that he possessed dark or "necromantic" powers.

And as Weisberg cannily noted in 2006, whether Moses and/or Jesus might also have been religious charlatans, there is certainly not now any easily obtained historical record to this effect. Religions thousands of years old require faith, to be sure, but the Latter-Day Saints' less than two centuries in existence, and with historical evidence of their prophet's sketchy police record so abundant, requires squelching one's reason to put faith in it.

Other Mormons now serve in American government, unmolested by fervent attacks on their intelligence and beliefs. But Mitt Romney, seeking the mantle of first LDS president, who, if elected, will unseat the first black president, will have no such genteel protection.

The doctrines and founding stories of any religion can be mocked, of course. But the LDS, whose doctrines are unfamiliar to most gentiles (as the LDS refer to non-Mormon people) is especially vulnerable. Those asking Mormon questions won't need to rely on Baptist or Catholic theologians or upon the definition of a "cult" to give them ample fodder. They can merely go to Wikipedia and ask about the Mormon belief in "exaltation" and "eternal progression":
In Mormonism, the goal of each adherent is to achieve "exaltation" via the atonement of Jesus, as a result of which they inherit all the attributes of God the Father, including godhood. Mormons believe that these people will become gods and goddesses in the afterlife, and will have "all power, glory, dominion, and knowledge".[5] Moreover, Mormons teach that exalted people will live with their earthly families and also "have spirit children".[6] Their cosmic posterity will continue to grow forever.

According to the belief, exaltation is available only to those who have earned the highest "degree" of the Celestial Kingdom.[7] As prerequisites for this "greatest gift of God",[8] adherents believe that either in this life or the afterlife, they must become "perfect", they must participate in all the required ceremonies, and their exaltation must be "sealed upon them" by the Holy Ghost via the Second Anointing. One of the key qualifications for exaltation is being united in a celestial marriage to an opposite-sex partner via the ordinance of sealing,[9][10] either in person or by proxy after they have died. In the 19th century, some leaders of the LDS Church taught that participation in plural marriage was also a requirement of exaltation.[11] The LDS Church abandoned the practice over a century ago and teaches that only a single celestial marriage is required for exaltation.[12] However, this practice is still taught by Mormon fundamentalists.

Once American voters are cognizant of Mitt Romney's belief that his earthly perfection and Mormon tithes are necessary for his "exaltation" to godhood, they may see his life of abstinence and good works through a different lens. And believing those lenses will be rose-colored seems quite gullible or ignorant, or both.

Of course, the worst attacks on Mormonism will be based not on cosmology or theology, but upon the more earthly concerns about the Latter-Day Saints' history.

Until 1979, the Mormons were an unapologetic racist organization, which denied any level of priesthood to any man of African descent, regardless of his skin color. Again, citing Wikipedia, from the Book of Mormon, referring to descendents of "Laminites" (African tribes):
And [God] had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people, the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them. And thus saith the Lord God; I will cause that they shall be loathsome unto thy people, save they shall repent of their iniquities." (2 Nephi 5:21)

Citing new "revelation," the Mormon hierarchy removed the African ban to its priesthood in 1979. Just as the Mormons had abandoned polygamy to gain statehood for Utah, they abandoned the belief in the "curse" of dark skin and African lineage.

Unfortunately, when Mitt Romney attempts to gain the mantle of first Mormon president by unseating the first black president, this racist history will become a centerpiece of the electoral battle.

Polygamy may be old and outdated Mormon doctrine, but how many average female voters will be willing to ignore it altogether? On the night of the Iowa caucuses, the Lifetime Movie Network played its Brigham Young polygamy extravaganza movie, The Nineteenth Wife. The movie features a modern woman battling polygamy still within a fundamentalist Mormon sect. Republicans should expect this issue to be repeated ad nauseam during the general election if Romney is the nominee.

While social conservatives make common cause with Mormons on a score of issues, social liberals (even fiscal conservatives allied with Republicans) will have a heyday with the Mormons' history of homophobia. Lest anyone has forgotten the vitriol of California's Proposition 8 fight, the liberals' anti-Mormon slime machine will no doubt provide ample reminders. Members of the LDS church put millions into the passage of Proposition 8, while its leaders invoked on-the-ground volunteer assistance. As reported by the LA Times in 2008:
Proposition 8 opponents estimate that members of the Mormon Church gave more than $20 million to the effort to pass the measure, though that is difficult to confirm because records of campaign donations do not include religious affiliation.

On the issues related to racism, feminism, and homophobia, Obama will have no worries about voter turnout if Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee. The liberal shock troops will come out in droves perhaps even surpassing those of 2008 to stop the first Mormon president from unseating the first black president.

While Mitt Romney is trying to explain the particulars of high finance and private equity firms, he will also be required to deal with the liberals' anti-Mormon slime machine. And Republicans can only hope that he is better-prepared on this front than he has been on others.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/01/brace_yourself_for_the_anti-mormon_slime_machine.html#ixzz1kUe0FzxR


The Governor should shut his mouth? So you people are fine with liars who deceive the hispanic polulation? We already have that with Obama the great deceiver. If you geniuses haven't figured it out Rubio is in Mitt's camp, the only chance we have to take out Marxist Hussein Obama. You're welcome.


I remember, clearly, that all (except Newt), of the 'conservative' candidates, on the early debate stage, INCLUDING ROMNEY, called for deporting all illegals. Newt said, on the other hand, something like, ' I don't think the American people would allow for people who have lived here for 2 generations, worked, built families, and are probably sitting next to you in your local church, to be forcibly deported - I just don't believe the American people would stand for that.' With such a comment, Newt was BLASTED by his fellow stage-goers as SOFT on IMMIGRATION.

Now Newt wants to stand on his words, where were certainly more immigrant-friendly than his competetitors and he gets blasted by the likes of Rubio as if his stance was equal to 'deport-all-illegals-Romney.'

Only in the most recent debate, did Romney soften his stance and develop some kind of imaginative, whacko, self-deportation philosophy scenario that the illegals would enforce upon themselves .. and yet Newt, somehow, is not allowed to TAKE DUE CREDIT for the stance he has had, held and taken grief over from the other candidates and the media.

How unfair is Rubio and the others. Did they NOT watch the other debates?


So if the ad was accurate, why did Newton Leroy Gingrich pull it? Because it was all lies! Newt will say anything.


Marco, don't get your panties in a wad, like that other rookie, Chrispy Chreme.

Well, this can only mean one of two things: Sarah Palin is either our next vice president, or our president. Either way, can't wait!


ABO 2012 (Anybody But Obama 2012)

Rubio is a RINO (Repub. in Name Only).
Politician who will say anything to get elected.


Yes, please vote Newt 2012.... Landslide For Prez O!!

Reality Check

I am generally anti-Romney, because I believe he suffers from being an elite member of society and does not understand, in his gut, the dangers the United States faces.

But on the immigration issue Gingrich sounds like Obama, hintig that he is on both sides of the issue, and in Obama's case, do nothing for four years and try to sucker the Hispanic community into voting for him again.

Both Romney and Gingrich are right: self deportation is working right now for people who came here for work and can not find any because of the Obama recession, and self deportation will not work for Grand Mothers with tons of family here who can support them.


Anybody Republican but Romney the RINO!

Jamie Shafer

Marco Rubio should never be a candidate for president or vice-president because no matter how conservative, no matter how attractive, he is not a natural born citizen because his parents were not citizens when he was born! Get with it people; do we want another unconstitutional president?


There is not a dimes worth of difference between Newt and Mitt as far as immigration is concerned. They are both going to throw most all the illegals out of the country and take effective action to end new illegal immigration. The only areas of controversy has to do if we want to make exceptions for certain sob story hardship cases. Then there is the issue of exactly which sob stories are worth considering and what mechanism of the exception would be. This would all be worked out in the normal legislative give and take in any case.


Timmy says:

"I would give serious thought to voting for Obama, just to make sure that Gingrich never becomes our president."


You could also "give serious thought" to sodomizing yourself with a rusty pipe. But why? WHY?

sylvia kunz

Newt is a progressive and we will have 5 more years of him if he is voted in.and Im a republican, he is a mess for our party and he will embarrass us the whole time hes in office. Why would we go back to the establishment of NEWT GINGRICH, do you really see him and his wife as the president and FIRST LADY. oh so sad weve come to gingricheven being close to winning. ROMNEY will prevale in the end.

Charley Ski

You can tell A Romney supporter. They bring up only part of Gingrich past.
Gingrich is a leader not a salesman. Salesmen say whatever they think you want to hear to close the deal. With smiling well groomed faces and sweet voices.

A Leader like Gingrich has and will lead this country forward out of the gloom into a future with Americain Ideals still intacted.

The facts are Romney is just another shallow Jive talkin salesman like Obama without a tan.
Ill vote for the Socialist if Romney is GOP candidate.

They say you have to hit the bottom first to wake up. I think four more of the "Get your money for nothin and food stamps for free" will wake up you GOP liberals.

John from NJ

Gingrich is a fat bloviator with a nasty tongue. He has no idea that Obama will duck him in debates, make him look mean and NBC will venue the debates in NYC and SF. At least with Romney we have a good shot if he chooses a Christie or Rubio to run with him. Gingrich is just selfish at this point. If we end up with Obama again because of Newt his legacy is cemented as a scumbag.


If Obama is so much for Redistribution of wealth, why did he only give 1% of his to charity?


RUBIO...why don't you run


I want them to fight it out all the way to the end, Newt and all are in the Republican primaries, they know how brutal this process is, so let it finnish up and the American people will decide. The uncredentialed Mysery Man is a trainload of target, he has no defense for his failed policy and blaming congress is just another ruse.
If just one state stops MM in court by making him supply a BC in order to be a qualified candidate and he fails to comply, the Republicans when hands down.
Don't throw your vote away.


ONLY Romney can & will beat Obama in the General Election which will not be determined by Democrats or Republicans BUT by the Independents!!

Gingrich will also lose the Women Vote by a huge majority & any Candidate that loses that Vote big like he will is destined to lose the General Election by a landslide the size of the Goldwater defeat taking Senators, Governors & congressmen down with him...

If the Republican Party wants to continue to self-destruct over an attempt in choosing the "PERFECT" Extreme Right Ideology Candidate on every issue then maybe it's time for the GOP to become extinct like so many of their Voter's minds...

I want a Candidate that is a Financial Conservative, wants a Balance Budget Admendent,and spending slashed...

A Candidate that knows that America must have the strongest Defense of any Nation on this earth, a Candidate that has a vision for our Space Program....

A Candidate that believes everyone has a right to Worship or NOT to worship as they believe without Government involvement...
A Candidate that believes totally in the Free Enterprize System of Capitalism...

Has A Hands UP dedication approach to Jobs.. not a Hand OUT system of taking from those who have work HARD for their money & a re-distribution of wealth Socialist system of government that has failed miserably where ever it's been tried before in the past...

My Believe is that we have 1 and only 1 Candidate that meets all of those requirements and that is Mitt Romney !!!

Vote for Mitt Romney as the Republican Nominee and for Mitt Romney for President in 2012'

Make America the Greatest Nation in the World once Again & not just another Experiment in Failed Socialism!!


If Gingrich practices Open Marriage in the White House, will all his partners get secret service protection? Will all his partners end up costing the tax payer more money?

Glynnis Kennon

Gingrich is the establishment candidate and has spent most of his career in D.C. The dems are drooling over the possibility of a Gingrich nomination since he will easily lose to Obama. The so called religious right should be running away from Gingrich since they espouse family values. There is no better family values man than Romney. Wake up America or we will have four more years of Obama. Vote Romney if you want to win and if you want to get out of this financial disaster we find ourselves in.


Didn't we have old white hair man vs. Obama in the last election? Can you imagine who Newt would choose as a running mate? I can't even imagine it....and hope I don't have too.

The fact that he took Fannie money shows his moral character. The fact that he left 2 wives hanging shows his loyalty. Haven't we had enough of these bozos? I mean, all we do is breed them and then they feel entitled to run our lives. I have an idea Newt.. its called term limits. Then we don't end up with more Newts in the future. I like it!

No Thanks Newt (my bumber sticker)


You people who scold Rubio sound like a bunch of morons. Hello...this is politics and the media recognizes Rubios influence and voice. Just a bunch of Gingrich fanatics who wet thier diapers anytime someone even gently corrects thier blessed bishop of BS.


Gingrich is absolutely right. Romney and Gingrich both are supported by the racist elements in the GOP. GOP is the party of racist. They do not like any race other then white. They hate blacks, Hispanics, Asians, middle easterners and other religions They hate faith other then Christianity. Although the GOP establishment loves the rich and the money from the rich regardless of the race or religion. The new GOP is a right wing fanatical party. The moderates have lost the control.


Where was Rubio's when Mitt's Super Pacs were blasting the beejeebies out of Newt with their lies? Rubio may feel he "owes" Romney for supporting him, but I don't owe Romney anything, and I don't like liberals no matter what political label they might be wearing at any given moment ... and that includes Mitt Romney. You don't get to be Governor of MA by being a conservative!


Funny how Rubio is a star to the GOP until he dares challenge the pompous pope of political poop...That would be Noot.

Hey What happens when Newt looses a primary? That state gets Newtered


"But if we are convinced that Obama is ineligible to serve because he fails to meet the “natural born” standard, then we must also apply that same standard to Marco Rubio. We cannot have it both ways.As conservatives and as Republicans, we differ from liberals and Democrats in that we actually hold ourselves to constitutional principles and the rule of law." http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/forum/topics/rubio-are-conservatives-being-hypocritical?commentId=2734278%3AComment%3A285300&xg_source=activity


It would be wonderful if Mr. Rubio ran for Prez. He is far above the rest of the field.

John Farrar

Well....there goes my impressions of Rubio out the Window. If he's a "Romney" guy...he's no "true" conservative...

Otto Zeit

Newt's "family values": Using daughters from your first wife to convince everyone that your second wife is lying about your third wife.


Rubio is from MIAMI and is more conservative than all repubs running. Get an education before you speak. Your ignorance is showing.

Mad Jayhawk

Gingrich is flat out lying about just about everything Romney.

He says Romney has stock in Freddie and Fannie and should have attended their stock holder meetings to complain about their activities.

How many of you who own mutual funds know whether your fund owns shares in Freddie and Fannie? I can tell you - ZERO.

And if your mutual fund did happen to own shares in Freddie and Fannie would you as a mutual fund share holder that owns shares of Freddie and Fannie be able to attend Freddie and Fannie's share holder meetings? OF COURSE NOT.

Gingrich is a sleaze-ball. Charges that Romney owns shares in Frannie and Freddie are nothing but lies and he knows it. No one in the media is smart enough to hold him accountable for crap like this.


@ Hannah, it is unfortunate that you seem to be the product of outcome-based education. You are only taking the lies provided to you by NBC, CBS, ABC, MCNBC, NPR, and whatever other communist sources you have, and regurgitating it back like a liberal drone. PLEASE, can we get some original thought out of your side??? Again, your lack of education has proven that you have been edoctrinated and are therefore incapable of espousing your own opinions.

@ Leroy, I love you man! "Vote Gingrich and you are voting for eight more years of Gingrich!" - That's CLASSIC! It's also true. Why else would the liberals be so demonizing him...

I would prefer to vote for gum on the bottom of my shoe than the current 5.7% to charity President or $369 (literally) to charity VP.
For comparison: Romney gave away over 42% of his income last year...you do the math...if you can.

Parting original thought: VOTE NEWT-MITT, NOT NIT-WIT in November!

Otto Zeit

Newt's "family values": Using daughters from your first wife to convince everyone that your second wife is lying about your third wife

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