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School prayer bill advances in Senate

The contentious debate over school prayer is once again being played out before the Florida Legislature.

A bill that would allow voluntary, student-led prayer in secondary schools sailed through the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday -– but not before meeting resistance from Anti-Defamation League officials, who called the bill “unnecessary, divisive and unconstitutional.”

Said sponsor Sen. Gary Siplin, D-Orlando: “All I’m trying to do is allow those School Boards and those students who want to partake in this type of activity [the opportunity] to do that.”

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What a joke no $ for Education yet they want to waste time with this garbage!


To me what differentiated High Speed Universities from a plethora of other online schools was the regional accreditation, competency based programs and the how fast you can get the degree.

Myriam Martinez

Look at what has happened since we got God and prayers out of schools. Students are killing students, teachers raping kids, etc. Yes, please, bring God back to schools, bring him back to the world!

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