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Sex talk at the PIP hearing

There was an awkwardly funny exchange Wednesday during a House subcommittee's hearing on PIP reform legislation. It happened during public comment at the Civil Justice Subcommittee during debate on House Bill 119.

First, a woman testified that she was quizzed about personal matters, including her sex life, during investigation of her insurance claim.

A few others spoke after her before it was State Farm lobbyist Mark Delegal's turn.

At first, Democratic Rep. Mack Bernard of West Palm Beach appeared friendly by asking Delegal questions to extend his time to testify in favor of the bill. Committee Chairman Eric Eisnaugle, who had imposed a 60-second cap on speakers' testimony, joked Bernard was throwing Delegal a "life line."

But then, Bernard asked whether a policyholder's sex life was fair game during the claim investigation process. It could be, Delegal said.

That is when things took a turn.

"What if I started to ask you questions about your sex life?" Bernard asked.

Eisnaugle tried to quickly pivot by recognizing another member of the committee to speak. “I’m going to go to Rep. (Darren) Soto," he said.

"That’s a real life line, chairman," Delegal quipped.

As the room erupted in laughter, Delegal added on: "I’ve been married for 18 years. I was going to ask, 'What sex life?'"

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when he gets home from work tonight.


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