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Shakeup: Adam Hasner to run for West's CD seat; Mack could walk in U.S. Senate primary

The dominoes are falling.

U.S. Senate candidate Adam Hasner will likely leave the race and run for Allen West's soon-to-be-vacated Congressional seat, a source tells us. West's seat looks a lot like Hasner's old legislative Delray Beach-based district.

Hasner's move makes sense on more levels than that. Rep. Connie Mack, of Fort Myers, is cruising in the U.S. Senate race, leading in the polls and, soon, fundraising. Hasner could have handled that.

But Hasner's campaign was dealt a serious blow, of sorts, bythe presidential campaign of Mitt Romney, who stumped in the final days across Florida with Mack. Mack picked up precious TV time and the aura of the favored.

Meanwhile, to avoid a bloody primary, leadership in the U.S. House asked Hasner to run for West's seat. But first, West had to announce he'd leave his seat and run for Tom Rooney's seat. And before that happened, Rooney had to announce he'd leave his district and run for a new district.

Connie Mack still has to run in a primary, though, and former Sen. George LeMieux is sticking with it. At least for now.

All of the shifting has been sparked in large part by the Constitutional requirement to redraw congressional districts every 10 years after the U.S. Census. A new state constitutional requirement forbids state legislators, who must redraw the maps, from favoring or disfavoring an incumbent or political party.

 Translation: It's a recipe for a lawsuit.

So now the question is: What happens to this Republican congressional musical-chairs game if Democrats sue and win the right to have new maps?


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Mike Michaels(mikeymike143), Senior Media Director, Tea Party Fort Lauderdale, America's Longest Running Tea Party

I will be representing Tea Party Fort Lauderdale and the anti Ron Paul movement as the cohost of a conservative radio show on Sunday at 9pm. Click on the link to see the details. And please feel free to share this. Mike



Why would the democrats sue, they got almost everything they possible could of gotten. They kept there gerrymandered minority districts of which the 5th is the most insane of them all (south Orlando to north Jackonville). On the other hand no republican district really is gerrymandered in their favor. So democrats will be a lot more competitive now with the new districts. About the only thing they could sue about is violation of federal voting right laws that minorities are not represented based on how the districts are drawn. I really don’t know how that case could be made.

Peter Schorsch

The breathtaking audacity of the Hasner-Rooney-West shuffle.


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