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Herman Cain endorses Newt Gingrich

Update: Herman Cain endorsed Gingrich.

The conservative Shark Tank blog says Herman Cain could endorse Newt Gingrich tonight in Palm Beach County during a Lincoln Day dinner there. There has been buzz for a month Cain might do it, Gingrich's campaign said to expect a big endorsement tonight and earlier this evening GOP operative Roger Stone suggested Can might be the man.

Whether this makes a difference at all is a good question. Perhaps we should ask Craig Miller. Who's that? He's the guy in single-digits in the Florida Senate race primary polls who was endorsed by Cain recently.

But who knows, to the degree there's an untapped reservoir of tea-party-like supporters who will be swayed by Cain, this could account for a few votes for Gingrich. But will it be enough to overcome Mitt Romney's ever-widening lead in the polls? Probably not.

Here's what a top-notch Republican consultant just sent us as a joke that's nevertheless probably accurate:



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Lynn Otting

Romney will not beat President O'bama. Romney is exactly what O'bama needs to promote the tax increase of the elite one percent. If you think any independent will vote for someone who made millions at the expense of bankrupting and closing small town manufacturing businesses, then you deserve four more years of O'bama. People will wonder why he didn't invest that overseas money into American manufacturing businesses.


So Palin and Cain, two major political posers, have endorsed the Newt. Excellent.

The longer Gingrich stays in the race, the more dirt he and Romney will dig up about eat other, convincing even more moderates and independents that neither is worthy of becoming POTUS.

C.Ed Gillespie

This endorsement will not matter , the word going around the political junkies Nancy Reagan is probably ready to endorse Mitt Romney,after the Abrams article. This will happen sooner than later,is the opinion of the junkies.

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