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Shooting for the Sunshine State: Mitt Romney about to air positive spot in Florida

There's little doubt that the Republican candidate in the most-enviable position this cycle is Mitt Romney. He's going to show in Iowa and blowing away his New Hampshire rivals. And while South Carolina doesn't look so good for him (at least right now), Florida is a prize he's best-positioned to win. Unlike the smaller aforementioned states, Florida is huge (we have more electoral college votes than all the other earlies combined). This isn't a retail-politics joint. It's a TV state. It's 10 media markets scattered across six major regions. 

And Romney has the money, the organization and the know-how to take advantage of it all. Last week, he hosted a Florida telephone town hall. And now he's planning to run this positive ad, "Leader, which has already aired in the other early-voting states. No word yet on the GRPs or media markets, but the Orlando-Tampa I-4 corridor is always a good bet. 

Meantime, the pro-Romney SuperPac, Restore Our Future, has been up, running and bashing Newt Gingrich. While Romney's campaign ad appears to be the first of the GOP candidates in Florida, expect a lot more advertising (and less positivity) from him, his rivals and the SuperPacs as the Jan. 31 Florida primary draws near.

Who will be his biggest Florida challenger? It depends on who wins South Carolina Jan. 21. Who wins that? It might depend on who makes the gamble to largely ignore New Hampshire in favor of the Palmetto State.

Some candidates also might opt to skip Florida and focus elsewhere. This state might not be worth the treasure, as Mike Huckabee showed in 2008. Still, Huckabee lost to John McCain, whose Florida victory helped make him the nominee and shatter Romney's hopes.


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debra langley

I don't expect a fair election in 2012 due to more reasons then can possibly be listed


The following is an excerpt from that article “The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Trying To Buy The 2012 Election“ that shows how much money employees of those banks (and their spouses) gave to various candidates for president during the first 9 months of 2011….

Mitt Romney: $813,300
Barack Obama: $198,874
Tim Pawlenty: $101,515
Rick Perry: $58,900
Jon Huntsman: $28,250
Ron Paul: $13,104
Herman Cain: $2,715
Michelle Bachmann: $1,500
Newt Gingrich: $1,250

Even though Romney’s poll numbers have been in the mid to low 20s most of the time, employees of the big Wall Street banks gave him $813,300 during the first 9 months of 2011 and they only gave $105,719 to the rest of the Republican candidates that were still in the race at the end of the third quarter combined.

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