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Tallahassee battle lines drawn over Internet sales tax

Carla Jimenez owns an independent bookstore in Tampa, and her top competitor is 3,000 miles away, operating outside the purview of Florida’s sales tax laws.

Hossein Tavana, an avid online shopper who lives in Hollywood, says 60 percent of his purchases take place on the Internet because the Web has the best bargains.

Florida policymakers are considering an “e-tax” law that would help Jimenez compete with the likes of Seattle-based Amazon but would also cost Tavana hundreds of dollars in additional sales taxes a year.

“You have two competing goals that are in direct conflict with one another, from a policy standpoint,” said House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, who leads half of the Legislature’s pro-business, tax-averse majority.

Read the rest of the story on debate over Internet sales taxes here.



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Joshu Jones

We need to get those taxes for the 1% (job destroyers) back up into the 70% range before we talk about taxing anyone else.


Our legislators are out of control. Instead of looking for ways to control spending and live within our means they are constantly looking for ways to get more money, which is then foolishly spent om pet projects. Taxing internet sales is just another way for state government to get deeper into our pockets.


A fix on this is long overdue. Punishing local retailers like Carla for owning a small business in Florida is a recipe for economic DISASTER!

Why should small businesses in FL collect the tax but their competitors in Seattle don't have to?

Besides, closing this loophole means you can cut the sales tax rate for EVERYONE. Save FL businesses and protect consumers -- no brainer!

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