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The boomerang effect: R's who attack Newt Gingrich for Rivera support impugn Marco Rubio

Yesterday, after Miami Rep. David Rivera made it official that he supported Republican candidate Newt Gingrich, the anonymous conservative whisper campaign began. They pointed out that Rivera, the only one of the three Republican representatives from Miami not to endorse Mitt Romney, had been dogged by state and federal investigations owing to investigative reports in The Miami Herald. 

Some people didn't like Rivera, the always-on-offense pit fighter. Others didn't like Gingrich. Some didn't like both. So it was an two-fer.

The sentiment was summed up nicely by Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin: "It actually is true you can tell a person by the company he keeps. In Florida today, Newt Gingrich got a nice warm introduction from none other than Rep. David Rivera (R-Fla.). Has Gingrich slipped completely off his rocker?"

But, by this standard, the Republicans' beloved Senator, Florida's Marco Rubio, needs some new furniture. Rivera isn't just an ally of Rubio's. He's a close family friend, like an uncle to Rubio's kids. 

When Rubio was Florida House Speaker, Rivera was his Rules Chairman and political enforcer. When the network Univision put Rubio's family in a tough spot, Rivera almost single-handedly got the various Republican presidential campaigns to boycott a proposed debate by Univision in retaliation. At one point, Rivera went so far as to buttonhole Rep. Michele Bachmann on the U.S. House floor to ensure she'd back the boycott.

Last month, when Rubio's political committee held a fundraiser, Rivera arrived with the senator and his wife in their SUV. He then introduced Rubio, who sticks by the friends who stick by him.

Some of the Florida Republicans who work for Romney and know about Rubio's close association with Rivera kept their mouths shut when their fellow conservatives started to potshot Gingrich over Rivera. They knew this was a no-win idea.

After all, just like Gingrich's attacks on Bain Capital, attacking Gingrich over Rivera plays into the hands of Democrats, who get to sit back, pull up the popcorn and send out press releases of Republicans attacking each other in their own words.


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Rivera the thug

Well, that seals it for me... Gingrich is out for my vote. If Rivera supports someone, they must be really bad people. And yes, birds of a feather DO flock together, Rubio.

The Truth

The Bain attacks are typical Rivera style politics. I wouldn't doubt it if Rivera is trying to raise money for Gingrich's Super PAC. Oh, and who is Gingrich's top fundraiser for Florida? Yes, of coarse, the same person that is Rivera's top money person.


This is very easy: Rivera " supports" Gingrich for the money he gets out of Esther Nuefers company who raises money for Gingrich, Rivera and MARCO RUBIO. Nuhfer is very very close to Rubio. Riveras chief of staff, the infamous "Alina" alias "la peluquera" is also close to Rubio, her daughter actually works for Rubio after being involve in a corruption case with Rivera. No need to say more. This i Marco Rubios "staff" stealing for him also.

dog of war

Even after all the scandal, investigations and rivera hiring criminal defense legal representation, rubio is still using ester nuhfer to raise money. it's no secret. dozens of people in tallahassee and miami are getting calls from her. Rivera also got her the fundraising gig with newt. however, from the looks of Rivera's campaign, she hasn't had much luck raising money in 2011. her two sugar daddies are no longer in talahasseee. she isn't a top fundraiser anymore.

George Fuller

i thought Rubio would have distanced hinself from Rivera being under investigation.....but it looks like ethnicity is more important than the law....


George is not ethnicity, is MONEY, POWER, LOYALTY. Rubio will never distance from Rivera because he WORKS for him. As well as Nuhfer. They work for MARCO RUBIO.

Robert Jenkins

This is easy to figure out; "Newt" promised both Rivera, and Rubio pardons if he is elected President.None of the others have even met with them. With these investigations about to wrap up, and go before the grand jury; none of the other candidates dare ask for their support. I can see the headlines now; Indicted Rivera and Rubio, throw their support for "Newt". Yeah that will push "Newt" right over the top.

Vicente Fox

Well, that's it for me too. I'm opposing Gingrich even though he's out of the race anyway. In regards to Marco Rubio, he is a gangster just like Rivera. What they did to Univision is so machiavellian they don't disserve to ever win any type of election again. Rubio says he didn't call for the boycott... Yeah right, like Rivera would do that without Rubio's blessing at the very least. Most likely, both of them, and operatives from both Romney's and Rubio's campaign such as Cesar Conda, who is Dick Cheney's evil apprentice. If Rubio is not a gangster, then all his associates and friends are. And I'm making my point without even mentioning Rubio's early-released, felony-convicted, member of an FBI-informant-dismembering narcotrafficking gang brother in law Orlando Cicilia because considering all of them, I think Cicilia is the nicest one of the group.

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