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'This Gingrich thing -- you can feel it."

ORANGEBURG, S.C. -- Newt Gingrich was in his element: On stage, a rapt crowd hanging on his words, the spotlight of the national media upon him as he surges in South Carolina the day before Saturday’s Republican primary.

This didn’t look like a candidate whose ex-wife, Marianne, accused him on national television the day before of wanting an “open marriage.”

Nor did he seem like the victim of a classic South Carolina dirty trick earlier in the day: A fake CNN news alert e-mail falsely claiming he wanted his ex “to abort a pregnancy conceived during the affair that preceded her marriage to Gingrich.”

Instead, Gingrich looked like the confident frontrunner he always thought he should be.

“We knew, when we decided we’d run, we knew there’d be negative attack ads, we knew the elite media would attack us,” Gingrich told the overflow crowd of hundreds here.

The criticisms and controversies so far have allowed him to grow stronger by giving him the chance to showcase what Mitt Romney lacks: pugnacity.

“He’s a fighter. He’s fearless. He’s not politically correct. I love that,” said Carolyn Walker, a 46-year-old Republican from nearby Lexington.

Thursday night’s debate, in which Gingrich tongue-lashed CNN moderator John King over the “open marriage” question, sealed the deal for numerous voters interviewed Friday. Next to bashing President Obama, attacking the news media is a path to electoral gold among conservatives.

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Matthias Klein

I am sitting here in Germany and wonder about the US. Who is leading in the GOP primary?
Mr 1% Romney and Mr Big Ideas Gingrich.

But where are the new big ideas? Lower taxes? Less government regulation? My 11 year old son can write an essay about that.

From the outside I must tell you. Truth and wisdom is a rare ingredient in the US primary election.

Watch: German preacher's thoughts on 2012


Video about Goldman Sachs/military contracts:



Well done in South Carolina Mr.Speaker!

When deposed by an adversary, you return volleys’ described as a well seasoned battleship of knowledge and experience that enables resourcefully and carefully aimed cannons to return fire and obliterate the attacker.

Others prefer to spin confusing haft truth statements in support of self serving agendas.

May I be the first to welcome the USS GINGRICH into battle for America’s Honor, Freedom and Liberty, from those enemies foreign and domestic!


I hope Florida voters could do better job in looking at the background of all the remainig candidates before voting on January 31, 2012. Instaed of voting for irratic Newt and unreliable Romney, it is advisable to vote for steady and genuine conservative with outstanding credentials. That candidate is Santorum. he won the IOWA Caucus and the last CNN debate. 75% of evangelical leaders voted for him when they met in Houstan Texas. Newt got only 29%.


Polls are subjective and and not reliable. The character, integrity and electability of a candidate matters in the Republican Primaries and in the general election. To begin with no candidate is pefect. There are now one conseravtives left in the race. Newt's colleagues and others say there are two Newts (the bad,erratic and the unpredictable and the good Newt). With all the debating skills he has, his unpreditability and sometimes, blunt and condescendig attitude is very worrisome to those who want to support him. These along with his marital infidelities and shifty positions like Romney could cost him the presidency. So many may not understand that winning a debate (as important as it is) by itself be it in a primary or/and the general is not a guarantee to be elected POTUS. Ones background matters much to the electorates. There are so many who advised Newt to "reinvent" himself. I do not understand why some conservatives tend to support Newt based on his debating skills overlooking his flip-flops like Romney. Both have a lot of political baggagges that could be used agaisnt either of them in the general by the BHO campaign. The MSM has already convinced the public that only Romney or Newt is electable. Could we trust the mass media who has a vested interest to re-elect President Obama? Should not Conservatives vote based on Conservative values? The one remaining conservative with almost no political baggages, good at debates, has a solid conservative record, father of 7 children, and a faithful husband, rich experiences as a legislature with legislation victories is Santorum. He has won the IOWA Caucus as certified by IOWA Republican party yesterday. Despite outside endorsements, I hope conservatives, evangelicals, republicans and independent minded South Carolinians would vote their values without accepting the mass medias narratives and inevitability come January 21, 2012. Santorum is the only leading advocate for social conservative values. What works against Newt & Romney is their records and shiftness. If we believe conservatism is a winner, let us vote our values. Both Romney and Santorum graduated with MBA. Santorum has also a training in law and politics. There is no one who fought and scored victories on the Senate floor for conseravtive values such as in the Defense of Marriage Act, protection of unborn innocent babies in their mothers' wombs, welfare (change in)etc. like Santorum.

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