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Well behind Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich begins chasing mail-in ballot voters, says he'll advertise soon on TV


GINGRICH 12-01 Florida Absentee (LR)


While Mitt Romney has hit up Florida Republicans with numerous mail pieces and advertised across the state, his opponents have been quiet.

Until now.

Newt Gingrich is sending out so-called "chase mail" to persuade absentee-ballot voters to pick him. But is it too late? More than 435,067 absentee ballots have been requested, and 107,779 of have sent them back and voted.

The likely beneficiary: Romney.

So is it too late for Gingrich? Outside the offices of Radio Mambi this morning, he told us in one word: "No."

Gingrich: "We have a mailer going out now we have other things going on now, but look, he's raised millions of dollars from Wall Street. So if you just measure by money, he's always going to have more money than we do, then Obama's going to have more money than he does. So if money's the only solution then Obama will be reelected. What we have as you saw today is real messages for the people of Florida, and I think that overall we'll do just fine here."

We're going up in both radio and TV. And mostly going up with direct mail.

After Gingrich left the Univisión studios, WAQI-AM (710) co-host Ninoska Pérez-Castellón praised Gingrich for coming to Miami and speaking to the issue that matters most to older, Hispanic voters: Cuba.

"You come here, you want the votes of this community, you have to fix your position on Cuba," she said.

Added co-host and station news director Armando Pérez Roura: "You can't come here to Florida, to aspire for the presidency, and not take the case of Cuba seriously because, what are we going to expect?"

GINGRICH 12-01 Florida Absentee (R)-1

-- Patricia Mazzei contributed to this report