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What Gingrich's S.C. Romney-stomping means for FL's 'battle royale'

Columbia, S.C. -- Newt Gingrich crushed the once-mighty Mitt Romney in South Carolina’s first-in-the-South primary, in a victory that transformed Florida’s upcoming vote from a snoozer into a dogfight.

“This sets the stage for a battle royale in the Sunshine State,” said Nelson Warfield, a political consultant for former Rick Perry’s recently ended campaign who’s also a member of Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s inner political circle.

“Newt Gingrich changed the narrative of this race,” Warfield said. “Before South Carolina, Romney was the slow, inevitable candidate. And Florida was going to be his coronation. Now Romney has to fight.”

Romney has already been waging a low-key battle in Florida, spending about $2.5 million on TV ads and roughly $1 million on mail to target the early and absentee Republican voters who have already cast almost 200,000 ballots in Florida — about 10 percent of the expected vote Jan. 31.

Early-voting precincts opened statewide in Florida on Saturday as South Carolina voters went to the polls.

Out-raised, out-spent and out-organized, Gingrich has done relatively little. But his win will reverberate throughout the nation, and especially Florida, where voters are like voters everywhere — they like a winner.

Gingrich won big time in South Carolina, gaining 41 percent of the vote to Romney's 27 percent. Rick Santorum won 17 percent and Ron Paul 13 percent.

In his victory speech, Gingrich lauded his opponents and condemned President Barack Obama, the news media and the “elites” in New York and Washington.

"The centerpiece of this campaign is American exceptionalism vs… radicalism," Gingrich said. “We want to run not a Republican campaign — we want to run an American campaign because we are optimists about the future because America has always been optimistic about the future.”

The day before Saturday’s vote in South Carolina, it was clear Romney was in trouble. He started focusing more on Gingrich and less on Obama.

Romney and his campaign started tearing into Gingrich for his ethics problems when he was House Speaker and for his role in advising Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The attack on Gingrich’s consulting for the lenders could be particularly potent in Florida, ground-zero of the mortgage and housing meltdown.

When he conceded at 8 p.m. Saturday, Romney briefly congratulated Gingrich. Then, without naming Gingrich, Romney began indirectly attacking him for criticizing Bain Capital, a Romney-built venture capital firm that sometimes profited from laying off workers and closing factories.

Gingrich said Bain “looted” companies, such as Miami-based Dade Behring. Romney and conservative critics responded by saying that Gingrich was attacking capitalism itself and sounded like a liberal Democrat.

"If Republican leaders want to join this president in demonizing success, then they’re not going to be fit to be the nominee,” Romney said to cheers.

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Linda Stocks


Linda Harris Stocks

Conservative Christian Moderates who claim they have voted for Mitt Romney in the South Carolina Primary based on his strong stance on family values may want to take a second look.

In the conservative Christian ideology, “Family Values” includes the “right to life”, i.e. a prolife position, and also a firm position on marriage being between one man and one woman.

By this definition, Mitt Romney’s political “flip flop” record on “Family Values” issues resembles a dizzying “Flying Wallendas” act, strategically straddling both sides of an issue while flying through political campaigns with acrobatic ease.

Mitt piously declared himself pro-life in the televised primary debate held in Dec 2011.

Flip back to 2006 and you will discover that as Governor of Massachuset’s, On April 12, 2006 Romney signed Massachusetts' government health care plan that from the start has provided taxpayer funds even for what are called "elective" abortions, killing unborn children without even the facade of the typical, though invalid, medical excuses common in tax-funded abortion laws.

As a pro-choice Governor, Romney also:
- put Planned Parenthood on the so-called "independent" board he created that offers $50 co-pay abortions
- thereby instituted tax-funded abortion on demand two years after his orchestrated "pro-life" conversion
- as late as summer 2011 continued to defend aborting tens of thousands of kids (denying their God-given right to life).

As for same sex marriage, while Massachusetts Governor, Romney fabricated a claim that a court ordered him to institute same-sex marriage, a travesty he actually committed on his own. Romney single-handedly instituted same-sex marriage.

Flip floping yet again, in a December 2011 republican presidential debate Romney adamantly stated his position supporting marriage being legally between one man and one woman.

Factor in Romney’s religious family ties to polygammy through his Mormon grandfather, and you have a strange mixed bag of pro-abortion legislation, same sex marriage legislation and loyal ties to a religious organization that piously pandered polygammy for decades.

For voters who fell in love with Romney at first sight, that may be cured by taking a hard second look. One is compelled to ask: if Romney were to become president which version
of his political ideologies and family values would America get?

Ward Roberts

Newt Gingrich avoided serving in the Military while other young men went to war. Newt asked God to forgive him for his sexual affairs which I believe was political reasons not remorse. Callista Gingrich could be the First lady of the white house knownly having a sex orgy with a married man. What has happen to American Values? Maybe we can get Callista to teach Sunday School.

Brandon Myers

Ward Roberts has it all down, right here. Newt is a total hypocrite that would discredit any concept of opposing same-sex marriage from the elementary schoolers up to the reasonable adults. How can a man who is rampantly unfaithful and dumps his spouses sound sincere when it comes to family values? Truth is, he can't, especially when you get asked the question by atheist couples, or by same-sex couples who have faithfully lived together for years.
Even moreso, there's the issue of him being a quitter for what he did. He quit his wife after 20 years, what's so magical about 20 years? Well, that's when a wife usually starts to lose a great deal of her ideal beauty. Newt Gingrich's tendency shows a lot about what he thinks about his wives: they're little more than convenient objects for him to act out his lust, and then leave them for another, younger woman, when they are no longer useful in that regard.
Linda gives what sounds like a good point, but regarding the constitution, what should someone do if they receive a court mandate? Should they act like Governor George Wallace, stand in front of the door and obstruct the same-sex couples? Or should someone contest with the courts until you've really lost, put in mind also that getting impeached also hurts your credibility, so if you are in the governor's seat, it's a lose-lose situation, at least when you try to be constitutional about it.
Romney is a jerk, and Santorum or Paul are idealists, but at the same time, the character of Gingrich and his genuine flip-flops will undermine anyone's impression of family values quite easily, because most of America has no interest in voting a man who is worse in his own marriages than Obama is.

RINO Romney

Romney is Mr. Free Enterprise?

He has his own Solyndra problem:

Ben Smith
Romney's Energy-Project Past

And corporate welfare issues, too (taxpayer funded to line his pockets):

American Spectator
Romney: Corporate Welfare Bum

Baltimore Sun
Corporate Welfare for Bain and Romney

Just a few. There are others.

America needs free enterprise capitalism, not Romney's corporate welfare, crony capitalism.


Romney is unfit to be president simply because their is not alot separating him and Obama on the issues. Mr. Flip-flopper is pro gay marriage and anti-life no matter what he may claim. Not to mention "Romney care." The man is a R.I.N.O.-republican in name only.
While Newt is not the ideal candidiate at least he holds to true American values. Go get 'em Newt!


The responsible people won't let the rabble elect Gingrich. It was fun Newton, now go home. Only Mitt can can be counted on to protect what is important

Austin Hoffman

heck ya!! GO NEWT!!! ....i just realized how big of a BOSS Newt is.... and i quote:
"Andrew Jackson had a pretty clear cut idea about America's enemies...KILL THEM"
LOL...come on, he sounds like the ex--cali governator/terminator .. I LOVE IT!


Mitt Romney the "buyout baron" is a liar, a con man and a scam artist. He is the founding father of the "private equity" Wall Street scam. They take over a company and inflate its short-term profits by laying off workers, cutting pensions and selling assets. They then take out huge loans in the acquired firm's name and immediately transfer the money as "dividends" and "fees" to Bain capital. If the now deeply debt-ridden acquired firm goes bankrupt, Bain gets to keep all that money as it is untouchable in bankruptcy proceedings. Bain socializes their losses to banks, pension insurers, etc. and privatizes their gains in the same kind of Wall Street con job that led to the mortgage crisis. Bain donates to Democrats and keeps the laws in place to allow this to go on. Nominate Romney and you will see all of this exposed by the liberal media in the fall. He is a classic Wall Street crook and will become unelectable. If he did win, you can only expect the collusion between big government and Wall Street to become deeper and more endemic, driving the nation further into bankruptcy.

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