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Who's the weakest of them all (on Cuba policy)? Ron Paul & Newt Gingrich, anti-Castro blog says

Capitol Hill Cubans, a Washington D.C.-based anti-Castro blog, has a post up Thursday about the Republican presidential candidates' positions on Cuba. 

The blog's conclusion: The two weakest hopefuls on Cuba policy are Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich.

Paul, the blog says, "supports unilaterally lifting all sanctions towards Cuba and unconditionally normalizing relations with the Castro dictatorship."

And as for Gingrich? He "has expressed his support for the Obama Administration's policy of unlimited travel and remittances to Cuba (which has more than doubled the Castro regime's foreign currency reserves)."

According to the blog, which is edited by Mauricio Claver-Carone, director of the hardline U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC:

Fortunately, the rest of the field (congruently) supports strengthening the pro-democracy movement, while depriving the dictatorship of the hard-currency it desperately needs.



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Listen I am Cuban and proud of that, but the thought that any president is the answer to the issues in Cuba is crazy. The solution in Cuba is for the people of Cuba to revolt against the goverment period. Enough going to sleep hungry, and watching my people suffer. Revolution is the answer!!! It ia always better to die free than to live in fear and oppression. It is no one's responsibility but ours to be free!


End the embargo and watch capitalism flourish.
The old Cuban guard is only perpetuating this nonsense.
Why should Cubans be the only privileged Americans who get to travel there?


A couple of flights of predator drones to take out the top leadership of the regime should be enough to free the Cubans to create a real democracy.

Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo

This article is ridiculous and completely taken out of context to serve a specific purpose of taking a hit on Newt. Reminds me of other hit pieces that were "NOT" part of other campaigns against the Speaker.

I google'd this myself and here are his full comments regarding this.


Since we are in Florida, can you provide an idea of how your administration would handle relations with Cuba?

I think we need a very aggressive model. I describe it as a Cuban Spring. If you have a U.S. government that says Assad should go, why aren't they aggressively saying Castro should go?

We are trying to develop a strategy right now to outline the things we would do in the next two years to try to get the Cuban people to freedom by 2014.

Can you provide some specific examples?

Dramatically expand support for independence in Cuba, dramatically expand communications, begin bringing pressure to bear. Try to go to the younger generation of Cubans in Cuba and work with them covertly.

Would you open up trade relations with Cuba as president?

It's probably not part of it, but I think you would look at under what circumstance would you change and could you offer the Cuban people. For example, immediately after a free election, all the embargoes would drop as of that day. You could have the carrot of saying, the second there's a free election, we should do everything we can to help the Cuban economy flourish.

President Obama has opened more air travel to the island. Would you shut down those flights?

No, but I would very aggressively move towards maximizing dissent inside Cuba. Mostly covert, and also just subsidies. Go back and look what we did in Poland for example when we aggressively supported Solidarity.

What kinds of items would you subsidize?

You might try to find a way to give virtually every Cuban a free radio. You might want to try to find a way to maximize your ability to broadcast into Cuba so that you have a continuous alternative model of information.

Do you support "wet-foot-dry-foot," the policy that allows Cubans to stay in the United States, but only if they can reach land?

No, I think we ought to have some rule that says if you get far enough away from Cuba you've made it. I think it's a terrible thing to say to somebody that you can be within sight of land and that if we intercept you, we're sending you back. Cuba is the last authoritarian dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere, so it's a unique case.

Cubano de Cuba

Thankfully, that crazy fringe group which can't even raise money anymore is not the arbiter of what's a weak or strong Cuba policy. But keep giving them credence by putting Mauricio's crazy ramblings on your pages, Herald.

miguel sueiras

Ron Paul is a straight shooter .Stop giving the Castro brothers the excuse of the embagro for the failure of their collectivist sysyem.They would reject an embargo lifting because the pressure would be on them to put up or shut up.They would not be able to control the flow of information goods facebook twitter ect.As far as drones go.The US will never attack Cuba.They like dictators that keep their people under control.It has been a has been a good relationship for a few very wealthy and powerful Cubans over here to talk tough appeasing the old school cuban community while all along its an understanding.They laugh at how easily they can manipulate south Florida voters.

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