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With Latin Builders in Miami, Newt Gingrich steers clear of mentioning Mitt Romney

The morning after another combative Republican primary debate, Newt Gingrich emphasized his pro-business, anti-regulation platform -– and his connections to Ronald Reagan as a young congressman -– in a speech before a Hispanic business group in downtown Miami on Friday.

Unmentioned in Gingrich’s 30-minute speech: Republican rival Mitt Romney.

Speaking at a candidate forum organized by the influential Latin Builders Association, Gingrich emphasized his years as Speaker of the House of Representatives, years when Congress passed welfare reform legislation and balanced the federal budget. And he also cast himself as an early champion of Reagan’s supply-side economics in the early 1980s.

Gingrich promised to go back to the supply-side “playbook” again if elected president, lowering taxes on corporations and gutting the federal bureaucracy. Among his proposals: Erasing the Environmental Protection Agency -– what he called a “dictatorial job-killing agency” -- and recasting it as the “Environmental Solutions Agency.”

Gingrich said his top priority as president will be to reduce unemployment.

“In the long run, the answer to the housing crisis is getting people to work,” Gingrich told the association, which includes many large homebuilders.

Gingrich opened his address by endorsing a new bill proposed by Miami congressman David Rivera that would provide citizenship to young immigrants who serve in the U.S. military.

Gingrich’s campaign also announced the creation of a Hispanic “steering committee” to generate support among Hispanic voters. The committee includes Rivera, Miami City Commissioner Francis Suarez, Miami-Dade Commissioner Xavier Suarez, and Otto Reich, a former ambassador and State Department official.

Romney, Gingrich’s chief rival in the polls, was not scheduled to appear before the builders association, though he was invited to the forum. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is scheduled to speak to the builders group later Friday.



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I will be voting against any candidate that receives the endorsement of the Latin Builders Association. Their greed is destroying our county and our environment.


Hard to imagine all the egos fit in that room (Newt and those self-centered developers)

Jenny Sinclair

There is no democracy. Don't kid yourself. Unelected officials have taken over Washington and most of the media after a coup. Even 80% or more of the comments on all media sites are paid government posters creating the perception of public opinion.

Learn what Osama, Obama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin really had to do with the last election.


Chris London

Mitt Romney is a Professional LIAR and one of the most inauthentic, insincere, fraudulent, hollow and phony men to ever run for the Presidency in America. This is how he is seen widely by members of his own political party; even the establishment elites who have morally compromised themselves by backing the Mormon Madoff. Despite his daily battles with the truth, multiple videos of him in the public domain illustrating his clear and consistent lying, the mainstream media engages this guy as if his persistent deception and fraud is an acceptable part of our politics. It is NOT. The Romney Clown continues to present himself as an honest, honorable, humble family man who made his money as a glorified builder of American industry rather than as a Mormon Madoff engaged in predatory vulturous financial schemes on the backs of America's collapsing industry. He is the only Presidential Candidate who maintains off-shore accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland which in and of itself ought to disqualify this Illuminati plant from contention. You will forgive me if I and many Republicans, Democrats and Independents have a hard time seeing Romney as anything more than a totally insincere and duplicitous piece of human garbage who should ride on top of someone else's station wagon until he Romney's all over himself: http://spreadingromney.com/


Unless you are in the top 1%, you should never vote Republican.
They are the the rich, for the rich no matter what they tell you.


I am Republican and no rich, I did like Mitt but he made me switch cuz he is such a Liar....
He has a blind trust, he dont know and never seen any of his ads, he has a guys who does his investment and he know noting about it ..come on Mitt so being like OBAMA he is like a kid in school I did that ut what you did worst kinda thing. I am so upset stop the nonesense and lets get down to the business at hand. I leaning for Newt ...I think a Newt Santorum thats the ticket LOL.


Newt did you have a Hispanic "Steering Committee" in South Carolina or New Hampshire?

Stop pandering for votes, you look desperate.

After 30 years of living off the taxpayer gravy train, Newt needs to try the private sector and see if his Moon Colony ideas work in the real world.

And Newt left not one, but TWO sick wives (cancer, multiple sclerosis) for mistresses/aides before "finding" religion late in life. Sorry, not buying it. His wife should be watching out for future #4 on his staff...


and Newt, stop mentioning Reagan it is getting old and worn out, much like you..

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