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With strong Hialeah backing, Mitt Romney shows off Miami-Dade leadership team

If the Hialeah City Council could pick presidents, Mitt Romney would be commander in chief. A majority of the elected leaders -- and the mayor -- in the large, Hispanic city have endorsed. From a press release:

Boston, MA – In a show of overwhelming strength in Miami-Dade County, the Mitt Romney campaign today announced the support of a list of local elected officials who have endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

“I am proud to have the support of these respected leaders,” said Mitt Romney. “Like me, these leaders believe that our President has failed to lead, and stand ready to join our effort to restore prosperity to America, so the hard-working people and families in every corner of our nation can find jobs and move forward.”

“Mitt Romney is a committed conservative who believes in the American Dream, and we believe in him,” said Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez. “Governor Romney is principled, hard-working, and honest; and he has the real-world experience necessary to bring our country out of economic recession. We are proud to endorse him and support his candidacy.”

The following leaders have endorsed Governor Romney for President:

Ana Rivas Logan, State Representative

Anitere Flores, State Senator

Carlos Hernandez, Mayor of Hialeah

Dan Espino, Vice-Mayor of Miami Springs

Eddy Gonzalez, State Representative

Isis Garcia-Martinez, Hialeah City Councilwoman

Jeanette Nunez, State Representative

Jose “Pepe” Diaz, Miami-Dade County Commissioner

Jose Bermudez, Mayor of Doral

Jose Caragol, Hialeah City Councilman

Jose Felix Diaz, State Representative

Jose Oliva, State Representative

Katharine Cue, Hialeah City Councilwoman

Luis Gonzalez, Hialeah City Councilman

Michael Pizzi, Mayor of Miami Lakes

Nelson Hernandez, Miami Lakes City Councilman

Paul Hernandez, Hialeah City Councilman

Pete Cabrera, Doral Councilman

Tim Daubert, Miami Lakes City Councilman

Zavier Garcia, Mayor of Miami Springs


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Amazing. Whatever the mayor of Hialeah does the council does
Also. Talk about third world. Ha ha ha.


Some respected State Reps and plenty of band wagon jumpers like Michael Pizzi whom months ago bragged about his "meeting" with Obama.


Strong Hialeah backing? You say that like its a plus, lol.


Jose “Pepe” Diaz? I guess he is going after the corruption vote. Blech!

Roberto torres

I'd rather have an endorsement from Captain Crunch than Hialeah Mayor Carlos Hernandez. Hernandez runsnthatncity like a dictator, all his cronie councilmen follow right behind him. If they don't there will be consequences.

nick charles

Roses are red...
Violets are blue...
Mitt's got money...

Bill Drury

South Carolina shifted the momentum--no question. But Newt has not magically transformed himself from unelectable to electable. He is still an adulterer, he is still unethical, and the Democrats would still prefer to run against him rather than Romney. Mitt lost because South Carolinians were searching hard for an alternative, not based on legitimate policy differences, but based on a deep-seated and generational bias against Mormons. Unfortunately, few are willing to be candid about this bias with the media, and the media is therefore not accurately reporting about what I believe actually happened.
Maybe Romney's faith really is an insurmountable obstacle. (I tend to believe that evangelicals will vote against Obama regardless.) But Gingrich's victory in South Carolina absolutely does not speak to his electabilty in a general election. Rather, it shows that evangelicals will vote for almost anyone (other than President Obama) to avoid voting for a Mormon.


I believe you Bill Drury, evangelicals are not being objective in their voting by counting too much against mitt romney because of his religion! and that is plain wrong!!


Mitt and Newt both have significant issues. I think Santorum is the best choice. He needs some traction.

Chris London

Mitt Romney is a Professional LIAR and one of the most inauthentic, insincere, fraudulent, hollow and phony men to ever run for the Presidency in America. This is how he is seen widely by members of his own political party; even the establishment elites who have morally compromised themselves by backing the Mormon Madoff. Despite his daily battles with the truth, multiple videos of him in the public domain illustrating his clear and consistent lying, the mainstream media engages this guy as if his persistent deception and fraud is an acceptable part of our politics. It is NOT. The Romney Clown continues to present himself as an honest, honorable, humble family man who made his money as a glorified builder of American industry rather than as a Mormon Madoff engaged in predatory vulturous financial schemes on the backs of America's collapsing industry. He is the only Presidential Candidate who maintains off-shore accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland which in and of itself ought to disqualify this Illuminati plant from contention. You will forgive me if I and many Republicans, Democrats and Independents have a hard time seeing Romney as anything more than a totally insincere and duplicitous piece of human garbage who should ride on top of someone else's station wagon until he Romney's all over himself: http://spreadingromney.com/

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