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Cannabis calling

House Majority Leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera's phone rang relentlessly Wednesday.

Starting at about 8 a.m., his office fielded more than 80 phone class from folks wanting to educate House Republicans on the benefits of medicinal marijuana. The callers requested a caucus meeting on the subject.

"The 420 Caucus," Lopez-Cantera later joked.

Office staffers said they would pass the message along.

Rep. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, has filed a bill that would allow Floridians to use marijuana for medical purposes. It is still waiting to be heard in committee.


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The Mad Bomber

This is just a tokin' gesture.

Kathy D.

I am one of those callers. If the Repulicans do not understand medicinal use of cannabis they should find out, educate themselves. The science is there and so are the patients in need. Voice your support. Legislators do not know you support medicinal use if you do not tell them. Call your representative office tell them You support medicinal use and they should too.

c stewart

It is a PLANT with known medicinal qualities. If it helps and someone is in need of help, they / WE should be able to have access to it. It IS an Alternative Medicine - let it be legal. CDS

Kimberly H.

My daughter has reaped the benefits of medicinal use and is currently a survivor of brain cancer because of its medicinal qualities.. The doctors believe it is shrinking her brain tumor which has glial cells. She finished chemo in the summer of 2011 and radiation in the fall of 2010, Her tumor has shrunk significantly since June of 2011 and she is only on the cannabis oil. This should be legal. People who don't believe in it's medicinal qualities have not seen it first hand and need to do their homework. I too grew up in an era of just say no... NOW we NEED to say YES!

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