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Dueling PIP reform groups ramp up advocacy

Two competing coalitions advocating for PIP reform have ramped up their activities this week even though neither legislative chamber was scheduled to discuss no-fault auto insurance this week.

First, a cadre of business, insurance and law enforcement organizations released a TV advertisement featuring Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford urging viewers to contact legislators about personal injury protection reform. In the video, Rutherford blames trial lawyers for contributing to the issues plaguing PIP.

The “Put the Brakes on Accident Fraud” Coalition, which is associated with "Gear Up Florida," has taken pains not to mention specific legislation, but its materials, talking points and now the TV add appear to indicate support of the House's PIP legislation (HB 119). Rutherford, who serves as legislative chair for the Florida Sheriffs Association, said he prefers the House version over the Senate's.

"Put the Brakes on Accident Fraud" also hosted an event on Thursday at the Florida Highway Patrol academy in Havana, where demonstrations of staged accidents were held. Both Gov. Rick Scott, who supports the House proposal, and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, who has remained neutral, were scheduled to attend.

Meanwhile, a different coalition -- one representing trial attorneys, chiropractors, osteopathic physicians and consumer groups -- gathered at the Capitol on Thursday to rail against the House proposal and give glowing reviews of the Senate’s measure, Senate Bill 1860.

“Our bill, Senate Bill 1860 by Sen. (Joe) Negron presents a common-sense approach to stopping PIP fraud while protecting the rights and the interests of Florida’s drivers," said Bill Newton, executive director of the Florida Consumer Action Network.


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Richard Parillo

First, trial lawyers do not care about pip. It costs them money as they do not take a fee on the first $10,000 collected.

The House bill is an insurer wish list. It allows insurers to sell mandatory coverage which only pays for hospital care. I have health insurance. We are all better off without any mandatory pip if the house bill wins.

How much is the insurance lobby paying these politicians? Please look into it.

John Bristel

Rick Scott wants it so insurance companies never have to pay claims.

FRAUD !?! he was only involved in a 2.3 billion
dollar scam of medicare, corporate thief with the lowest approval rating of all governers in the country


Rick Scott is obviously in the back pockets of the insurance companies. He doesn't even try and hide it. Honestly, it's disgraceful. I am embarrassed to be represented by someone that beholden to special interests and big business. I think that the biggest fraudsters in this system are the insurance companies themselves.


Anybody see the video of the cruisers crashing. BS. Absolutely ridiculous! Who is paying for those repairs MR. SCOTT? You? State Farm? I bet WE are! How much are they or have they given you to perpetrate this BS? Your the biggest fraudster out there !

Marco - fraudster- Rubio

Check this out: State Farm has payed its lobbying effort nearly $500,000 to push the House bill. The effect of this bill passing will be a slush fund for auto insurers where anyone owning a car will continue to be required to purchase insurance, but the insurers will not be required to pay for the rehabilitative treatment to help the pains heal. I have had two car crashes and my PIP took care of rehabilitating me where I did not file a negligence claim against the at-fault drivers. What the PIP insurers refuse to tell the public is the numbers of PIP claims per year and compare those numbers to the number of PIP claims where fraud is even suspected and further the number of PIP arrests. Once the public sees these numbers, the tears of the insurance industry will be nothing less than crocodile tears.

Peri Dwyer

HB119, Rick Scott's bill, makes it so ONLY hospitals can treat people hurt in car accidents, and only if they show at the ER within 72 hours of the accident. This bill is the baby of Governor Rick Scott, formerly of Hospital Corp of America, whose hospitals are notorious for racking up huge E.R. bills for minor problems! What do you want to bet every patient with a whiplash who goes into an HCA hospital will now need multiple CT and MRI scans, and if there's any money left on the policy, outpatient therapy... at the HCA hospital's rehab center?

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2012/02/dueling-pip-reform-groups-ramp-up-advocacy.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter#storylink=cpy

Dan Melmed

You can't talk about this issue fully without mentioning the attempt to exclude massage therapy. It is a pillar of the legislation, and unfortunately an under represented interest group.


This so called governor Rick Scott should have a proper name representing what he truly is for. DICK Scott sounds like a perfect match.

josh thompson

Ending PIP fraud reminds me of Ending frivolous lawsuits, it makes sense until you realize how broadly frivolous law suits are defined.
Forcing me to go to the ER within a 72-hour window will stop fraud, that makes a lot of sense.


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