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FL among the most corrupt states: study

Federal prosecutors convict an average of 49 Florida public officials per year, making it the fourth most corrupt state, according to a University of Illinois at Chicago study.

Florida ranks number eight in corruption convictions per capita, mainly stemming from crimes like bribery, extortion, conspiracy or tax fraud, the study shows. The data was obtained from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The study's biggest weakness, said co-author James Nowlan, is that more aggressive district courts might yield more convictions regardless of crime levels. Researchers tried to account for that by including data from over 35 years.

"Certain jurisdictions seemed likely to have been more corrupt than others," he said. "We thought we'd take as systematic a look at this as we could."


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Can't take anymore

Rick Scott will not rest until Florida is #1 in all these areas. Given the level politics has sunk to in Florida, this report must have overlooked some of the more egregious corruption that permeates the Florida Legislature. Maybe they just needed to stop at some of the lobbyists' watering holes on Adams St in Tallahassee to eavesdrop on the deals made and the bragging about how cheaply they get politicians to sell their vote on a bill.

Willie Beams

I would argue that the most corrupt states are seeking out and prosecuting corrupt public officials less frequently than others, Florida goes after offenders more often, which is something not reflected in this study. This is a big state with a lot of money, and in that situation someone is always going to try and stick their hand in the cookie jar.
We have some of the broadest public record laws in the nation, a gift ban, and a vigilant media in Florida. You would have to be a moron to try and get away with some of the schemes that go on in other Southern states, but there are plenty of morons sitting in elected office.
Also, the study ranks Florida #8 in terms of convictions per capita, which isn't nearly as bad (but doesn't look as good in a headline).


How many of them are really from Florida? Most just come to commit crimes. We get scum from all over the US and many of them run for office.

An American

Looks like they are just following the example of the folks up in D.C. Not as bad as our "Dear Ruler" in the White House, though. Now that's corrupt! He's a Chicago guy, so what do you expect??


Regarding Florida's high public corruption ranking. Swift and "heavy handed" action needs to be taken to stamp it out pronto. The authorities should next tackle corrupt Judge David P. Kreider (who also happens to be a former prosecutor) and all of his corrupt cronies. The following are undeniable facts that should concern the public:

During the latter part of 2011 various agencies were made aware of proven criminal activities carried out under the color of law by Judge David P. Kreider and various co-conspirators during and following the "Gibson Case". Those agencies were the recipients of a comprehensive report detailing the crimes.

On 01/17/2012, 01/18/2012, etc. various agencies received a damning 6-page follow-up to the aforementioned report.

On or about 02/16/2011 the story about Florida's reportedly high public corruption ranking broke.

On 02/16/2011 Judge David P. Kreider was summarily appointed to the county canvassing board in and for Alachua County, Florida.

For the record, the report referenced above in #1 and the combined supporting evidence span more than 100 pages. All of which is detailed, organized, and comprehensive...it is an irrefutable fact that various criminal activity has been perpetrated by Judge David P. Kreider and others. Two of the agencies referenced above in #1 are as follows:

The Alachua County Family and Civil Justice Center (which is in the 8th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida and under the administration of Chief Judge Martha Lott)

The State Attorney’s Office of the 8th Judicial Circuit of Florida (and its Chief Investigator Spencer Mann)

It goes without saying that, although various "questionable" political interest might need/desire Judge David P. Kreider to be on the canvassing board, the citizens of Alachua County don't need his poison tainting the public's election process. For reference, the public order appointing Judge David P. Kreider to the canvassing board can be viewed at the following two links:


www5.picturepush.com/photo/a/7798153/img/7798153.jpg (back-up copy)

Finally, I can think of at least two places that Judge David P. Kreider and his co-conspirators should be practically immediately:

In the defendant seats during one or more criminal trials

In prison cells following their convictions


Addendum to my previous post:

The dates in #3 and #4 above should both be 02/16/2012, not 02/16/2011.

Also there are seven parties whose names appear on the aforementioned Order. Those parties are as follows

Martha Ann Lott, Chief Judge and executer of the Order

Polly Cheshire, Court Administration Personnel who was involved in disseminating the Order to some or all of the five below named parties

Denise R. Ferrero, Administrative County Court Judge & Order recipient

David P. Kreider, County Court Judge & subject of the Order / Order recipient

Ted McFetridge, Court Administrator & Order recipient

Pam Carpenter, Supervisor of Elections & Order recipient

Paula M. DeLaney, Chair of the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners & Order recipient


Florida is a big state there lots of information and study that they are leaving out


Addendum to my previous 2 posts:

All concerned citizens this comment has been posted in order to inform you that on or about 03/27/2012 the integrity of the above picturepush url was somehow compromised. The above referenced picturepush url has now been replaced with the following url:


However, to see additional information regarding the ongoing corruption and conspiracy that is at least partly centered in Alachua County, Florida, it is advised that you simply visit the link:


Thank you


i do agree i lived in florida deerfield and hollywood and dania and i can say yes i agree with florida is the most corrupted state in usa i believe florida is like most countries in latin america what i saw in florida i never saw it in any state . police and district attorneys immigration officers u can bribe them all . florida is doomed state


This is an important update to all that have knowledge of the “Gibson Case” and criminally-corrupt Judge (and former prosecutor / prosecutorial division chief) David P. Kreider. During recent months concerned parties who desire to see corruption stamped out and to see justice served have been the source of intense pressure upon various "insiders". One of those key “insiders” involved in the aforementioned matter is Martha Lott who, until last Thursday (04/05/2012), served as the Chief Judge of Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit.

This message has been shared in order to announce that the scandal related to the "Gibson Case" has taken yet another big step towards it's complete unraveling. Yesterday (04/09/2012) at 05:34 p.m. EST it was officially announced that Martha Lott had resigned from her post as Chief Judge on 04/05/2012. Were it not for her resignation Martha Lott's current term as Chief Judge would have expired on 06/30/2013. To review the official resignation announcement, which ran in Alachua County's largest newspaper ("The Gainesville Sun"), visit the following url:


Robert E. Roundtree Jr. is now the Chief Judge of the 8th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Judge Roundtree has now inherited the problems related to criminal/judge David P. Kreider and Judge Kreider's various co-conspirators; and it is now Judge Roundtree's responsibility to promptly carry out the duties passed on to him regarding resolving those problems. For more information visit the url:


This is a testament to the positive impact that determined people can have in the fight against public corruption.

For the record, everything stated here is 100% true and corroborated by two reports and extensive irrefutable evidence that is in the possession of various agencies. Some of those agencies are within Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit (within the circuit, included in those entities that are in possession of the aforementioned reports and evidence are the Chief Judge’s office and the State Attorney’s Office Chief Investigator Spencer Mann).

Karen Pansler-Lam, J.D.

In 2005, the School Board of Polk County wrongfully terminated me for exposing the history teacher at the Polk County Juvenile Boot Camp who was covertly recruiting the juvenile felons for the Neo-Confederates. According to law enforcement and intelligence agencies, Neo-Confederates are the fastest-growing hate and terrorist group in Florida.

In retaliation for exposing and protesting Neo-Confederate racist and seditious propaganda at the Boot Camp, I was not only terminated, but public officials in both high and low places spread black lies about me: lies about stalking, restraining orders, harassment, e-mails, and other malicious slander and libel.

This cover-up is documented in 3 articles:

1. "Corrupt Public Officials in the Hands of an Angry God" @ http://www.libertyadvocate.com/message13.htm

2. "Dark Secrets: Exposing Secret Cults" @ http://www.libertyadvocate.com/message11.htm

3. "Religious Rebels: Divine Inspiration or Grand Delusion?" @ http://www.libertyadvocate.com/message10.htm

Karen Pansler-Lam, J.D.
Liberty Advocate

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