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Florida insiders skeptical about Marco Rubio as VP

Inside the Washington Beltway and among Republican activists across the country, it often sounds like there’s only one home run pick for vice president — U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida....

But what about the politicos who know Rubio best? The latest Tampa Bay Times Florida Insider Poll found significant skepticism about putting Rubio on the presidential ticket.

"All my optimism about Rubio comes with the caveat that he weather the intense scrutiny he will face as a VP nominee. There are small skeletons in his closet that, if handled properly will remain small. If not, they will be devastating," said on Republican.

Among more than 100 Florida lobbyists, activists, political operatives and fundraisers who participated in the survey, Rubio was most frequently named as the best pick for vice president, regardless of the nominee.

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George Fuller

Amazing these guys can be quoted as being the brains the masses should hang onto their every word........

Yet......do these know-it-alls understand Rubio is the child of two Cuban refugees and when he was born he was born a dual citizen of the US and Cuba?

In addition to be Prez you have to be a Natural Born Citizen......that requires both parents to be US Citizens....Rubio's parents were refugees......

Caputo must not read these messages since this is not teh first posting Rubio is ineligible......

buckeye one

little Marco is just a steaming pile of fecal matter.
he is the "great brown hope" of FloriDUH's Repiggie party!
the national media will tear him to shreds over all of his ethical foibles.
using campaign money to pay for living expenses?
using PAC money to pay personal bills?
having family and relatives on the payroll?

little Marco is "one and done"!

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