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Florida joins multi-state suit over Obama contraception requirement

Joining forces with six other states, Florida is suing the President Barack Obama’s mandate that health insurance policies include coverage for contraceptives, sterilizations and related services. The requirement has been strongly opposed by the Catholic Church and conservative organizations.

The state of Nebraska is taking the lead on the suit, filed in federal court today. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi released a statement vowing to fight the rule, saying it violates citizens' First Amendment rights.

"Government has no business forcing religious institutions and individuals to violate their sincerely held beliefs," Bondi said. "This lawsuit is about protecting religious liberty and the rights of conscience, our most basic freedoms as Americans."

The Obama administration has defended its decision, saying the rule assures that a woman can have access to contraception regardless of where she works.

The other states joining the lawsuit are Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas.

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Shady Lady Miami

Of COURSE we are.. We are run by Repugs with our very own Governor Gollum.... drooling over 'his pretty' .... which happens to be POWER. May Rick Scott rot from the inside out, slowly and painfully, and sooner rather than later... or we find a way for him to be recalled.. whichever comes first!

Saul Goodman

I guess we've got nothing better to do with all those massive budget surpluses we keep (not) raking in than file a bunch of frivolous lawsuits and blatantly use as many state dollars as possible for politicking. Bravo.

Lillian Lima

This is a perfect example of political posturing and hypocrisy. How can A/G Bondi believe it is okay to mandate drug testing, but not okay to mandate birth control. In my opinion, both are good and logical policies.

Robin Schugar, PA-C

Who said we as Floridians wanted to join this crazy lawsuit! I don't remember voting for that. With one of the largest indigent populations that produces a huge number of unplanned pregnancies which is a huge cost burden due to the increased mobidity & mortality (maternal & baby), why wouldn't we give free contraception to people who can't afford it! I challenge those that joined this suit to consider the fact that just becauase it is offerred doesn't mean you have to use it, but by not offerring it, you are cutting off my personal beliefs! What happened to freedom? You politicians need to all be canned - all you do is drive up costs.

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