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Frat responds to UF hazing allegation

 Alpha Phi Alpha's corporate headquarters has issued a statement in response to a University of Florida allegation of hazing by some of its fraternity members over the weekend.

In a statement, the fraternity says the UF chapter has been ordered to "cease and desist" while the organization conducts its own investigation. It will work with law enforcement and continue to "aggressively confront the issue of hazing."

We recognize that hazing is a persistent social scourge that has proven time and time again to be difficult to eradicate and too dangerous to tolerate. Alpha Phi Alpha does not condone hazing!

 Alpha Phi Alpha has embraced programs, which provide leadership tools to recognize, prevent and address hazing. We have provided our members with scholarship incentives to encourage their intellectual growth. We have worked tirelessly to provide career options and to inspire our members to be high achievers. Our goal is to work with campus leaders to ensure that our communities are promoting the values and mission of our organizations. The mission of Alpha Phi Alpha is to develop leaders, promote brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities. If any member of Alpha Phi Alpha is found to engage in conduct inconsistent with our mission, that member will be dealt with firmly.

We cannot say this enough: HAZING IS DANGEROUS and ILLEGAL and must STOP! Alpha Phi Alpha has no place in its membership for the violence and brutality that accompanies hazing. HAZING IS ILLEGAL! 



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