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Grover Norquist stops by the Capitol

Antitax crusader Grover Norquist dropped in Tallahassee Thursday for a meeting with Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll and a speech at the Florida Center-Right Coalition meeting.

Buzz spotted him waiting for his meeting in the lobby of Gov. Rick Scott's office in the Capitol.

He met with Carroll a year ago because she had suggestions for Center-Right leadership, he said (there are Center-Right meetings throughout 48 states, he added). Thursday's meeting was a follow-up. He did not meet with Scott because they spoke at CPAC last weekend.

We asked what he thought of Scott's job performance.

"General progress," Norquist said. "He's keeping taxes down. Forty-five states followed his lead last year in not raising taxes and instead reducing spending."

And Carroll?

"She's done a good job. I saw her on the campaign trail. I think she's a great spokesman and a serious hard worker."

The Times profiled Norquist in September.


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According to the Americans for Tax Reform (atr.org), in Florida, the Governor, 7 Senators and 34 House Members have signed the infamous Taxpayer Protection Pledge to oppose any efforts to increase taxes, and for which there are no exceptions. Call on these lawmakers to renounce this pledge and legislate with their own free will.

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