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Haridopolos, the history professor, gets lesson learned in running state Senate

When Mike Haridopolos was elected Senate president, he vowed to make the traditionally moderate chamber more conservative — in his own image.

Mug_smallBut the University of Florida history instructor miscalculated one thing: The Senate by its very nature moderate. Haridopolos and Senate leaders attempted to push several controversial conservative issues in the past year only to have the Senate hit the ideological reset button and vote them down.

It happened two weeks ago with the vote to privatize 30 South Florida prison facilities. It happened last year with the tea party-driven proposal to require all employers to use E-Verify to check immigration status, with the proposal to ban state worker unions from collecting dues, with a House measure to split the state Supreme Court in two, and with dozens of bills that appeared as part of the budget on the last night of session.

Haridopolos and his leadership team wanted them; the chamber, dominated 28-12 by Republicans, still said no.

“The Senate’s independent streak is what distinguishes it from
the House,’’ said Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich of Weston.
“It’s always there under the surface. You never know when it’s
going to emerge.” Sitting_small

The conflict played out again last week, when Haridopolos’ top deputies attempted to orchestrate a
coup to designate the Senate president for 2014 and 2016. Story here.

Photos by Matt Riva.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/02/25/v-fullstory/2661220/haridopolos-learns-the-hard-way.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/02/25/v-fullstory/2661220/haridopolos-learns-the-hard-way.html#storylink=cpy


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Conservative Voice

Give me a break. Senate President Haridopolos and his liberal chief of staff Steve MacNamara along with J.D. Alexander are the ones responsible for killing e-verify. The state will be best served when these characters are gone.

George Fuller

The writer refers to e-verify as a conservative controversial measure......It is against Fed law to employ illegal aliens and e-verify reinforces it in the state. Since when is the Rule of Law controversial?

There is a simple reason why e-verify is not law in Florida but in the seven states above us.....CORRUPTION......the criminal illegal alien employers of the state have bought off the leadership.....to say Haridopolos and Cannon wanted e-verify is laughable and an insult to readers.

Last year they orchestrated the defeat of e-verify by couching it in a committee bill with red meat legislation regarding checking for citizenship when stopped and made to sound like a gestapo tactic.....

This session they killed e-verify by assigning 3 sub committees and a full committee to go through in the House in 8 weeks....But wait......if a bill is assigned to a sub committee it has to go through all the sub committees in 4 weeks or it is dead......Cannon can act like he had nothing to do with the bill dying but he had everything to do with it by charting the number of committees and types it had to go through...

The committee chair of the first committee.......Jimmy Patronis, restaurant owner, former chair of the local Chamber that opposes e-verify....and board member of the restaurant and hotel association, large employer of illegal aliens gave this reason for not hearing the bill: "It would take too long to hear it and i have a lot of other bills to listen to."

Leadership is CORRUPT.......Totally

Peter Schorsch

While Rome burns, Mike Haridopolos fiddles (actually, he throws a football).


John Totten

November, 2012 - a CLEAN SWEEP.

Denny Wood

This Senate President leaves his stamp on the premises. His restrooms next to his 4th floor office cannot be used by someone in a wheelchair. The Senate Gallery restrooms also cannot be used by someone in a wheelchair.

Some legacy. Which will be changed after he leaves due to a federal lawsuit posted at www.dignity4disabled.com

And the next President of the Senate will have restrooms that are wheelchair accessible.


All of this can be traced back to one person -

Don G


How is Don Gaetz getting off scott free on this?


Sheree6:03 AM on May 19, 2011The good doctor does wear great shoes. And she's quite the dseersr; however, Sol, Mike faces a redrawn district under the Fair Districts amendment. The Reps (or any political party for that matter) will no longer have the power to draw the districts to assure themselves reelection. Should Mike lose his U.S. Senate bid, he might very well be put nose to nose with Thad Altman in a state race ,his current Florida Senatorial colleague, who right now appears to be fighting for Floridians, not against them.MH could find himself out of a political seat and working to advise Appliance Direct full time....lol.I ponder the dollar amount of leadership funds that paid for this happy ad. I imagine it might have paid a teacher's salary.Will prove interesting, that's for certain.

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